Living Room 

the Joy of Creation: Story Mode Part 2 living room. : FUCK FOXY AND FREDDY

hey guys how can I not bewhat if he's faking we could stay hereto make sure happens you are doneupdating your site for the anniversaryhow about we just sit here in the livingroom and watch some TV while we keep aneye on the kids I mean sure I guess yeahI guess we could do that I'm just gonnamake sure one more time all right okaystay right here but don't take too long[Music]please respond immediatelywho is it God's name is going on herethere's no time to explain just knowthat you are in grave danger you stopthere with you my husbandno he isn't he just went - what do youmean I'm in dangerma'am I'm very very sorry this is all myfaultplease listen to me very carefullylisten there are monsters that are goingto arrive to your room real soon if theysee you you are dead do you understandthat it is very important no no yes it'sstatic all right if you see one of themabout to the room just hi hide hidewhere okay here as they open the doorit will see you foxy- Gloria is he look at the TV you mightbe able to tell by yourselves maybe ifyou can try to see if you can lookthrough the doors - windows he holds yesheels if any of your doors has a keyholeyou can peek through anything thatappears and try to stay safe pleasedo I have to stay here all night whatabout my children what about my husbandfaster just keep an eye on the clock andwait for that time they should knowyourself don't worry just please getyourself and your son's out of harm'sway I don't understand what is evenhappening how do you know this stuffwait wait a second how do you know myhusband's name I was there when he foundyou Michaelhe never said his name how do you knowMichael alright let's try just wait forfew minuteswhat does that some what there are noneoh my paws you foxy doctor if that order- got it - sorry but I have a Windowsuser[Music]even plus foxy eyes[Music]all right I'm a pasta Freddie ar e DD[Music]wah-wah-wah pause people focusing on myTV it's and it's that alright it'spretty closeI'm scared alright pause you gonna stopready to put your nose over there foxyalright well Nepal youyou want not to be I'm smashed or noBonnie's here pull this out somewherebehind the windows looks like my pawsfoxy yeah I'll holdyet I'll hold left click on the pausebutton alright freeze up the door buzzeroh I heard that he's cominghe's closed his clothes ah forgot checkon bread I'm scaredpretty all right Freddie's on progressI'm gonna pause him come on now come onnow and pausewhat was that come on shake up brokenwe're chica bring up stop screw up[Music]Ohthe poorer schoolGod oh it sucks then entire Freddie itfucks it golden both doors like straightup shredder man drag your sorry guys[Music][Music]blind[Music]I'm screwed[Music]don't look at my camera I'd smack mybuttocksdon't laugh don't see you I'm gonnadelete this videojust friggin Christ came as scribing yoalet's go to the extra I've checked thatall right guys here are the charactersFreddy Bonnie she could actually sheikahboxy and it goes in front again and OB Ithink this is a good I think this isendoskeletonI think this is ready or golden FreddyBonnie chica Oh God MXC all right whydoes it end with endo be it looks likeBonnie to me and why is it are lookslike Ronnie Ronnie this is supposed tobe and B and C as always he wore thepark oh where is the pirate hookokay this is Freddy Bonnie chica andfoxy or ejector back with it there'sthere's this this uncle Freddy but poppop pip pop pip pop pip pop pip pop pippop pip pop pop pop ahh oh yeah I caninclude my anything[Music][Music][Music][Music]I'll show you I will show you all rightlook at the extra menu all right byeguys thank you so much for watching if Ierased all progress this this this thisthis they will be all gone forever sothank you so much for watching like thisvideo this is free I shall pass ourprevious work[Music]oh I almost wet my Mac I have a Macpost-roll not a macbook airI'm just kidding with you guys I got abook I got a MacBook Airwhy have to lots of this lotsa that'sthe Windows 10 and this is Apple MacApple look a dollar it picks up staysafe or somebody else will get you

this sucks ass

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