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The importance of staging your home!

hello and welcome to episode 3 of GTAhome and Family Services tonight we haveon our panelSatish from Balachandran law office andwe have gosh from the oh my gosh realestate home of royal lepage welcomegentlemen hi Joe I do so we'll startwith gosh where we have some interestingdiscussion points to do specificallywith the importance of staging your homehi everyone thank you Joe for havinghere today I wanted to talk to you guysabout the importance of home stagingespecially in a market like today whereit has it is it has slowed down a bitit's more towards a balanced market homestaging has again become a veryimportant part of the real estatetransaction the whole reason being mostof the buyers these days they do alltheir search online and once once theyget excited online that's the only timeyou decide if they want to come andcheck out this house so as a Realtor wealways recommend to our sellers thatthey gotta have that the house has to bepresented very well and we do that byhome staging sometimes it could be assimple as decluttering twos sometimesadding a few accessories and sometimesyou have to do the full Home Stagingbring in furniture and accessorieseverything one of the one of the statsshows that as a house which is stagedwill sell faster and for more money thanthe ones that are not so the best partof working with myself oh my gosh calmis that I have already incorporatedstaging as a part of the businessesservices so if you do hire me that willcome in and it's going to be no extracost to you so do give me a call ifyou're thinking about selling your homesit's six four seven four oh four ninefour seven one thank you and now mycolleague over here Satish is gonna talkabout a newand real estate law related talk thankyou very much thank you gosh thank youJoeso I last on last on the last episodetalk to you about a family family issuesand in this episode I would like to talkto you about a real estate issue realestate law issue and it's a case thatyou probably saw in the Toronto Starearlier this month and it's about a theplaintiffs the sellers who had listenedthe house for two million dollars forsale in northern GTA in the spring of2017they had defendants the prospectivebuyers made an offer for two million andfifty thousand dollars a day laterperhaps fearing a bidding war they uppedtheir offer to two million two hundredfifty thousand dollars and it wasaccepted by the plaintiffs the sellerswithin a few weeks the prospectivebuyers realized that they couldn't selltheir home the price that they hadwanted to sell as a result of theslowdown in the market last year in thespring and that they couldn't qualifyfor a mortgage they advised the thesellers the plaintiffs here that theywere not going to close the deal andplaintiffs we listed the house andbasically sued[Music]the buyers for two million for thedamage for damages it is interesting tonote that in this case there was noagreement of purchase and sale was notcontingent on arranging for final energyfinancing and the sale of the new as aresult of the case the plaintiffs wassuccessful naturally they weresuccessful and they had sold their houseand they had to reduce their pricethey've relisted their home in mayreduce the occurrence find anybodysurprised by two hundred thousand to twomillion ten to 1 million eight hundredthousand and finally found a buyer at 1billion seven hundred thousand andeighty seven hundred eighty thousanddollars they got a summary judgment forfour hundred and seventeen thousanddollars the lesson in this case alwayshave a lawyer review your agreement ofpurchase and sale the judge made acomment that essentially purchaserswould be well advised to consider makingtheir offers to purchase contingent onfinancing and for the sale of theexisting home if they have not so I'llbe happy to review your agreement ofpurchase and sales before you financebefore you cook clothes and sign theagreement thank you very muchthis is Satish from Satish thousand hiJoe if I might add so this has a veryimportant point that he mentioned and alot of the times especially when it is abidding war situation we as Realtors andwe kind of make this mistake of pushingthe client into getting the housewithout proper without covering themproperly and that's why what he's sayingit's especially in a transaction of thissize or even in in a regular purchaseand sale it's always important to havethe opinion of a lawyer so when you workclosely with a lawyer that's one of thebenefits that you're gonna get sodefinitely that's a very good pointyou mentioned so definitely give us acall that if you guys have any questionsand we will be here to help you thankyou both for your insight what I loveabout these episodes is that you know welearn things that we wouldn't even knowabout so really appreciate your timethank you very much thanks until nexttime[Music]you

This video, as part of the GTA Home & Family Services library, will hightlight the importance of staging your home in preparation for selling. I am proud to provide this service at no charge for my clients. Staged homes sell more quickly and for more money than non-staged home. Enjoy the video!

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