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The Importance of Staging Your Home to Sell.

all right whatever you feel um helloanother Friday another Facebook livevideo today I have the lovely KarenGillan to talk about staging andprepping your home for sale so let'sstart off with what's your backgroundwhat do you do well I got into realestate because I had a home redesignstaging organizing moving business for along time I had my own business andinterior redesign is where you takeeverybody's personality and you putfunction into the home the way thefamily needs to use it using theirexisting our accessories and furnitureand then for staging you take out thepersonality so that you can show off thearchitecture of the home and not nextnecessarily have it for function and soit was sort of a natural transition Idid a lot of consultations withrealtor's and home owners to help themget their homes ready and so thatnaturally just turned into a real lurefrom that so that's how I got started Idid it for a very long time I feel likeI'm pretty good at ityes and I think it's important I thinkso so Karen works in the office with mehere and she's kind of my go-to personfor talking about staging and she'staking me through her super lovelytotally redone home and she has a greateye for that and I must admit I don'talways have that same eye so definitelylean on you with that so why is stagingand home prep so important I think it'simportant because buyers if you're gonnasell your home you want it to look likeyou had some pride in it you want it tobe clean neat organized and mostimportantly give buyers a sense thatthey're walking into their new home andhow they could live in it rather thanintruding on your space and I alwaysfeel like you're moving anyway pack itup move it out and then we'll takewhatever you want to leave behind and wecan stage with using those furnishingsand our accessories or you can hire acompany that brings it in and they do itfor you either way it's a great ideabecause buyers have a tendency not tonot all buyers have vision they can allsee how would the furniture look whatwould I use this room for or what elsecould I use could it be a bedroom couldit be an office and the main rooms youwant to stage are the first ones you seewhen you walk in the home dining roomliving room a few accessories in thekitchen is typically enough and then atleast one bedroom and then maybe if youcan do a few more if there's maybe fourbedrooms maybe do one as an office or asecond bedroom a kid's bedroom howeveryou think people might want to functionanother thing staging helps with ithelps people linger and the longer theyit gives them some interest maybe theysit down and they start seeingthemselves living in the home which iswhat you want to do you want people tolinger and say oh I don't really likethis houseand I think especially if it's sort ofdone you know staging isn't living soit's all kind of perfect and it justmakes people it just shows off yourhouse so well but staging starts withorganizing packing donate keep give awaytoss you know those those little subjectmatters when you're going throughclosets and rooms you have a lot ofstuff you've lived there long time rightso you have to get rid of the stuff andyou're moving anyway so then once youget that then that's an overwhelmingpiece of moving weight you agreeabsolutely getting your house ready soonce you kind of get it organized andthings start getting packed up andyou've thrown away things or donatedthem now we're starting to see the houseand you've started the process ofpacking and moving and separatingyourself emotionally from the house aswell yeah I think that can be a big partof it you knowOh Tony hi Tony we miss you when we'regoing through houses so there's kind oftwo kinds of staging right there's wheresomeone might still be living there andsome of their things might be involvedin the staging and then there's sort ofthe vacant house you're doing the fulldeal but I think sometimes when you'reworking with people who are still livingthere it can feel very emotional like ohwhat a buyer wouldn't like my things ora buyer would like my art you know butit's really separating that it's notpersonal you know you want the house tofeel like it could be for anyone youknow so anyone could walk in andenvision them that's an excellent pointI think the first thing I always tellpeople in a staging consultation it'snot your styleit's not about your taste it's not aboutyou it's about appealing to the massesso maybe we take the lime green off thewalls you've enjoyed it but it's noteveryone's taste and so take color downa notch the least expensive way tocompletely transform a room is paintaccept paint gets beat up it gets youknow marks on it and chips in it orwhatever bumps from the furniture sojust repainting excellent excellentpoint well that yeah that sort of leadsinto one of the things I wanted to askyou about which is you know what are thebest cheaper free things a homeowner cando to prep for sale so paint heyabsolutely clean clean clean cleanorganize if your linen closet is fullcluttered closets give the impressionthere's not enough storage spacecluttered kitchen cabinets I would sayalso you know when you have all thatstuff crammed in there and so it givesthe illusion that there isn't enoughstorage and people open the closet andthere's you knowso either organize it and straighten itup I don't know about you but when Iclean out my linenI feel like that expired sometime motionexpired medications old like things thatI don't need anymore you know almostempty you know cleaning products orwhatever it might beyes yes very on-trend right now becauseyou know the condo the memory of condoyou know the book a few years ago andthe Netflix now I feel like it's very inthe zeitgeist but I'm someone who livesa fairly pared down life and I do haveto say it's it's pretty freeing but evenso you know we live in a small space wehave limited belongings but even goingthrough there's always more and there'salways just stuff that you put away andI always try to tell Tim with thisclothes if you open worn it in a yearyou're not going to wear it if you madeit through a full season cycle you'renot gonna wear it home you know so soyeah what where was it painted yeahpaint definitely and just go neutral andI mean really this is not your gonna beyour house anymore try to go from myhouse to someone else's house okay tryto emotionally separate yourself I wouldsay changing out hardware in the kitchenchanging lighting fixtures super cheapold crusty faucets you know likesometimes there are those little tinyvanities made in a basement or somethingand it's a little crusted over with hardwater change it oh they're like 50 60bucks just change it all little thingsthat make a big impact finishing liketrim around well in a basement that'snot gonna make big impact yeah so putyour money where it needs to be anddon't spend too much because you may notget it yeah and usually I mean just withall real estate we'd say kitchenbathrooms that's what a lot of buyersare looking at maybe master bedroom ifyou have one but yeah we recently I usedto have a breakdining room and then we decided thatwe're looking to sell in the near futureand my whole house is gray now which Idon't love but it's not about me it'sabout appealing to the broadest spectrumof buyers because either someone's gonnalove neutral and keep it or they don'tlove neutral they love electric blue andthey're gonna paint it electric blueanyway but back oh boy okay we got acall that's never happened before so Idon't I'm like does it still go well nowhat happens so how much does stagingcost on average if we're talking I meanmaybe you can speak to both of the wholevacant house staged or and maybe justsome partial pieces if you do a hallvacant house staged and you get aprofessional stager in and they bring itin and they do a great job I mean youand I know that how is this enter stagedsell faster for more money there's manymany studies that improve in that so youwant to bite the bullet maybe I think itreally varies but they charge maybe latetwenty five hundred I think to come infor a set up fee and then they and thenin the remaining months you sort of rentthat those furnishings from themprofessional states teachers have accessso they can get in through your yourrealtor super key or they're the key boxyou can off they just use sentimentpictures they really are good at whatthey do and they have whole warehousesor things that will fit and suit andthey just put just enough out to make itinteresting and they won't overdo it foryou at all if you're gonna just kind ofpair down clean out get rid of somefurniture consult with a professionalstagerI do it for my listings because I havethat background and I do it for theagents in our office I'll do it too youknow and and they take care of it likethere's no fee to you and and they cangive you a list I give you a game planlike this is the priority and you mightwant to take this furniture out of thisspacethen when that's done and maybe it's allboxed up and marked in the basement nowI can come in and use your art andaccessories and maybe I bring in somethrow pillows there's some accent piecesto kind of give it a fresh look and thenwe'll rehang the art you know and thatkind of thing and set it up but livingroom kitchen for sure it doesn't takemuch to make a huge impressive it reallydoesn't it doesn't you know if out of myjob for sure right and that's that's thething you know I recently actually onKaren's recommendation had one of mylistings staged it was a larger propertyand it was really just gorgeous butpeople were having at this really bigliving room and I think people are justhaving a hard time picturing theirthings in there and we got it staged Ibelieve it was 25 or 27 hundred dollarsand then there was an additional monthlyfee luckily it sold and we didn't haveto go beyond you know that month but itit just made a world of difference wereach out the photos and we got just ahuge influx of showings and you know itobviously price point dependent but Iwas talking to my client about maybedoing a fifteen thousand dollar pricedrop so what we did instead is we didthe staging and then we did a smallerfive thousand dollar price drop andsometimes that can actually move theneedle more than a bigger price drop andat the end of the day you save yourselfyou know in this situation maybe seventyfive hundred dollars that we werethinking about dropping absolutely andso it can seem like a lot but whenyou're thinking usually we're droppingprices and at least increments of fivethousand so if you're thinking aboutthat price drop versus staging if youcan come out ahead in some situationsand if you have furniture that you canleave behindaccessories or maybe you're still livingthere you know we can use that and justmake it betterso you've painted maybe and you know andthere's a lot of things to staging theLance's always get removednobody wants molasses and what they'redoing is covering the window which iswhat the buyer wants to see and maybeblocking some light or whatever so theLance's always get removed if you canremove borders wow those are supinatinglike curtains you know ugly showercurtains and then like you said in abathroom infest and clean fluffy newwhite towels you I can't I am very supercheap it's super cheap and it just looksso cute and maybe a little green plantin there and bathrooms done it's stagedyeah yeah I mean a lot of this is reallysimple and I really even if someone'swilling to put in say a couple hundreddollars and just some little stuff andthat can go a long way so we kind ofclassic style versus trendy so we'rewhat do you generally skew to do you tryto stage a property to modern whateveris hot right now or do you tend to gofor more of a classic feel I think itdepends on the house and whether or notyou're using the homeowners thefurnishings that they're leaving thereto to use for that but I thinkdefinitely you want to go a little moreneutral and then bring color or floralor patterns in threw pillows and mayberugs or something like that instead ofand you know I it's a good question Ithink it really depends on the house andif you're having it staged they willbring in things that work but theyalways have pretty neutral gray sometans maybe thoughthrow in some Navy a little yellow youknow to just give it a little pep butwithout being too bold but um I thinkneutral is best like you want to kind ofstick with those neutrals and just bringa little bit of color and well-placedart is really really important yeahbecause if you're coming in this way andyou've got the art behind people aren'tgonna see it so don't why waste themoney and time on that piece of art youknow so you put it where people can seeit and I think you just have to make itcozy and inviting and really reallypretty very good yeah I mean that Ithink that was a big thing with thehouse that got staged out it got it wasso pretty it was so pretty and it feltso inviting and also something that Ithink is sort of overlooked is that theystaged a TV which I wasn't actuallyexpecting but it really helped in thatparticular living room because that'swhere someone like Lee would place a TVin this particular house and sometimeswe're looking at you're like where wouldI put it where would I put the TV wherewould I put the couch how is this gonnaworkI mean you know it's it's it's notclassy but it's the reality that most ofus have a TV in our living room and sowe want to make sure that's gonna youknow the seating is gonna work so evenjust little things like that sometimesit's easier so to finish up so ifsomeone's thinking of selling in thenear future what should they considerwhile prepping a home so we kind oftalked about a lot of this butdecluttering paint mm-hmm so I justmailed out to a bunch of my sphere Iguess the six tips to getting your houseready so I should be able to know wherethey want the top oh yeah but take alook at the outswalk into your house from the front asmost of us come maybe through the garageyeah and we don't look at the front youknow because when your buyer when buyersare standing there in thereit's getting a lot of folks open andthey're fussing with that they're gonnanotice rusty mailboxes you know maybeloose railings those kind of things sospruce it up clean it up and squeakydoors and loose doors things like thatso then when you get inside you want topare it down with paint that is like thebiggest I would say paints the easiestleast expensive and like you said let'sgo gray go cream go kind of neutral andit does have to be every room but ifyou've got kind of a dark color or a badlooking paint job and do it so that wasanother one we had on there and startpacking start get out the bin for adonate to bin for keep and like if youhaven't worn it in a year maybe get ridof them you know or two years inMinnesota you know we have a differentclimate but so get all of that organizedand that's gonna lead to the stagingpiece which your ruler can help you withI mean they can bring in a consultantyou don't have to do this on your ownyou know your canner areolar is gonnahelp you with it because they know theyhave a good eye of what what people likeand what people don't like and then thenyou'll then you'll kind of get down thatpath and you'll start feeling lessoverwhelmed because you'll you'll startseeing what you're getting rid of whatyou're packing up and how this processis going so when you do get an offer youcan close and you can move and you knowyou'll have it all staged and you'llhave it all packed up but yeah well talkabout staging paint declutter just fixthe little things you've been walking byit for five years you don't notice itanymore that kind of broken kitchenencounterwhatever the loose railing you don't seeit anymore buyers will see it so justclean it up so they don't have anythingto nitpick over so it's just a nicesmooth transaction and then you get tolive with it and then you're gonna fixit up and you're gonna say well yeah andthe better prepare you are the fasterit's gonna sell and don't take thepictures do not list it until it's readytill it's claimed painted yeahstaged a little or at least you know thefurnitures all like ready to go so thosepictures look Wow and then it will sellfaster yeah I mean the but you only haveone chance to make a first impressionthat's true right it's very true yeah Ithink just having it all ready when yougo for those pictures and whatever thatis to you I mean I I think I later thanyou thought that's fine yeah and I'vecertainly had sales wherefore you knowhealth reasons or otherwise people justreally weren't able to get thoseproperties to you know maybe that highlevel finish but just know that whereveryou land within that that's gonna kindof determine the price you know if someof those fixes or getting some of thatstuff out is just out of reach forwhatever reason that's fine houses sellat all places but just realizing thatthere's a relationship between the pricethat you're gonna get for your house andyour ability to kind of and the way elseyeah and if you can get to that highestlevel where just clean nice great itjust looks like someone could move rightin and that's gonna be your best bet forselling quickly and for the best priceso exactlyyeah well thank you very much Karenyou're welcome you guys have anyquestions for me you could send me amessage I be happy to connect you withKaren as well for her staging expertiseor call six one two seven two nine seventwo three nine[Music]

Talking with former stager and interior designer, Karen Gillen about how to prepare your home to sell. Quick and easy repairs and tips to get your home looking great.

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