Home Staging 

The Importance of Staging Your Home

today I have a tip for sellers I am acertified stager and HDR photographer aswell as a realtor so when I go into ahome and someone's putting it on themarket a listing I go through each roomand tell them how they can declutterpossibly neutralize the paint movethings that may not be functional butwould make your house look better sowhat you want is a really great virtualworld that the buyers can see themselvesliving in and it may not be your worldbut you're not you're moving out so whenyou want to get the house on the marketyou want it to look best to the mostbuyers so the way to do that is to do alittle bit of staging doesn't mean youhave to spend a lot of money you can usewhat you havede-clutter maybe neutralize the paintand I think you would get a whole lotmoney for your home that way so if youneed any more home buying help I'd loveto hear from you I'll sit down and goover all of your questions and lay outthe process and make it smooth and easyfor you give me a call at eight one sixeight seven five zero one four one I'mreally looking forward to hearing fromyou

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