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The Importance of Staging

hey there guys cave Thomas I heard DaveThomas in the dream team here and todaywe're rebooting a classic taking someold content and bringing it into the21st century what we're gonna be talkingabout today is staging and how importantstaging your home is when you're gettingit right of the cell we're gonna talkabout that right nowguys I've been doing this for over fiveyears now five years in one month and Ihave sold dozens of home pins of dozensof homes and even with all thatexperience I still even personally hirea professional stager from my investmentso even though I know the basics and thecore concepts of staging I still paysomebody to come in there to eitherstage property for me or consult with meon how to stage property if you don'tbelieve me just look at the statisticsfor staging staged homes sell as fast as50% faster than other homes and theysell for as much as 17% more so in the$200,000 price point that's $34,000 inyour pocket you know you can do with$34,000 you can go and you can buy a2017 used Jeep Grand Cherokee LimitedEdition four-wheel drive you don'tbelieve me go and look at 8:09 1:9 onauto trader the biggest issue I run intowith sellers what I'm talking aboutstaging is they think they've alreadygot their home staged and if they don'tneed to do any staging they don't takethe consultation seriously because againthey think that they already know whatthey're doing or they know better thanthe professional guys the person that Isend to consult with you has a bachelorsin interior design she spent four yearsstudying this stuff she knows what she'sdoing and she's well worth the money tocome in there and you should definitelytake her advice the biggest issue ismost sellers don't understand thatthere's a huge difference between havinga tidy or clean home and having a stagedproperty the big difference betweenhaving a tidy home in the clean home anda staged property is that staging ismeant to make your home feel biggerbrighter and warmer so it does a lot ofthings really well the big conda stagingis that it has almost no functionalityto it so you look at your living roomand say wow I don't know why we didn'tdo this years ago it looks way biggerand way brighter and way warmer and thenyou'll go to actually enjoy your livingroom and you realize wait this sucksnone of our furniture makes any senseanymore and yes I understand thatstaging your property does suck but it'sonly temporary you're gonna be movinganyways so make sure that you take thestagers advice when you go to get yourproperty right of the sellthe biggest issue I have with sellersand we're consulting with them on how tostage their property is they getinsulted and they think that we'repersonally attacking them and theirstyle and the way that they're livingtheir life and that just isn't truewe're really just trying to get you themost amount of money for your propertyand what staging does is it's not thereto insult you it's there to make yourhome look like a blank canvas that way abuyer can come in and they can actuallyimagine themselves living in your homeand moving in there because they can seewhat the home's potential is so stagingdoes two things for you it makes youlook good in photos so that then buyersdecide to actually want to come and seeyour property the average buyer onlylooks at five homes so if there's abuyer showing up to your property of a20% chance you'll be receiving an offerfrom that buyer then from there once thebuyer shows up we need them to fall inlove with it and imagine it as theirhome not your propertywe need that buyer to get emotionallyattached to your property and no betterway than to do that with staging so guysplease don't be offended when we tellyou to take down your collectible NFLBud Light Cannes porcelain dolls indoorlawn gnomes fake ivy on top of yourcabinets flannel balances dead animalsany neon signs yes that means and mancapes to assorted liquor bottles so guysplease staging is important if you hireDave Thomas the dream team we pay foryou to get a staging consult for yourproperty so that you can get top dollarout of the hole if you have questionsabout staging or any real estatequestions at all you can always callthis number reach out to us via email oryou can visit us at Dave in the dreamteam comm where you can watch our otherblogs and you can also contact us fromthere as well don't forget to like us onFacebook and subscribe to our YouTubechannel thanks so much guysbyethen hang me in the Tulsa candy storeOh[Music]

Hiring a good agent is by far the the most important thing you can do when looking to sell your home, here is the second most important thing you can do when selling your home.

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