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hey friends Christina from Bella runAvari today I'm gonna show you guys howto fix chip veneer so that you don'tever have to pass up a piece again so ifyou guys see this piece hold on I justdid this side for you but if you seethis piece right here it's all chippedand you're like oh okay so I fixed itright here let me pull this up okay so Idid this side first that you guys couldsee what you're gonna be wanting to lookfor okaythis when I put my hands over it issmooth to the touch okay I'm like thiswhere I can feel where the end line is Idon't like this inlay it just doesn'tmake sense on this piece so I'm gonnashow you guys how to fill that in tooI'm gonna probably fill in this and thenI'm gonna show you what you need to doso right now this piece has got a lot ofchipping veneers so what I'm gonna do isgo over this piece and look and anythingthat's chipping I'm just gonna pull offbecause we can patch it but if it'sstill chipping it's gonna chip laterthis doesn't prevent it from chippingwhat it does is fill it so really whatwe're gonna do is just go through andkind of finish off this veneer that'schipped don't worry about it what'shappening okaythis actually might be a piece that'seasier to pull up in Europe I don't knowbut I'm going to show youhopefully your piece doesn't have thismuch but you know what it's probablybetter that mine does so that you guyscan see for a really worst-case scenarioso this is worst case scenario anythingthat scene is loose I'm just pulling itoff okay I probably just went a littletoo crazy right there whateverwell now this will be a testamentwhat all right well I got a little bitmore than I bargained for okay well yougot a little more fruit than I bargainedfor when I pulled that offbut whatever okay I like a challengeand so now that I've gotten all myveneer off that was chipping what I'mgonna do is let you guys know exactlywhat you need okay so what you're gonnaneed is you're gonna need some jb weldwould restore putty or Minwax hassomething like this or bondo actuallyhas a wood thing I'm a wood filler typelike this okay so you're gonna need thisyou can get it anywhere I'll put a linkto Amazon for that and then you're gonnaneed some gloves so I know that I'vetold you guys before that I like theblack nitrile gloves but these ones Ilike to use for other stuff because it'snot super chemically so stripping I likethe black one so gonna need glovesyou're gonna need a spatula like aplastic spatula a putty knife okay andthen you're gonna need something like apiece of wood or a piece of glass orsomething to mix this on okay all rightthis stuff stinks so you guys know it'sreally smelly so if you're not in anarea like I'm right outside of my garagebut if you're not an area that you canget good ventilation then you need to bewearing a mask with I'm still peelingthis offokay so the drawers in here so what I'mgonna do is I just take like this is allthe stuff that I have to fill okay thisis a little bit crazy hopefully yourguys's isn't too bad but I guess thiswill be a testament once I paint it tohow well this works so what you're gonnawant to do is open your JB well this isa brand new thing so okay so with thisJB well you've got this little thingokay it's always gonna be come it'llcome with all those products this is thehardener okay this right here is theactual putty you're also gonna want ifyou don't have a small putty knife thatcan get in there you're gonna want likea broken stick or something so this isthe actual putty okay and what you'regonna do is you're going to mix thesetwo together okay you do not need a lotof partner do not use a ton of partnerbecause if you can see you get thislittle thing a partner for this big hugethingso obviously you don't need a lot okayso what we're gonna do is you're gonnatake some of your putty however much youthink you need we're obviously gonnaneed a lot for this also remember if youdon't think that you're gonna be able toget done with all of this within a fewminutes then you need to mix it a littleat a time because this stuff hardenswithin like 12 minutes or something likethat it starts hardening but before ithardens it starts getting all weird andyou won't be able use it so you need towork fast so if you've got kids waitingfor you or you got something to do donot do this you do it when you've gotthe time to focus on it for at least youknow five seconds so alright isabout my I've got my putty right hereokay I'm gonna see how much of this thisis for my other one so I'm gonna see howmuch I can squeeze out first before weopen the new one I like to be frugal soI'm gonna squeeze out as much of thehardener as I can and the hardener iswhite okay so I think that's kind of itfor that you're gonna need more thanthat okay Suda need just a little bitmore than that I'd say probably honestlythat it's probably gonna do it now whatyou're gonna do is you're gonna takeyour putty knife and you're just gonnakind of fold it into each other knead ittogether make sure you guys have yourgloves on and this stuff is super smellyit's like I said if you don't have abreeze or a fan going just wear a maskall right I have another putty kniferight herescrape this off all right so I'd saythis is probably good so I take a littleat a time and you're just gonna go downon it okay like your frosting a cake orif you guys have ever done like puttingup sheetrock and mudding and stuff likeyour muddy you don't want like a ton youjust want to kind of spread it on thereso that you know later on if you'reyou're taping and mudding you don't wantto have to sand a bunch a lot of peoplewho are really good at it actually don'teven really have to sand it all so thinkof it as like icing a cake or doing themud on the wall okay you can just goover everything it's totally finebecause the spots that don't have holesyou'll see it later I'll show you you wecan actually just peel that right offhopefully you guys don't have veneerproblems like this but I guess this likeI said shows us how well this stuff willwork and how damaged your piece can beand how we can fix it so you're justkind of lightly going over it like thisall right you guys see that so I'm notcrazy with it I'm not slamming it onthere I mean there wasn't that much Iactually thought I would probably needmore I don't want that inlay either soI'm gonna actually go over that and I'llprobably have to mix some more butthat's okay I would rather have to mixmore and I'm gonna stop like this Iwould rather have to mix more than wasteit because it's all dried so here we areand if you can like lightly go over it acouple different ways you can get moreout of it because you don't need a tonto fill these and see I did it earlierand I didn't fill this properly so I'mgonna go over that again and you mayneed to and you guys know like with woodfiller and stuff sometimes you have togo over things a couple times because ithasn't didn't fill it all the way sothis same same concept with this but ifyou fill it right and you don't getcrazy with it then you may not have togo over it twice but if you do that's noharm no foul the good thing about thisstuff is it dries so fast okayand I don't want I actually don't wantthis either so I'm just gonna go overthat - I was don't wanted none of it Idon't want any of it it just doesn'tmake sense to me okay as a creative theinlay doesn't make sense to me thisdoesn't make sense to me so we're gonnafix this piece we're gonna transform itokay we're back and it is set so firstwhat I try to do before I sand it allright we're gonna take it over here tosee because it has chemicals and itstinks and so I want to be close to airand I'm also gonna wear a mask what I'mgonna do is I'm going to sand it with myorbital sander and I usually use aboutan 80 grit so that we can get all thisstuff off and then sometimes I go overit with a 120 or 220 if I'm painting itwhich I would because you can't stay inbondo or you can't steam jb weld oranything like that it's unsustainableand then once I stand this down we'llkind of see where we're at and see if weneed another level so I'm gonna go aheadand sand right now okay friends so Ihave pretty much done all the veneer onhere I'll probably have to do a couplemore layers but I wanted to test a spotthat I don't think needs any more layersjust to show you guys how this is gonnawork so I have my coffee bean from DixieBelle out okay and we're gonna do thisspot right here okay this spot rightherethere are you guys readyjust to show you how amazing this stuffworks not obviously I might need anothercoat I'm just gonna go across there likethisyou guys yeahyou know that there's brushstrokes inthere but I'm just trying to show youguys right here okay do you see the chipveneer no you don't you don't see thechip veneer because there is no chipveneer anymore it's fixed it is fixedawesome huh there you go guys you knowthere's some spots right here that I'llhave to go over again and then this spotI felt like was ready and then I wentover these again and they're fineI accidentally went over my hardwarehole so I'm gonna have to drill that outbut that's another way if you guys a lotof times you use wood filler to fillthese holes I always use this becausethat is the only way you're gonna get asmooth finish and you're not gonna seethat hole so there you go

This quick and easy furniture repair guide will show you how to fix chipped veneer as well as missing chunks of wood. Furniture repair made easy peasy!

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