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the show gardens here are broken intothree categories small medium and largethe small garden category is getting ahuge amount of attention and no wonderthis particular one the growing shedgarden created by Melanie Webb who'soriginally from Dublin well she's donesomething really special with thiscongratulations thank you so muchI love the rockwork now tell me thestory behind the rocks the stones areGlen Chris stone yeah I wanted to createa feel of wild Wicklow within a suburbanurban space yep now everybody's ravingabout the shed so tell us about the shedwhat was the inspiration behind theinspiration behind it is because I havea tiny garden and I've already plantedpractically everywhere I wanted to havesomething where I could continue toplant but that also didn't waste anyspace the hardest designs are always offa small small area how big are wetalking about this it's five by five bythe shed is seven feet so it's tiny butthe the actual space is five by five sothis is a tiny space and look what youcan dothere'd be benefits as well because thethe plants up there would be you knowinstead of water running off the roofthey'd be cleaning the water at the sametime you know putting some fresh oxygenthat's true and you know it has astrange system and the water goes intothe water but on the other side and soI'm recycling the water you know I justthink that there's a lot of people withyou know ugly shed roofs it doesn't haveto be you know wasting space plant yourroof yeah why notand I suppose living roofs is not a newthing but yeah you've kind of done thisone differently yeah it's definitely soit's four steps yes and within the stepsthere's 16 trays yeah I would in onetray there's two trays which is easy totake downput on the potting table and just changeso if something isn't looking well or ifI want to experiment and create and tryout new things so it is really a steptowards a greener footprint this chefsI think everybody's inspired by whatyou've created here well done

Even the tiniest of gardens can give a lot back. Trevor takes a “quick” stroll through Melanie’s little patch of County Wicklow, showing what can be achieved in the smallest of spaces.

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