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The future of green design with Chris Straka

[Music]where do you see yourself heading in theindustry with vert design or just inyour interest or if you see the futurethe industry changing and you have tochange with it kind of where do you seeyourself for the last well more than adecade we've been providing reallycustom residential design services forindividuals wanting that are designed tobuild buildings most people who I'veworked with in the last decade or morebetter for them has included at leastnotions of nonspecific targets of higherlevels of energy efficiency otherresources as well but the end of the dayit's the you know it's the energy thatwe pay the most for and that'severything from eating cooling hot waterI see my interest in continuing to towork with people who are striving tocreate better buildings will alwaysexist and vert will will continue toexist for the indefinite futurecontinuing to focus on the planning anddesign of those kinds of spaces andnotwithstanding my my earlier commentsabout how builders developers of 10 50and 100 residential units a year tend tothink more the bottom line as opposed tothe needs of the individual they areultimately satisfying the needs ofindividuals not everyone necessarily hasforget the financial resources just thetime to go through the process ofplanning designing and constructing acustom home for themthey need to to buy something that hasbeen pre-made for them or for somebodyelse my goal in these next five or tenyears is simply to put more betterdesigned and built buildings into themarket then might exist already yeah sowe've been pioneers in the introductionPassivhaus performance level be itcertified or not building into the theaudible market not only within thecustom residential world but you knowwhat we do I'm certain is noticed by bythe tracfone buildersyeah you've given to her it's like I'vegiven tours to the tract home certainlybuilders yeah it's not that they're notinterested they just again they havetheir they have their formula that'sworking and and I respect that but weare I'd like to think leading the curveand I know we believe some days there'sno question but I yeah ultimately that'sthat's where I see myself going in thenext five five years certainly is is instriving to introduce more betterdesigned better constructed homes to themarket to satisfy what I think is agrowing need and satisfy it more quicklythan I fear the the larger developersand builders will do so I mean they'rethey're going to come around eitherforced by the code or forced by marketdemands but they're not going to comearound as quickly as as they might doyou think the market is beginning to seethe importance some of the things thatwe've discussed today do you think thatdo you see the market demandyou certainly the more we do what we'redoing right now the more the market isgoing to understand alternatives whatthey might already know and it's in thatunderstanding that they will beginseeking more information through thisprocess of Education through the theleadership and the education that wouldprovide simply by by creating examplesby creating precedents that people canthen relate to firsthand it'd be itthrough a building tour just seeingsomething go up on a street with a signwar in front of it that that simplystates the goals of that project thatmight be different than therun-of-the-mill project I mean that thatis let's make a change so I got thisquestion was stole from Natasha'spodcastit's a boil toasty so one of thequestions she always asks I think isreally fitting for this is the world isin your classroom and you had a lessonto teach the world what would the titleof that lesson care people don't carepeople don't care enough sometimes it'sbecause they can't you know sometimessometimes it's because work is demandingsometimes because their kids kept themup all night last night sometimes it'sbecause they just can't afford to andand those are those things are all validbut to take that opportunity and to tothink about what they're either doing ornot doing to influence the world thatthey they've created and they'recreating for themselves and creating forother people and to care about theoutcomes of their actions but that'swhat I want to teach to the worldsitting my classroom if I had theopportunitythanks grace we're gonna put it up thereso you can get a hold of this person ifyou have any questions we'll put all thecontact it is there a way you want toshare what's the best way for people toget a hold of you if they want to reachout to youwell obviously through all your links upthere but email website person that I amand the team that we are and the theorganizations that we've built haveenough precedent that we've establishedbe it in terms of an online presence ora built presence that one can pick theirtheir favorite search engine type in myname Chris Draca or my business namevert and find the links to our websitesor phone numbers or email addresses andcertainly be it in a contractual kind ofscenario will providing service for afee or simply an answer to a quickquestion I love to respond and I love tomake changeI don't be a short conversation[Music]

Today’s video guest is Chris Straka, the founder of Vert Design. The Conscious Builder and Vert Design have been working on projects together for a couple of years. Casey and Chris have become friends given the similar life values that they share.

This video is Part 5 of 6 that will follow.

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