Dining Room 

The Dining Room at Fergus Grand Theatre

yes sir I'm sorry sir on the women andmen play they range from playing aseven-year-old child come in threeminutes later as an 85 year old man orat a 93 year old woman with dementia soin it just is instantly there's noblackouts we just overlap and flow fromone right through to the other onemy name is Joey wheeler hawaiians andI'm the director of the dining roomAlert community theaters winterproduction the dining room has a veryinteresting structure it's like peekinginto 18 different dining rooms only it'sit's the one that you perhaps can seeover my shoulder maybe it's quite abeautiful set really covers a lot ofterritory and a lot of differentemotional impact scenes too although itis a comedy but it's not silly it's canbe taken at different layers a perfectaudience is probably you we're welleveryone is welcome I would say thoughit is really not for elementary agedchildren definitely high school studentsdoors usually open at 7:30 and you canget your tickets then maybe or pick uptickets if you ordered them by callingthe box office at the first grandtheater or an online as well and goesfor two weekends so it's Friday Saturdayafternoon matinee at 2:00 and the samething the next weekend so that's easy toremember right you got Valentine's Dayin the middle and you can come andcelebrate it the weekend before or theweekend after we would like to have youany time now it's time for you and Itrip upstairs before we say goodbye andoh wait did a little run Sunday nightand on Monday night we did it Q to Q andTuesday night was a technical andWednesday was canceled because of theweather[Music]you[Music]

Produced by Elora Community Theatre and directed by Julie Wheeler-Bryant. A dining room with stories to tell. At Fergus Grand Theatre details visit https://fergusfilming.ca/elora-community-theatre

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