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The Dead Ramblers-“COLORS” Live @ the Jam Room

Please be sure to follow us on Instagram @thedeadramblers, subscribe to our YouTube channel and Like our Facebook page. Here’s one of our new original songs called “Colors”, which was written about April 19th, 1943. This day in history changed the world when Albert Hofmann first created LSD. This compound would change musical history and open the minds of millions of people including artists, poets, inventors, geniuses and too many to list. Verse 1 is about Albert Hofmann, and Verse 2 is about Jimi Hendrix. A song about the chemist & the artist. Enjoy!

Purple drips in a cauldron
Lysergic diethylamide
He stirs it ’round, His medicine
Like mescaline, a tab for a shaman
Kaleidocolors swimming ’round
His mind’s eye
It’s bicycle day
Like a thousand suns, a rainbow sea
He’s tripping out,
The universe sets him free

I know we can try,
to break on through
all through time

Gypsy sun from outer space
The stars, shining in his face
His pupils wide, from the other side
Another dimension, an alien traveled time
His bandanna covers his head
His third eye can turn the moon fire red
Amplifier bleeding colors and vibrations,
an ocean of a crowd
Mind manifestation
Psychedelic transformation

I know we can try
to break on through
All through time
I know we can fly
In my daydream
We were high

Tyler Veit-Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics
Anthony Marino-Bass, Vocals
Andrew Lawler-Drums, Vocals

© Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.

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