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The Childs Sight (Alpha Demo) – THIS KIDS ROOM ISN’T SAFE…

what is up guys its decor AJ herewelcome to the child's site alpha demothis looks pretty creepy we're pressingspacebar though let's start this oh thechild site while we're playing as achild I'm getting vibes from the joy ofcreations with the bedroom I rememberplaying that that was actually prettydamn cool updates cool okay we're gonnastory mode I am drinking this likeeggnog coffee which is pretty good ittastes kind of like a french vanillavery sweet um so my heart if this isintense which it might be we're gonnahave like chest problems inside thecloset knock knock oh god whole spacebar to sit up okay pause okay go tosleep it is exactly like thisoh we're such a little cutie we soundcute Oh collapse power sleep meter wegotta go to sleep okay okay I kind oflike this okay turn that thing back ondoes not have Duras cells it's 28 whenthey're here and turning that lamp on wegood the hell's mom and dad going toslipdon't mind me please okay okay JesusChrist keep one eye open who's knockingwhat's that you know what am i hearingthat thing opened whoa something's inthere okay so we got the boogeyman in mygoddamn room hell this poor baby I don'tknow is games with replicating horrificbaby lives oh no it's coming back whatare you go away come back another day atleast not tonight oh god I gotta back uplamp go to sleep only open our eyes thecastle and weird noises okay we're goodso fardamn I'm actually liking this nice musicwhat baby wouldn't fall asleep to thisoh god no no no that's that's a hoaxlies right where is moms and dads man goto sleep and then a my baby brain it'stoo smart for you wait keep sitting downgo to sleep my little munchkin go tosleep go to sleep and dreamokay surejust go to sleep somebody's knocking ohhold up what the hell was thatso I have it open okay I'm gonna go tosleephappy thoughts happy thoughts I'm almostdone gotta make sure everything is clearhere though we good okay way to sleepI'm almost theredoing it sleep babyhappy dreams the Easter oh I was gonnasay Easter Bunny in the grass fieldsmemory really relived new chapterunlocked to continue okaychapter two followed the leader I don'tknow if I want to though oh God we'regonna follow these freaking dolls thatcome to life which are really creepy bythe way Oh God the Rope sounds know thatis that okay why are you rocking atTeddy's cute though it's your name Teddyobjectives explore the Attic it's alloptional find lost notes when you areready press e on the crib to continuethe game time here to explore can wejust leave the Attic it's wide open thestairs and everything Eddie do you havea note for me no okay I'm just gonnapress e on the crib red it's at the cribokay I'm pressing Y on this crib we'regoing here says grandmother's chair whenthe rocking chair starts to rock pick upmr. dear to remain safe from the unknownwhile you're holding the reindeer youare unable to close your eyes or standup until you place him back down on thepillow this is the same game thoughwe're in the crib let's see yeah itseems though all right I kind of want tosee the jump-scare though so we got topick up him oh he's so cute look at himwhat's her objective though it doesn'tactually say Oh Godokay I think maybe it might be the samething we have to go to sleep turn itback on what okay just go to sleep don'tmind meI think you know my future growing upand everything you knowwait what do I do with the reindeerthough can I can I sleep with him Ican't sleep with him but he's so cutewell get him okay yeah okay yeah allthat puree food I had in the morningwith my mom gave me that pureed carrotsin the celery broccoli soup okay okayokayintruders intruders got alarm systemsgoing on in my head okay great go backto sleep who is that it's a my dadactually that would be creepy that'ssome messed up parenting oh okay that'sa new thing why is that rocking waitwe're gonna hold this guy right okay youknow no we're good right right is thiswhat I'm supposed to do hold I can'tstand it I can't do anything with mr.rape okayput you back okay go go check okay we'regood close this I'm going back to sleepcaris all better not close on me I needit damn itokay I heard you Oh what god the frickinframe is now moving no close the lightwe need that juicy power I don't knowwhat the knocking is all aboutoh god I'm hearing thingshere this room is possessed I've yet toget a jump-scare so I don't know no nono mr. reindeer come here look at yournose or soup look at the huge eyes dolllook out for me that times are roughlike this ok put you back no no openopen this ok I just want to go to sleepcan I do that please wait well as thelight whoa whoa why is that on Jesusreally though you're not gonna leave mealone go awaythank you oh my everything at onceyes no okay no no go go up and turn thaton okay okay what what is up with themusic like it's a soothing right pickedmy heart stay calm really I mean how'sthat even anything intimidating I meanmaybe the movement but it steady it'snot that scary like for a baby maybejust it walking alone is it's goodenough to be giving you nightmaresokay put this back I can't it's soadorableyeah yeah that was the thing game overokay wait keep the lights off when youhear the knock oh I didn't know now weknow what to do with the knocking whichis kind of good you know something wasup with that I knew it okay okay guysturn that on gotta keep the lights offwhen I hear knocking got it with acreaking the guy coming out of mywardrobewas that was that what I just heard yeahno okay cuz sworn I heard him come out alittle peeping tom okay not badit looks like this the sleeping meter isgoing up really slowly this timeeverything good trying to turn that onyeah it was open it's a little trickybut is it it's not open now it's open ordid he leave pleaseokay wait what did I just hear now nonow this thing is gone holy banana ballsthings this room is going to whack Ijust need this reindeer look there'ssettle everything okay he's good Oh[Music]check this is that no that's closed okayokay turn this on back on can we checkon peeping tom over thereI'm peeping at this our scheme is prettyfun though it's good I like it I wishthis can the peeping guy can peeping tomand oh god everything's stop stop stopcomplete he check for this guy we goodhave a little shut-eye right now so farfor an alpha I am impressedcome on look how hard is it for a babyto go to sleep and he's pretty good he'snot crying with all this going on justmake sure I heard youwhat what was he not now that that'sthat's Tom of there hey good mr. Raineyyou serious right now I'll put you Ican't put them back no I can go back upgo up go up go up look I don't make surethis is do it here okay you went awayokay just hold this he's gone nowget some shut-eye oh my god so it can'thappen you're serious dude you littlesick piece of shit go turn this thingback on it never went off we just mightlate on it is on that's not a good dancenot good indeed you go away go away so Ican close it can you get some sleepokay I'm hearing that granny what did Itell you about freaking paranormalchairs told you not to buy that onAmazon on special okay we made it yesmaybe memory relived new chapterunlocked is it the third one let's seeshadows in the light alright guys Ithink that's it for the Alpha demobecause chapter 3 shadows on the lightdoes not seem to be working I keptpressing e to try to get into the cribto relive the memory or something and itdid not work it keeps sending me backhere so I think that's all we've got forthe Alpha which is pretty impressive Idid enjoy it I got that one jump-scarewhich I wasn't expecting and yeah that'spretty much it hope you guys enjoyeddropping that like subscribe if yourdoing here[Music]

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