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The Avenue Home Staging – Greetings from Fresno’s Leading Home Stager

[Music]baby perfect timing we're just finishingup come on it Oh perfectI love this house oh my goodness me tooI love the colors Thanks yeah everythingwas super neutral so we were able to addcolorful accents your remember McDanielI do hey Daniela food you can't miss iton the wall yes pleasea little to the right perfectfact that we can do this together is myfavorite thing about this job he's superhandy me helps ping things and movethings so it's really great that we canspend this time together and the kidseven cover sometimes that helped youDaniel you helped with this hairit's a real mattress on this bed we'vebeen super busy lately this is our 13thhome this year we didn't but we've done90 in the last four yearsholy smokes we just finished our websiteto check it out tell me what you thinkit's the Avenue Home Staging calm youcan see pictures of our latest projectsand just keep up with everything we'redoing at the Avenue right honeythat's right yeah ready to go goodawesome and I love that sofa I knowright it's like my spirit[Music]you

Hello to Fresno, Clovis, and the world from The Avenue Home Staging, Fresno’s leading home stager.

The Avenue creates custom, high-end looks in Central Valley homes to unveil the potential within each home.

Receive quality offers, sell faster, and at top-dollar with The Avenue Home Staging!

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