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Thanksgiving Day Dining Room Build in Bloxburg Roblox

hey everyone welcome back to my channelso today I built a Thanksgiving room inBlacksburg I thought it'd be fun to kindof build a Thanksgiving room maybe giveyou guys some inspiration something youcan do for Thanksgiving so I did do aspeed build which is right here[Music][Music]so anyways that was a speed build butI'm gonna give you guys the ture now ofmy Thanksgiving room built this room inmy like little build plot and it's forlike a big party how many Kenneth it Ithink it fit twelve right one two threefour five six oh no it can fit 14 peopleso you can have a nice big Thanksgivingparty I don't know 14 people canactually come in a server or not but Ijust really like it I don't know whatkind of style I was going for I justkind of picked a nice homey room incolors or something that I feel thattold me so I'm gonna give you guys likea little bit of tour here I did put thisjust a bunch of different square carpetsdown here to make one long carpet and Ikind of gave it a peach color I don'tknow it kind of remind me of somethingthat like my grandma would have and forme it felt kind of homeyum and right now they still have all ofthese like fall decorations so they wereperfect you can get the cornucopia so Idecorated the table with a ton of thisstuff I put these tables over here thisis where I'm gonna put the dessert sothis is where like all the main foodsgonna be and then people can get up andget their dessert food right here so Iput some pumpkins and stuff there I didput some nice decorative like fancywindows and they had a lot of you knowthis place has a lot of fireplaces youcan choose from but I chose thisfireplace actually right here I justliked it a lot and I thought it was nicethis like thing right here this likeborder along the wall it's actually afence and the only bad thing is it goesthrough the wall so you're gonna have touse it see like it's going through thewall here so you can use it but it'sgonna be throughout your entire house oryou'll have to make your wall like alittle bit bigger to hide it but that'sthe only bad thing but as far as theactual room goes it looks really good inhere anything it looks like nice andreally detailed I wish they have likehad borders up here at the top the crownmolding because I would make it lookvery fancy and very super nice but thelast thing you need here I think beforeyou get a party is some food so I havesome food out here and I thought I wouldjust make some umm just show you guyslike what what you could do before youactually have your Thanksgiving party sowe'll go ahead and make let's see whatshould we make what looks veryThanksgiving um let's just go and make asaladyour first one cut it up I just havethis like super stuff out here cuzobviously don't have a kitchen this isjust like a basic build do you guysdon't remember this is the plotI built the McDonald's on and I builtthe taco shop on and then I built mycookie store on and yeah so I was liketo use this plot to build things with sonow I gotta mix this up and I just wantto show you guys I can't still make acake yet I really got to work on mycooking skills here okayso it's done so as you make food you canjust sit here and play salad so you canplace a bunch of food throughout thewhole entire table just so it looksreally nice um can I mean I don't thinkI can make ingredients yet can i omitingredients I think I can make oh yeahsee this chicken or the turkey thatwould be perfect but what do you have tobe level seven and I'm Allah I'm levelfive right now so I got two more levelsbut there's a really good as you couldalso make cake and then pie so youreally need to be level six so you canmake pie for Thanksgiving and thechicken so you really got to work onthat but we're gonna make some porkchops here just so it looks nice andgood on the table and what I'm gonna dofor dessert maybe I'll put like tacos onthe taco table that'd be one thing thatthis game really needs is more likecooking like desserts and stuff I meanthey do you have the ice cream and thepopcorn thing but I mean like fancydesserts um I'm gonna frying this okayI'm frying this so it would be like agood fancy dessert like they have cakelike maybe like a thing of cupcakes likefancy cupcakes are you for birthdays andthings like that I don't know it'd justbe cool I really got to work on mycooking levels here though he's makinghis porkchop and let's bake it bake thispork chop outside in the dark I wonderif people are gonna walk by like myhouse and be like why is he cookingoutside I'm just showing everyone howyou build cool things by the way this ismy pumpkin shirt I made it like lastyear and I really loved it so I'm gonnawear this up through Thanksgiving andcome on beg you pork chopsof course the pork chops are gonna getcold and time people get here oh youknow what you can make cookies I canmake cookies for the dessert table Iguess I could put those over there fornow since I can't make cake come on bakeyou bikethese pork chops always take forever tobake so we're just baking these porkchops just waiting okay finally shoo itsaid forever am I done yet do I got itthey're gonna garnish it nowyeah I got a garnish at holy molygarnish there we go then won't finallybe done after make it look done emitfancy oh and one more thing I couldn'tfit in this room but I thought about itwhenever I was doing my my speed buildwas if you could put like a piano orsomething in hereor maybe even a guitar at your party youcould have someone like dress-up and dolive music which I was gonna put herebut it was just too crowded but if youhave room and you're in yourThanksgiving like room it'd be reallycool if you had like live music likemaybe I put a guitar there and then havelive music that'd be really cool okay soanyway so let's just put the pork chopsyou seeing place food throughout thewhole entire table so people canactually sit down and just grab food andactually eat here at Thanksgiving soreally quick I better make some cookiesso I have least had something for thedessert table since I can't make theother stuff yet bacon and eggs cookieshere we go what does make some cookiesfor now oh yeah yay it's okay not a lotof dessert options you could put somefruit over there if you want to a fruitbowl which should actually be prettygood for dessertall right form oops form there we gokind of form the cookies what time is itit's 10:40 at night yeah that's aperfect thing to do it 11 o'clock atnight bake okay there we go and now wegotta bake them bake my cookies and thenwe'll be good to go I wish you couldwalk away while you were baking stuffbut if you walk away it cancels it but Iguess you gotta check on it make sureyou don't burn it so you keep my littlecharacters checking on it a lot sothat's fine come on bake some cookiesyou okay almost done so anyways I hopeyou guys are having a good day not muchgoing on just baking some cookies takeso long okay we're almost thereI think I wish I could see are they canyou actually see them being baked letssee form no see right now they're justlittle round balls but I can't actuallysee em p.o up see there's still a roundballs but when I pull them out they'regonna be done and bam wow that was goodpull them out merry still round ballshere you go so you put some cookies overhere just in case you can't make a cakethere you goanyways um I just really wanted to showyou guys this and kind of give you guysan idea for Thanksgiving and just dothis little build I haven't doneBoxberger in a while so I hope you guystook a little bit of inspiration fromIsis I'm bored look anyways I hope youguys took a little bit of inspirationfrom this video and you guys buildsomething really really awesome andmaybe I can come and tour some of yourThanksgiving builds if you guys buildstuff or just send me a picture onTwitter or something and I'll totallycheck it outyou know it's hope you guys enjoyed thisbuild and thanks for watching I'll seeyou guys again soon bye everyone this isa great party take portion Wow nobodycame to my Thanksgiving party oh wait Ihaven't invited anybody yet Durr[Music]

Thanksgiving Day Dining Room Build in Bloxburg Roblox

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