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Temper London has a Massive Fire Pit Right Smack in the Dining Room — The Meat Show

okay meet fans I'm in front of tempeh inLondon one of the most unique meatrestaurants I've ever eaten in itinvolves live fire cooking big giant pitin the middle of the restaurant let's goinside and eat readyhow are you make lettuce in there goodgood yes the way we serve me you don'tneed to overeat here please selleverything 500 grams it's dual purposewe get to use the whole animal and youget to choose which how much of it youhave I like that what I love about thisis not just that you're servingworld-class meat it's the the way you'representing it is quite unique but it'svery much a interactive experience Ithink if you're looking at that openfire pit and seeing all the meat beingcooked and see how hard these guys areworking and then you get this food andit tastes like this and then youcomplain that is not garnish enough thenyou're a loser anyway[Music]cheers Cheers Sivan tell me where you'refromI'm from Argentina so I mean that isobviously a culture that is profoundlyknowledgeable about meat cooking oh goodthing that was working with meaning thatyou can play debate with different kindof cooking right if you like this can bedone and you probably get access toanimals that you wouldn't different foranything I think it's a chef's dreamhere no it's certainly a carnival isgreat to eat here yeah so tell us whatyou have we have to rebuy from Korea for55 days right now I got some nice tankas well Rambo pork cooked on a wheelvery slowly st. Louis ribs smoked andthey did from smoke overnight so wefound something definitely definitelyChile from Wales she breeds some of thebest lamb I've ever tasted in my life Iwas just about to mention you you don'tcut the fat no no we don't cut the powerof anything so we're sort of piling upthe carnivores dream here we have thepork we have the beef we have the lamband the only thing missing is the is thegate is that is there going to be a kidif the kid goat yeah you know you sawcoming in we saw what getting wheel andthat's not that worth of the south Howiewell that's good now I mean if you get adelivery here it's gonna be a wholeanimal you have it that's me that I meanthat that that's me and this is smallgood chunks and it's still got still gota little bit fibrous mr. right no one nosoftly no no no so I'll probably enjoyguys thank you so much pleasure I thinkwe start with the beef all right so thatwill try the flank but I'll try theclient first your beefiness to it almondand the smoky flavorwhoopee what hit you first of thatsmokiness a little linger linger you cango walk to I don't know like NorthLondon but I mean if you're doing atasting them all right I'm going rightfor the finaleso tender I don't know if I want to giveyou anything[Laughter]moving on looks like we have a lovelylamb rib so again as you see we keep allthe fat on there you can smell thatsmokiness on that too thoughlike bad lamb is better than you knowsometimes good for for good beefyou know this is all grass-fed it's allreared properly so what I love aboutthis is that it's so distinctly Britishright you taste the British Isles butDon green landscape right up I meanEngland is great you get it's so greenwhat people don't realize is that theprice of that is it rains off the air let's talk about the porkthat you not look you don't have a solesupplier and you have we are the farmthat you want the variety I really wantthe best they've gotall right so speaking of this so this isthe port for Yorkshire yeah what breedis this and oats pop you've got a nicefat content is being smoked but it'sstill holding together[Music]that is one it's really good look atthatthere's something about poor creeps likethat is you know forget the KentuckyFried Chicken that's actually fingerlicking good right all right let's moveon I could eat that rib all dayrum so this is a cut that's actuallyquite popular in Britain for beefespecially right I meana state that really tastes like themarriage of southern barbecue becauseyou have that smokeyeah tan because there's a gaming thisto it and then a pork chop because itreally is like it needs like a steakright and this was gets them readychimeric get this from the bagel oh sowhat we were betting portables what youmight make pastrami out of him if it wasbeef and you're in New York[Music]bazarov so I have to say that like thispork is revelatory has all the hallmarksof great barbecue and have that wit thatsalty punch from the from the rubs andthe emptiness seasoning you're getting alot of those smoked flavors but youreally are tasting Britain you'retasting the marshland to tasting thatthat winter that wet winter leading tothat vibrant of a dump spring you'll getespecially lamb I think it reallyaffected by the season yet more thanother animals and you can really tastelike this is like this is rejuvenationfood it's like the spring coming outgoat is the most widely eaten meat onearth it's also one of the hottestanimals they can grow almost anywhereyet in the West you know and it's fishyin Britain and America I think it's kindof the Forgotten need a lot of love andcare see taking over it and the flavoris beyond mouth I think mostly verygameyacross the tree and I think mutton andpigeon it's quite springy isn't it quitegreasy to me yep but that's not a badthing I mean lamb is like that and welove lamb okay I'm going in there meetyour fans it's got the positive aspectsof pork and lamb combines yeahright so you have the tenderness of porkyou have that fight that you get withlamb but you also have that game eitherstaff funkiness right that sort ofearthiness but then again there's also asweetness that I don't think lamb has inthe same way the pork ass so it's verymuch as if you kind of combine thesedishes for me it's the most interestingflavor so Neal we have eaten our waythrough basically four of their reallythe classic animals that we eat rightyeah got the lamb the beef the goat thepork so I think the takeaway here Nealis that a rib steak is delicious a forthouse takers are there as we know thatbut you've got to look beyond thosepoints there's so many things on theanimal that have as much flavor some ofthem have more flavor and no matter whatthey have different flavors right notjust because it's gonna make you feelbetter and because you taste better butalso the fact that if we want to keepeating meat and a sustainable way intothe into the next century this is kindof the way we need to do it I think youneed to eat beyond expensive cuts eatthe whole animal would be happier for ittell me about the mints on toast becausethat's a dish that I've been told I musttry ityou

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