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TEEN MOM | Kids room and organization tour

what is up so I wanted to film a kid'sroom tour right now because it is indecent condition and I have time to filmit so that is what we are here to dotodayjust me right into the video so let's goso starting in here right here I haveher toysshe has like blocks just a table ofrandom stuff and her little near andthen right here is her toddler bed withall her stuffed animals on it sheobviously does not use it so that's whyme just pile all this up here on thiswall we have an E and B for alien boa[Music]moving over from here I have a rockingchair I want to paint that in that whiteso that it matches that but for nowthey're ugly and then we got some purplecarries and then the dresser so on topof the dresserI have play yard sheets I need to goover to cuz you need crib sheets andthen this is how I organized at leastdiaper stuff so I have packed the wipesthe size 5 is what she's in so I haveparents choice on this for during theday and then hide this overnightovernight I have baby safety flowers forafter her bath Avinu baby Johnson &Johnson's cuz I've been trying to findthe right lotion for her but you knowcharlie and then some booty cream and Ialso have two of the old ear in diapersright here a picture of Ellie unicornthis is our piggy bank we periodicallyput coins in there soall right here is Bella's bunny that myfriend gave me for herthis is her style machine and we usedthe one that has the thing for theceiling I can barely see her right nowbut she loves that and then her elephantand it has an extra pacifier on it justin case we lose the woman she has in herand I love because as you can see thisroom doesn't have lights so getting intothe drawers on the right side is allalley stuff and on the left is Bella'sI'm still not fully set on the situationbut we're figuring it out so on Ellyside on the top I have her shoes socksand then pants shorts and skirts righthere this one here I have her pajamasit's kind of a mess right now it's justlike all thrown in here and then I havethis baby wrap that my friend gave meand down here it's ridiculous thing butit's a bunch of diapers from my diapercake my friend I think they're size oneI'm pretty sure and then Bella's outsideI have a bucket of socks um extraonesies that I like they're kind of cutebut not really and then just a bucketfull of newborn pants that are way toobig for her[Music]shoes and then this is like picturestuff tutus and these things and nowhere I have a bunch of clothes that willfit her later and then over on this wallI have right here this cube along withthis chair that will be for Bella soonbut now only sits in it sometimes andthen le just sleeps in American placethat's your bed on the wall on the wallabove the dressers have this sleepingbaby I want to get other things to putaround it on this wall there's aelephant tapestry and a dreamcatcherPharrell then there's a clause that alsothat organization in a second and onthis wall it says you are my sunshineand down here I just have a bunch ofbooks and then right here it's just umheadbands and accessories because Ellielikes accessories she's cuteparty nice for bed is for a little timeso in the closet on this side is my tomake stuff so that doesn't matter so topto bottom starting at the top right hereI have their Easter stuff um picturethings Mike's mom gave me a toy forwindow is older stain remover becausethat is extremely extremely importantwhen you have kids and then these twobuckets are for clothes that eitherdon't fit her there's just worn out sothis is to sell don't spawn a child andthis is donate these are a bunch ofbooks that I don't want Ellie reading byherselfcuz they're like really nice books thatI want to keep a giant activity coloringthing and this bucket right here havelike extra magnets and sensory stuffwe're gonna do on occasion and these arekeepsakes so close wise right here islike a new pack of hangers and thatseparate Bella's stuff oh my oh youstuff family obviously has a lot moreand Bella barely fits in anything rightnow son like preemies and then they'reeasier outfit so it's so cute and thendown here I have just blankets are thesetwo fuzzy things I just have a bunch ofdifferent burp cause clogs and thenblankets and a baby monitor in themiddle here I have keepsake Bellaclothes I need to put up there and moreof these books but these are like foryounger kids I still don't want herreading on her in Luke's they're paperand then on this first level I have hertwo unicorn bagsshe can use for anything or if I dropher off those are her diaper bags bowsand barely wears either these pistolthen right here is my small what used tobe huge stockpile of wipes when we gothrough my crazyhonest company newborn diapers they'restill waiting for right there and thendown here in the middle there the 3-packof section pampers but they're sizableone and size two diapers and then anextra white holder underneath um in thisbucket is Bella's bigger clothing thesebigger clothing that she has now on theside of the closet I have Ellie'slaundry basket Ellie and Bella do haveseparate onesbut I do combine them when I go takethem to wash underneath I have athree-tier thing and it's holding size 1size 2 in size 3 diapers I have leftover from Ellie then right here on top Ihave um extra Ellie diapers with someswim diapers size for diapers one twothree of these and then on this sidethat's my kid's room I hope you likedthis video peace out

Here is how I have my daughters room set up. Let me know if you would like to see anymore organization videos or how I have things set up for a newborn and a toddler around the hourse! Instagram: sydnnel1

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