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hi guys I'm Luke I'm green devil designswelcome to our new YouTube channel I'vebeen wanting to start a YouTube channelfor quite a while now and I've just notmanaged to sit myself down in front of acamera for long enough to actually filma video so here we go hopefully thisone's gonna get published I've filmedonce before that didn't so green devilfirst began is more of a hobby for meI'd find furniture the people had leftbehind and do it it was a lot cheaperthan going out to the shops we get yourfirst house it's very expensive tofurnishes I tried to find a cheaperalternative after this after thefurniture came close I wanted to givemyself a different style couldn't reallyfind it in the shops so I find morejackets usually Blazers and had a bit ofpersonality to them I made myself onefirst I had some spying said with somesome spray paint some vinyl and when Iworked out my friends absolutely lovedit so I ended up making some for themtooworking on the abandoned toys is beinggreat because I've really got to expandand make my own characters that way theabandoned toys that everybody has becomefamiliar with on Facebook these guyshave been hugely popular I always lovedumpster dive in finding out what peoplethrow now and I saw one day when I wasleaving work somebody had left a bunchof toys by the bins and I just couldn'tbear to leave them behindI thought surely there's got to besomething I can do with it so I tookthem home kept them in the shed for agood couple of months as I usually dowhile I ponder things over I've alwaysbeen a big fan of horror horror moviesthat kind of thing[Music]and also big fan of Toy Story thank youokay and my mom began to wonder andthink what happens to toys that get leftbehind what happened was the unhappyending of toys diary of what happenswhen the toys get thrown away I missthat speech of them as little feralcreatures that scurried around afterdark and had to fend for themselves sothe kids have grown up why don't thetoes grow too so they become a bit punkyadolescent big but a bit more gritty andsometimes scary do a bunch of differentvariety of different toys depends onwhat I find at the time a lot of thetoys I find discarded after car bootsales and things like that there's novalue to to these toys and if they don'tsell them the ones they'll just leavethem just check the more good people buynew toys so whenever I go to a car bootor hang around a little bit afterwardsand see what I can pick up and see whatI can use in my artwork and I happen tofind a lot of toys one of my latestpieces is Fenrir the way better as youcan see here and I'm glad I've startedthis YouTube channel it just means thatpeople can see a bit better than thepictures that I post on Instagram youcan see where you can see just how bigearsI found a old Halloween costume at thecar boot was going for a couple ofpounds it was a werewolf costume so itcame with the mask with the gloves withwell it didn't come with these feet Ibought these anew that child slippers soI decided to blend the two found adecent size bear and started kissing upthe pieces so in them and gluing them tochoose body and this is how it turnedout and I'm really thrilled another oneof my latest ones this is got the clownagain been experimented lately withHalloween masks and how to recycle andrepurpose those too and I think it makesa nice little combinationthis one's one of my unfinished projectsstarted work recently on a newtwo-headed doll not sure how I'm gonnago with this think I'm going a bitpost-apocalyptic bit tribal we'll see asopposed to like circus attraction whichsometimes I like to do to my circusfreaks could be a combination -post-apocalyptic circus freak who knowswe'll see how it turns out this is asneak peak of one that I've been workingon this is not I don't post this onFacebook yeah but check her out she justneeds a bit more highlights just tobring out the features but we've got aforearm dog here being cringing the Ropegot all the hair missing her hair it'sbeen to a hard time I just look prettycoolyeah and it doesn't just stop at thetoys I do from time to time by myselfworking with furniture and obviouslythat's going to be a bit weird andfreaky to one of my prized finds after acar boot was pair of mannequin legs andluckily I found some more you know justbeen well it was probably a couple ofweeks later so I combined them I foundsome bedside tables joined them alltogether call it project Delia after mylove of Delia do some people do I mustexpress myself and yeah it came togetherreally well I sold that piece last yearbut I also run a group on Facebook callsthe peculiar doll mentor Society overthere go check it out that's where Ihave a whole group of artists thatspecialize in different types of dollsand everyone showcases their work thereand it's great just to see all thedifferent styles and variations and itreally gives you inspiration for yourown work so any artists out there ohcollectors head over and check it outI'm hoping to start doing a fewcompetitions maybe set a theme see ifthe let's see if anybody wants to joinin maybe we do a post-apocalyptic themeone week and everybody submits theirtheir entries and the winner will getchosen something like that anythingyou'd like to see let me know in thecomments obviously and maybe we'llshowcase some of the artists some of theother artists from the peculiar dollmaker Society hopefully I'm gonna aim topost a new video a week it may not maybetutorial it may just be an update of theweek's progress it's nice for somepeople just have a quick recap butwhat's going on on Facebook a pop onInstagram because I lost quite regularlythere so tune in every week and thenyou'll see like the good recap of what'shappening in competitions latestabandoned toys basically what's going onwith me double well that's it for todaythank you for watching hopefully nexttime we'll get onto some tutorialsthere's something a bit more interestinganything you'd like to see in a futurejustcomment below and let's get this channelbuilt so please help by liking andsubscribing to this video thanks againguys

An introduction to sustainable mixed media artist Luke Morris at Green Devil designs.

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