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presentation - presentation okay nowhere's the gift that you give yourselffor anyone who has pets and wants toeither protect or revive their existingfurniture this is the SureFit texturedpique waterproof furniture cover andthese have been so so popular in factour customers specifically asked to havethis back because they look so nice andthey work so well now at a clearanceprice at 30% off this is the time toreally think about how does yourfurniture look with people coming overfor the holiday season or do you want toprotect your furniture from peoplecoming over for the holiday seasonI'm here with Kathleen swear co andKathleen this has been some of the mostliked one of the most popular setsyou've ever brought to us it is it isit's good it's a really beautifuldecorative way to cover your furnitureyeah I like the textured pique becauseit gives it a little surface interestbut it still reads as a solid color andit also it feels amazing yeah I think Ikind of just love to help like thisactually feels better than my couch athome it feels really really good and youthink about what you need to do to getready for decorating this time of yearand for entertaining I mean I'm thinkingabout Thanksgiving dinner and I weregoing to my brother's house and hedoesn't have enough room at the tablefor all of us so we're all gonna behaving buffet plates and we're gonna besitting all over his furniture and hejust bought new furniture oh you have totake this damn well he has additionallyhe has that because I'm telling youyou're saving yourself a lot of headachea lot of heartache and a lot of moneywell this is a machine wash and youcan't do that to your nice furniture sothat's pretty great let's talk you justshow the options really crappy we'll gothrough the colors so we have we have itin your chair and recliner job yeah therecliner has a little bit more narrowarm and it's a little bit longer in theback and that keeps it to from movingaround on your recline so just you knowfor your chair and your recliner it is$48 or if you prefer five easy paymentsof nine dollars and 60 cents we aresitting here at the loveseat and theresistor shelf I apologize the sofa is$80 or five easy payments of $16 and wealso do have a loveseat which is fiveeasy payments of $13 yeah and if you'renot sure exactly what size yourfurniture is just go and see how manypeople can sit on yourit's a sofa if if it's three people ormore okay loveseat is usually two peopleyou get the love thing oh right yeah andthen of course the chair and therecliner are one people one person sotake a look so at this clearance pricewhat a great price the chair just fiveeasy payments of 960 same price for therecliner loveseat five easy payments of13 and sofa five easy payments of $16that is 30% off and they come inbeautiful colorswhat's amazing is I mean you can't payto have your sofa clean for that pricethat's right so this is a really reallygreat way to protect your furniture andalso just to redecorate I mean if you'rejust looking to judge up your home forthe holidays or any time this is a greatway to do it and I just want to show youon the back here there's a non-slipsilicone paw prints and one of those dothose keep the cover from moving aroundin place and it happens to be on aleather sofa here and this is why weoriginally created the non-slip pawprints so that doesn't move around onthe first you know I didn't even knowrealize what kind of stuff we weresitting on I didn't realize it wasleather it's a leather so cold or notthat cup just hold in the winter and getcold hot and sticky in the summer timeand you can put this on top of it and itreally creates a beautiful place to sitlet me take you through the colorsthey're very very pretty so we have itin taupe which is actually what is righthere also we have it in chocolate thisis the teal and it's a really easydecorator teal next to that is the grayvery pretty and then we also have it inthe blush which is lovely I really lovethis color I just think it's prettyespecially this time of year you justlightens everything up it's gorgeous sothe nice thing is if you have pets thisis going to be perfect if you have petsif you have grandkids if you havechildren if you have a husband if youhave teenagers if you're like me andevery time you get yourself a cup of teayous tend to spill a cup of tea thinkabout all the stuff we do while sittingon our furniture especially this time ofyear I mean you know you're kind ofplanted on your in your living room orfamily room this time of year becauseit's so cold that's right so you don'thave to worry about all the familyhaving a great time you know when I wassuper easy to put on when I was a kid mymom you know we didn't get new furniturevery often I think once the entire timeI grew up and when it was it was we gotnew furniture it was such a big deal inour housenice to stick a bedsheet on thefurniture we'd all like don't sit on thecouch without the sheet oh my gosh thisis so much nicer yeah well I wish youwould have had this then you know my momactually used to put aluminum foil onthe back she wouldn't sit that's funny Ithink is really funny but not only isthis fashionable but it's alsofunctional yeah and you can really dowhatever you want to do live in yourlife with your kids and your grandkidsand your pets and then get off and washit so you know you might actually have acouch or recliner that's seen betterdays but you don't want to get rid of ityou don't want to pay to a pulpreupholster it that's so much money thiswill not only make your existingfurniture look nicer if you do havefurniture want to protect it willprotect it as well it will and I want toshow you what one of the most importantfeatures of this product and that is thefact that it's waterproof it's not waterresistant it's not water repellent it iswaterproofWow and what does that mean it meanswhen you spill something no matter howbig the spill it is gonna soak into thecover and it's not gonna beat up andfall on the floor it's not gonna soakthrough underneath onto your piece offurniture so let me just show youexactly how that works I'm gonna putsome water in here and I'm gonna put alot of liquid on here because when weusually when we make a mistake it'susually a big one yeah so I'm gonna jamit in there there's lots and lots ofwater on there and underneath I put apiece of blotter paper and if you lookthere's not a single drop it just thinksit doesn't feel like it would bewaterproof it's so soft it's not crunchyand no not even a little bit and thenthe other thing we have here and I wantto show I can show it to you on therecliner is it we have the pockets oneither side so there's six pockets no ohwow that makes your recliner actuallymore functional yeah you could reallyput all carell all of your stuff in hereI've you know usually use it for the TVremote Seibel use it for a book tends totake a lot of beating right like if youhave a recliner it's probably the chairthat you use most and if you haveespecially if you have upholstery it canstart to look a little worn this is agreat way to save that recliner and makeit more functional and it usually getsworn here on the arms it gets worn herebut from the back of yet and it getswarm learn where your feet are so thisreally does protect all aspects I'mactually and it looks nice so this isthe teal obviously on this chocolatecovered recliner and you can see allnice it looks but any of the colorswould be great where we're streaminglive on myFacebook page right now Joe says heloves SureFit and even it's easy to seewhy in the recliner it's just five easypayments of nine dollars and six youthink about thatnine dollars I mean that's what you payfor you know breakfast one day a weekyeah so if you do want the recliner weare down to blush and teal only and theyare very very popular the blush is not apink so much as it's just a really softcolor yeah very very pretty I do want tomention this because sure if it hasn'tcome up with a way to make sure one ofthe issue issues that we've had in thepast is that the covers sometimesbecomes untucked okay and it doesn'tstay where you want to where you need toplace it so what SureFit has done anumber of things to combat that one iswe have a fixed 50-inch backdrop here sowhat does that mean that means once youput it over the back of your furniturewhether it's your recliner your chairyour loveseat or sofa it's gonna staywhere it is perfect then we have theselooks nice there too if you're seeingthe back of the furniture a lot ofpeople don't put the furniture againstthe wall yeah okay then we have thenon-slip silicon paw prints and what arethose do those are sticky they do notwash it out but they're gonna keep itfrom moving around on our furniture andthen we have what we call these tucktype tools and what they do is there's alittle tunnel on a sofa they'll be onethere will be five of them so they'll beone on each arm in three going along theback and when you take this off and washit and go to put it back on your watchand you're on your furniture you putthat tuck tool right in that little tucktunnel and the tuck tunnel also isanchored by those non-slip silicon pawprints and you're gonna take that tooland you're gonna stick it in between thecushion and what does that do watch youcan't take that out now it's gonna staythey said why you put it if you do wantthe set of five tuck tools for the sofathose are available twenty-four dollarsbut just so you know this is at aclearance price when this is gone it'sgone and it has been one of our mostpopular sure if it covers ever that's sopopular that you ask to have it back sowe're thrilled to do that for you take alook at that price the chair andrecliner five easy payments of ninedollars and sixty cents the loveseatfive easy payments of just 13 and that'ssofa five easy payments of 16 so good tosee you Kathleen so good so now thatyou're all cozy andcomfy on your couch let's make you evencozier with some warmth but what happenswhen the doorbell rings now I don't feellike getting up and I don't have to injust a few minutes we're gonna do ourbest value of

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