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Suburbs of Philadelphia Real Estate: 24 home staging tips that will help your home sell fast

[Music][Applause]hey blockbusters abstain Carnatic fromKarate owners and here we are it'sJanuary and what do you think you may beselling your house so I have these great24-point staging checklist is my secrettips we recover through the real fastand you can have this video you can goback to listen to and if you want a freecopy of that just go to two one fivefive seven six eight six six six andcall my number and we will get you acopy in the mail okay so here you gothese are my secret staging guidelinesnumber one you need to remove thefurniture from the house I know you lovedown here social chair there but youmust have things out make it look as bigas possible like a sample house okaysecond one must make sure you bringnatural light when you take the picturesof your house do not put your shadesdown a 7-up take all those old balancesoff and have the 1980s look people justdon't like that tonight the Millennialstoday want something fresh and newnumber three corners get things out ofthe corners for the pictures so therooms look bigger very important is howthe pictures look online will get peopleto come inside for knickknacks I knowyou love to have your family picturesand all this stuff on your mantle butit's gotta go when you're selling yourhouse everybody knows that don't have totell you that when I think centerpiecesmake the room bigger by taking off acenterpiece off the table okayno centerpieces we could just the tablethough tablecloth nothing personalpictures talked about that to not onlyknickknackspersonal pictures as well if you need tohave a picture up when you just want itup just put it up but not with it whenwe take the pictures you put it in thedoor people come to show and put it backvery simple closet oh my gosh if it'ssummer put your winter clothes andstorage if it's winterput your summer clothes away we're goingto start your house we still have somein two days you're being out in 60 daysso you don't need your stuff okay it'sstill gonna be there in storage for youwhere it's waiting so remove thingsclean out your closets make it look niceand open and break nothing on the bottomnothing on the top next cleaning make itlook clean stick and spam people lovecleaning they want something they thinkno one else ever had beforethat's why it's a stage your house paintpaint goes a long way have somewallpaper uplet's get that home and paint it it's soinexpensive to paint and we havemarketing dollars put aside for usewe'll get your house paint pay thepainter and you pay us back insettlement it's easy if you spend acouple of thousand you might better getan extra ten out of it that's the ideanext number ten wallpaper talked alittle bit about that let's get it downor we can paint over it okay butwallpaper today is not in for most homesokaywindows squeaky clean we need cleaninginside and outside the windows thatlittle part in the middle open up thewindows and make them clean so peoplecan see out okay if you have thosewindows that have you know the sealbroken we have to get an estimate forthat to make sure we can get that donebefore you put it on the market boxesyou've got a lot of boxes man I told youto clean everything up now you got toput it away put them in someone else'shouse your kids you had all their stuffall these years time to pay back timeright number thirteen what's next theattic well I'm sure you have left up inthe attic but if you make it clean andmeet people like wow look at all theroom I have four stores cuz people aremoving up to your house because theywant they lack storage that's whythey're moving number fourteen frontdoor needs to look really cool neat Iknew welcome that maybe some flowershere to be fake flowers it's just fineit's wintertime no cobwebs paint theoutside ledges are the you know therailing make it look so and walk in thedoor it's like first impressions are soimportant next four fifteen the garageimagine that I just clean is that paintor paint the walls get things out thedepths you can get that garage to lookthe better you're gonna sell your houseand more money on certain house wardwith a clean garage you need to cleanareas that people don't expect it onearea is the garage and the basement isnext number 16 you believe sure yesbasement clean out the cobwebs make itspot what paint the floor gray or tanand then paint the wallsno brown no padding get rid of thatpaint over it okay very important 17Peter you're here and you're worriedeater all that's gonna have a cobwebsand stuff over it just wipe it down I'mgonna clean it up next 18 kitchen soimportant when we lift the house we takea picture we let you see everything outof the picture and put it back after forthe picture so it makes it look biggerif you can see the kitchen see yourcabinet see the beautiful countertopsyou have all those things it will lookbigger take things off your refrigeratoroff the top of your fridge rater thingslike that this one had it this is wrongI was just showing me how it doesn'tlook good if it was not there okay nextnineteen bathroom squeaky clean get allyour toiletries out on the bathroom andbottles and put them away nothing on thetoilet seats from you're showing unitseverything off her vanity make itsqueaky clean again just like the restof your ask if there's plenty people inand get it into the bathrooms replacethe faucet if you need to it's easythere are little things you can do putnew handles on the pool little pools orneedles on the cabinets little stufflike thatnumber 20 get in close 24 okay what'swrong with this picture got to get thedeer out of picture though it looksgreat and congratulations on that ifthat's what you're into but you know wegot to get rid of the deer headed forpictures and no MJ that's too personalokay next twenty-one over decoratingsome of these houses have so muchdecorated take over decorating you don'tstaged to decorate you staged to selland I can tell you a lot more about thatand be come to my seminar coming up inJanuary 1922the mid spent the mood does that meanputs off music go on turn all yourlights onno can get wasted you money but you'relate so when people want to see so yougotta have the lights turned on checkthe mood 23 what's next the outsidecourse we do that actually first couldbe outside looking good so I can takepictures of the outside so I can promoteyour house while you're doing the insideand that's perfect manicured lawn powerwashing mulching you know things likethat getting your pictures taken theyear before you do when the marketsalways good to this way have greatpictures when it goes in the marketthat's talked out about that my seminarto and last but but not least electricalthere's a lot of things that are gonnabe electrical needed to be done that'swhy we have the home free inspectedbefore we list your house get all theselittle things out of the way that's aquick version of my 24 state pointchecklist staging checklist if you cometo my seminar at home shark seminar calmits home shark seminar it's January 19thit's coming up as a Saturday breakfastseminar please come you'll get to learneverything you need to know aboutselling your house and sell it for topdollar kinda great two weeks we'll seein two weeks we have the market update[Music]you

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market soon, I have a 24-point home staging checklist to share with you today. These tips will help you sell your home quickly, for top dollar, and with the least amount of stress. My first tip is to remove all unnecessary furniture from your home’s interior. This will make the inside look as big as possible, like a model home. To find out all my tips, watch my latest video.

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