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hi everyone arlynn here welcome back tomy country crafts corner how in theworld are you guys doing todayit is so good to see you again and thankyou so so much for stopping back by tosee what I'm up to and what I'm up totoday is I'm going to be styling mydining room hutch now I already havesome things to set up in here but Imight be moving things around and I'mgonna take my camera off and give you aclose-up look at everything and explainwhat I have if you all will rememberI've had this hutchChris and I bought this hutch when wewere only married for about I don't evenknow five years maybe and it's a veryold hutchand it has had and it had had mygrandmother's China and my mom's Chinaand my own China in it for years andyears and years and I never used theChina you guys I never used it so assome of you know I went ahead andcleaned out the hutchAshley christed cleaned out the hunchand took all of those dishes that Idon't use downstairs did not put them ina box and prate them up or anything putthem in a place where I could go andfind them if I wanted them I literallyonly used one piece out of this hutch inthe last however many years honestly soI had seen Liz over there at traditionsby the seasons style a hutch and it justdawned on me as I was watching her usand I have that big beautiful hutch inmy dining room why don't I do somethinglike that and pull in my decor into thehutch and that way I can show you guysthe hutch too because I always hesitatedto show you the hutch it was just abunch of dishes and it wasn't organizedreally nice thing it was just they werein there you know so that's why Idecided to go ahead and clean out allthree of myI have another little hatchet over hereand then the secretary - I cleaned outsome of the stuff out of the secretaryso I'm going to be styling all three ofthese big pieces here in this remainingpart of this series so today I'mstarting with this hot jazz I said so asyou can see I've already done the topand I'm gonna take you know with mycamera down and show you up close youknow as we at the end of the video butfor right now you can see that I did thetop and just put that one picture in themiddle was subby gave me a kirklandsgift card and that's what I got withthat and then you know the two lanternsthat are always up there and I addedback in my glass candle holders and thenthose flowers I had purchased to goinside the hutchdid not fit so they took residence oneither corner on the upper portion ofthe hutch and then this is just greeneryfrom just one Garland from Hobby Lobbyand that's the garland and then thesetwo pieces are too kind of like sprays Iguess you would call them and we justput those in the corners just to give ita little bit more interest so there wego there's a little bit of backstory foryouI kind of morph this footage in I hadalready started on on my hutch but Iwanted to morph this footage in so thatyou guys could get a little bit of anexplanation I just realized that noteverybody watches my lives and I hadexplained this on alive so anywayalright alrighty so we're gonna getstarted styling this hutch and we'll seewhat I can come up with here and do itshelf by shelf you know so as I said Ijust kind of have stuff stuck up inthere right now and I'm not sure that'show I want to keep it you remember thesemercury glass vases that I got and allI've done with this is this is just oneof those little greenery pics that I gotfrom Hobby Lobby and I stuck that downin thereand these flowers which I think arepeonies are also going to be in mylantern centerpiece so I wanted toincorporate some of these into the hutchso I thought I just stuck that rightdown in there with this little greeneryand I'm just gonna that's all I'm gonnado to it really I want to kind of pullit forward so that we can see it and letme move you closer over here and I'll gothrough and show you things on my topshelf first I don't have anything behindthis over here on the side but I wantedto show you my sweet friend her name isDonna and she is also Chris's firstcousin was a friend of mine that's how Imet Chris and her mama passed away shewas the maid of honor in my wedding hiDonna if you're watching and sherecently gave me some of these angelsshe gave me one and she gave Candice oneand she gave Kristin one I've gotCandace's here for safekeeping becauseCandace is in the middle of renovationso I'm keeping hers here but this ismine and again I think she's a voiceangel she is you know me guardian angelof love so I thought she would be prettyto pair along with this little vase andflower so that's all I'm gonna put hereon this sidemove into the middle I'm not gonna takemy doors off you can see here that Ijust have a pretty little let me pull itout so you can see it's a pretty littlefamily picture that I got at Kirklandand it was $9.99 so I thought that wasreally super pretty and pull in somepink with this and then you can see Ihave a couple of I guess these areconsidered wine glasses but I got a setof four of them from home goods a coupleof years ago and you know as you knowwe're not wine drinkers or anything butI just thought they were so pretty so Ithought I would put one of these oneither side of that picture and then youknow my dear sub you gave me thisbeautiful dish milk glass dish so I'mjust gonna kind of set it in a littlebit County bump there and then a littleset of blue birds I thought it wouldjust sit right in the middle and thenthis is one of my mom's old pieces ofbill glass let me take the price tag offof this little stand that I got at HobbyLobby Fortuna and I would just say thisis old I mean really really really old Ithought I would just set that in alittle bit counting off again and set itup so we can display it instead of usingit for like a candy dish or whatever I'malso gonna not be perfectly set withthis stuff I don't want it to becompletely completely symmetrical so Iam kind of kind of caddywhompus thingsand kind of moving things forward andback a little bit and then over on thissideI did the same thing here's that otherthe other little angel that is Candice'sand this is guardian of the gentle onesshe's pretty and I haven't a little vaseup here and I had just stuck that littlegreenery in it haven't even taken theprice tag off of it let me do thatstick the greenery down in there andthen with the peony in the back of itkind of put that in in the back seethere and just pull the greenery aroundalmost thanks for a little pretty littletouch just a touch then this dish isanother I think it's milk glass I don'tknow what this is to be honest let melook at itthis was my mom's something came wherefire King fire fire king where oven safeI guess with Tom and st. so I don't knowwhere she got this or where it's frombut and again I'm trying not to becompletely symmetrical so I'm kind ofsnug in this back behind that otherpiece of milk glass I'm kind of tiltingit a little differently and then puttingthe little angel in the front like thatso there's the top three shelves andagain I know that light is let's go tothe next shelf I haven't done too muchto it yet so these are just candleholders that I've had for years andyears and they're like in a tulip andthey stay in here they have stayed inhere all year round the two pictures youguys I hauled those I got those fromhome goods they were on sale as I waswalking out in line and I got them so Iput those on either side because I haveanother picture that I got fromKirkland's hanging here now check outthat picture isn't that pretty so I gotthat from Kirkland's so I've replaced Iwas gonna put those two pictures therebut I decided to put that picture thereand here again I don't I'm not finishedwith this yet but I have things kind ofplaced the way I think I want themmm-hmm this is a little lantern that Igot from Hobby Lobby I believe forhalf-off so I thought I would go getanother piece of the little greenerythere and see if I could put a littlecandle in there and just put somegreenery maybe leave the door cockedopen on that hang on I'll be right backif you have just a regular candle notone that's lit and I don't have anythingbigger than that so I just I'm gonna putthat in trying to find a thinner tallercandle for in there that was prettypitiful in there right now but just fordemonstrating purposes then I have oneof these little succulent flowersanother little piece of greenery let mesee here I would just do something likethat just to give it a tuck maybe in themiddle actually in there this was mymom's old plate one of my mom's ownplace that first actually cleaned up forme with silver polish so I have thatsetting that matched her China wheneverher China was this was like the silverversion of her her China I have a pieceof it over here I thought I would try toincorporate that's her China was herChina u.s. patent pending the rosenthalblock that's ik rose that would takecenter stage there my blessed stroke hasthe price tag on it this is a beautifullittle vase that we got Kris and I tooka trip to Austria it was a business tripactually took a trip to Austria and hegot me this beautiful piece from Austriaso I don't think I'm gonna put anythingin that I like it just like that justgonna let it sit there like thatand I have my mom's creamer here out ofthis set on either side put her platebehind there I have this so I'm not surewhat I'm doing with that yeah maybelet's finish the show this is anotherpiece of my milk glass here oh oh milkglass and I'm gonna wait let it sit inthere kind of County womp and then onthis side again I have a little I have alittle birdhousegot this room Hobby Lobby to allocute ithought i would take another bit of mygreenery and the other I only bought twoof these pink ones of the succulents Igot those from Michaels so I thought Iwould get the price tag off of itthis opens up I think just you knowpulling it out here and there no bigdealset that down in there this is just Ijust have a little milk glass vase and Ijust have a little succulentstuff down in there so I thought thatwould be cute and then again on thisside the little tulip candle holder andI have one more of this pink succulent Ithought I would just sit right there andI like it just a littlesomething-something now the bottom shelfis giving me little issues cuz I'm notsure exactly what I want to do with thistray here this might skip it as you'veseen here so and I'm not sure I'll usethese so I just have a couple of piecesof this same greenery that I've used toouchI might leave one out and then I've gotsome of these hydrangeas again I want itsimple I don't want it to be you knowtoo too loud maybe the plunge just alittle something-somethingnow some of these little blue jobbiesand I got from my goalslike this I do not like them no I don'tjust have maybe onekind of doing this sight unseen herefrom behind something over thereI think that will do it super prettyjust a little something-something wantit just to be I need something you sitdown in there to hold that up just asmidge let me find something hang on Samyeah plastic whoops all right let me putit in here and see how it looks this isa part bottom of a tray that was mymom's too and I just have it sitting inthere kind of cutting along because asyou know this is the first time I'veever styled it like dust I've always haddishes in it for years and years andyears and years and years I love it Ithink I love it just like that yesindeed and then my mom's Sugar Bowl andcreamer on either side all right now myidea for these little jobbies is to takesome of those sticky dots that I'mfixing to go get and stick that bird upin there and I may try to get some moreof this green because I'm out of it thatI've been using in here and just make alittle bed of something on there for thebird to sit in anyway I'll be backeither later today or another day andwe'll finish this video out I'm lovinghow it's looking so far though huh yayall right I'm backokie dokie you guys I'm back from myerrands and got my nails done check themout they look pretty oh my goodness Ihad them done in a really dark kind of aburgundy almost color they're prettythoughand she put a flower on them and I wentto Hobby Lobby and I picked up some moreof this greenery and I picked up acouple of other things that you'll seein upcoming videos not enough really todo a haul but I'll show them to you whenI you know as I use them as I utilizethem as we go through this this set ofvideos but I want to come back realquick and I'm going to this is how Imade up that one candlestick and I foundme some of Danielle's famous glue dotsso that's what I got and she's told meto be sure to get the ones that thatlook thick so you should have seen me Iwas down and see you can see how thickthey are and you should have seen medown there I was like okay Daniellewhich one and I figured it out I thinkDanielle I think I got the right thingsso and I went ahead and tried to do thisoff camera on this one and I'm gonna doone on camera for you guys because I'venever used them before so I didn't knowhow they would work but this is how Iwant this one that I'm fixin to do foryou guys to look when we're done hereonly a pote you know I want it to beopposite and then I'm gonna come backonce I get this done and say my finalwords and then I will take one lastvideo of the entire hutch completelyfinished yay I am really happy aboutthis now there are there may be a coupleof things that I'll tweak between nowand when I do a little home tour but Ido plan on doing a home tour you knowwhen I'm finished everything before I goback into the other side of the houseyou know so to start lightening thatpalette so anyway let me pull my cameradown here and get it positioned in a waywhere you can watch me do this a littleteeny tiny craft and then I'll come backfor my final words okay all right I'mgonna put you down right now okay I havetwo of these littlelittle Tufts of flowers or whatever theyare like they almost looked like lambsear don't they but just two little TuftsI got them at Hobby Lobby earlier andthese were stolen half price and I knowI had at least I have one tie wrap orcable tie I'm going to put these end forend to one anotherand I'm just going to simply tie wrapthem togetherhere we go trim that up and I'm verysimply going to bend them see that Ijust bent them up and I want to put themyou can see I kind of have this caddywhomp on there I kind of want to dothese the same way I'm going this wayand I simply want to glue dots on eitherside of this to hold this into place youcan see that it you can put it like ataper candle down in there now I don'twant to taper candle I just want to gluethese two to this candlestick so get mylittle blue dots here and one on oneside and one on the other just like thatbent this so that this the the tie wrapkind of goes down whoops I have a extrasticky die come off hang one oh mygoodness it's a tragedy of errors herethere we go and I just want to set thatrake down on the glue dots and believeit or not there's glue dots hold that inplace see that now I want to sit mylittle birdie right about like that soas you can see her front of her reallykind of sticks to theto the candlestick I really want herdown in there a little bit right aboutlike thatso I'm gonna put some sticky dots on hertwo of them boy Gavin I found these Imight not stop using them now oh mygoodness and they do work you guys theywork like that like a charmthey are awesome there we go so I haveher stuck on there and then all I didwas let me see I have one little flowerso I want the flower as you can see Iwhen I'm on the opposite side of thisone so I want it on this side no I wenton this side and all I did with this wasjust kind of like that and then I justpulled the greenery around and kind ofBennett and kind of made it look wispyand you know stuck some up in the airand some down and it doesn't have to bethe same on both sides there I have twolittle birds and that pretty that'll siton either side we turn really slowlyeither side of the bottom of my hutchthere all righty also you see the littlewhere is see that right there and thenon the other side that right there theyare those two little containers aregoing to be filled up with some coloredwater I don't have any food coloringhere I don't know what happened to myfood coloring so I mean that was a trickthat my mom came up with years and yearsand years ago and that I'm going toutilize here - that's an old timey thingto do and probably professionaldecorators are probably shaking theirheads going no Ireland don't dodon't do that that's old-fashioned orwhatever well you know what like Ialways tell you guys you decorate theway you want to decorate in your houseand I'm gonna decorate the way I want todecorate in my house and I want to putsome colored water in those two littleglasses that were my you know that wereold dishes of my grandmother's and I'mgonna use them in here you know I didkeep some of the dishes up here and I'mutilizing them so anyway I'm gonna getthese two little dudes in place I thinkthey turned out really pretty huh andthen I will take like a 1-over all overvideo of the hunch but right now I wantto say my final words my goodness Icannot wait to get my hair colored it'scoming up this week thank goodness butanyway I am really super happy with howthis worked out I really really am Ichallenged myself yet again I'veincorporating some of the old and someof the new and I'm really happy with howit turned out really really AM so againI'll take one last video just set tomusic you know down all the shelves thaton the top of us do you guys can seeeverything up close thank you guys forcoming in to join me today I appreciateall of your support I appreciate all ofyour hearts all of your comments all ofyour love every time and again I'm gonnasay that if I don't get a chance tocomment back to every single one of youplease know when you see that heart thatI've read it I've taken it to my heartand I appreciate every word that youtake the time I appreciate the time ittakes for you to watch and I appreciatethe time it takes for you to comment sothank you so much thank you thank youthank you thank you thank you so muchand with all that said let me just saythat I hope that those of you who arestruggling or suffering with acatastrophic illness or chronic pain Ihope you have someone there with youtaking care of you helping you getthrough each day making the very verybest out of each dayand I hope there's nothing weighing onyour hearts or your minds pulling yourattention away from where you want it tobe or where it should be I love you allto bits to bits to bits hugs all aroundand I keep you in my thoughts and myprayers every single day and remember incrafting there are no mistakes onlyunique with the help of glue dotscreations and with all of that said I'lljust say until next time stick aroundfor that one last video though to musicbut until next time y'all take good goodcare bye bye

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to share this video with y’all! This is the first time in over 30+ years that I’ve ever styled this hutch with decor to match my room decor. I had a blast doing this! I hope you enjoy watching how I pulled this together.

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