Kid's Room 

Stuck in Kid’s Room + Ocean Resort Casino Room Tour

youyouthis is in the Ocean Resort in AtlanticCity rule number 17 18 on the 17th floorand it's different from just using a keygoing in actually is take your key andput up the scanner here one there is oneking-sized bed there is a closet youhave your safe and you have two drawersand you also have all this emergencehere's your air-conditioning unitall these chairs everything really coolthey spin around the view here is inthis room feel Bobby of their hotels andyou have the og Karl over there niceanimations this is a Cisco IP phonethere is two outlets right here here isthe light button switch it's not switchit to button control I like that here isthe same herehere's a shower in a normal shower

Room tour of Devin’s Kids’ room at the new Ocean Resort Casino. Devin Computer Channel. Teaching kids how to build computers.

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