hi guys and welcome back to my channelso today we are in a different room ofthe house a room that you don't see veryoften because I have to be honest I hatethis room okay I hate this room it'sjust one of their rooms doesn't give mea good vibe I'm not happy with that andthat is my son Riley's room this is thesmallest room in the house and it haspretty much been trial and error sincewe moved in and to get it right becauseit is so small and there's not a lot youcan do with that you know we would justbeen trial and error to try and utilizethe space you know get the right storageso we're not taking that too much spaceit was just me in a nightmare andnothing we've ever done has made itbetter so here we are again trying againOh show your reign is real imminent I'mnot gonna take me long take your bear asecond we have ordered um a new bedwhich should be coming in there by nextweek apparently and go take you aroundIsrael now and show you what it's likeand what we are working with here and ifyou guys have like any ideas that Iwould be having Mazen if you could sharethem with me don't below in the commentsection let's just go into it have toexcuse it's a little bit messy and a bitdeaths at the moment because I've beentearing through here this afternoon justtrying to get it cleared as much aspossible so yeah let me just quicklyshow you what we're working with so thisis the door you come into the door andwe've got these drawers here which I'mthinking I'm gonna put in Freddie's roomand Freddie has a smaller set so I'mthinking I might bring Freddie's smallerdrawers in here just forgive theillusion of more space as these arequite high and not quite sure of usgonna work but I'm gonna give that goignore this mess this is going and soit's resumed you've got the MIDI sleeperI have no idea why last year I thoughtthis would be a good idea I was thinkingyou know we got all the space underneathwe could use for storage and I also ifwe cover in this corner we've got abuilt-in wardrobe like right yeah soreally and truly I would love to knockthis I can't because it's like partiallythe stairs and so yeah we've got thisbuilt-in wardrobe which I have no ideawhy I thought if I took the doors off itwould give the illusion of more spacealthough you can't actually see it Idon't know what I was thinking I don'tknow but it's my nightmareI guess so dusty and they like hisclothes are in there for a couple ofdays and they're still dusty I said I'mlike manso my plan is to paint the doors whiteand put them back on his bed is a lowerbed now it's just a normal single badreally nice and it's great fabric forthe most headboard that I was going togo in here which will give us more spacebecause his bed is so high it's reallydifficult like getting here I mean lookat this can you imagine putting clothesaway in here it was nightmare so gonefor the lower bed putting the doors backon the Wardrobe to stop the bestsituation and then here he just got thislittle shelf his tally and this childfrom over here which we've got the legson so his bed should just slot underhere quite nicely and but it's a turnoff the legs I'm thinking so yeah he'sgot these two baskets they're full ofstuff which I'd go in so yeah I put allthis junk right here this is all goingto nothing for the tick got rubbish bagsI've got things to give away so yeah I'mreally excited hope this is finally itgonna be a nice space for him otherlikes his room he loves his room andwhatever we do to it so I suppose alsogood thing but for me to try somethingcrazy so I'm hoping this is gonna be theone leave me any suggestions in thecomment section because they will begreatly appreciated and yeah let Riley'sdad was just a livers he was notfastened today but it's here good foryou pleased with that so I've just takenas much of it bed and I need to get totake in all of this stuff alright takingthis down I mean it went to see howjam-packed everything is like the bed islike right up against this shelf andit's also like right up against our wallit is jam-packed and yes it's gonna bequite awkward but I'm hoping that withtheabed and also the Lowell's it's justgonna really open up the space sofingers crossed room is there prettymuch empty the bed is gone then was somuch harder than I expected and the carwas really picking upjust how desti it isn't here it wasunreal so yeah I'm gonna give it a goodclean I need to strip this off this isjust some can't think of the name of itbut I'm gonna strip that off and I'mgoing to spray it with a different kindof paint and I also think these legs aregoing to need to come off and I'm alsothinking I should get these doors backon before I put the new bed in[Music][Music][Music]just dragged all of us upstairswhoa I completely underestimated herheavier walk I was so heavy so yeah idrugged all stairs I start to think thisbits Misuratalike there's so much stuff missing andthen I realized the headboard unzips andit's all inside there[Music]okay guys so the day has comewe finally finished Riley's room - onesmall detail because I'm unsure on thatso yeah leave me a comment down belowand let me know what you guys think whenwe get into it and yeah I'll take youback to the door and I'll show you theroom now as we have it I love it I thinkit's so much better for him so muchnicer got such a bigger feel in here nowand then we got into it and show youwhat we've got going on at the minute sohere we are at the door as we come inwe've just got these little drawers herewhich I brought in from Friday's room Ijust picked this little folder paperstorage then here and this is fromPineland and I also picked up thislittle wire basket which is fresh fromas there and that was 2 pound I likejust probationary bits in herethese are little clips and to go on thiswire storage hanger thing right thereso yeah they asked for that so I've gotthese little black ones and we also havethese little white ones just to put hiswork on there and things some picturesif you'd like a little art was from therange and/or home Baggins actually butthat was a long long time ago I justbought this today and it is just thisgorgeous rug this was eight pound frombeing in bargains and yeah really hardwithout I think it finishes the room offreally nice and here is the bed Iabsolutely love this bed is gorgeousit's a gas lift bed so you can lift thisup and there is storage underneath whichis perfect and I sprayed his shelf thiswas bright red and I've sprayed it Ithink it could do with another coatreally but for now it's okay we've gotthis little ah which I made a while backI've got that from hobby craft and itwas like a Goldy color I think if Iremember rightly and I just sprayed thatsilver but I allthat a long time ago and I've also juststored his remote in there I thoughtthat was just a pretty cool place to putthat and over here then we've just gotthis IKEA plant which he already had inhere before and this really cool lampwhich is battery-poweredand I just thought this was just reallycool for his room and it matches hislight shade this isn't like Shane thathe has it's blue at the moment but Ihave got some spray and I'm gonna sprayit black I don't think the blue lookstoo bad if I can bring you over the sideI don't think the blue looks too bad butyeah I'm gonna spray that backeventually his kittens are the same andI just picked up this lovely little signthat says do the things that make youhappy and I just got that for the windowcuz I thought I just looked really nicethere this is a picture that I got froma little shop off Instagram and theframe I got from the range that wasalready in his room that's been therefor a while now I forgot to mention thebed and was from Wilco and it was ahundred and fifty pound but like I saidit's a gas lift bed so there's storageunderneath it's really easy to lift andhere we have the doors back on thecupboard my dilemma is now do I need topaint them white or am I just quitehappy to keep them this wooden color letme know in the comments section why youguys think because I'm quite a littlebit torn at the moment forget those itfor Riley's room tour and you know itdidn't cost us a lot I thought the onlynew thing that we bought was the bedwhich was 150 pound and the lamp thelamp was eight pound from our stack andI also got him that little sign whichwas five pine master so you know ithasn't cost us an awful lot but it'sjust so much better in here now likeit's given the illusion ice a muchbigger room than what it actually isand as if such a small room was quiteannoying to be fair but yeah I'm reallyglad I went to and I loved it I thinkjust a more grown-up room for him andmore grown-up space for him now becausehe is 9 and yeah he loves that it's 5let me know what you think I should dowith the Wardrobe doors whether I shouldpaint them or they look ok as they aregood to see here like how bright withall that side guys I'm gonna end thisvideo please subscribe if you're newpeople love to have you here on mychannel like this video if you like roomtransformations because I think I'mgonna film my bedroom roomtransformation as well which is gonna bea lot differentit'll be a lot more work than Riley'swall so we'll see about LA thank you somuch for watching and I hope see you allin my next video bye everyone[Applause][Music]

Today’s video is my eldest son Riley’s bedroom tour and TRANSFORMATION.!! I absolutely love how it turned out and so does he.!




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