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Strange Hideout Design | Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer Nuzlocke | Ep. 11

hey everyone it hits blanker Matteowelcome back swipe Obon leaf green rainrise and does like the real quick thingI want to do before we get new videojust reminding guys the go follow me onTwitter and twitch and maybe Instagramtry not to act on Instagram but I'mtrying to be more active on Twitch youme at least twice a week it's kind ofI'm going for as well as Twitter I'mjust fairly active on in general Ireally want to hit 300 subs when mybirthday we're at 3 2 & a 3 breath 251right now I have 300 member my birthdaywhich is the 25th of February so we gotabout a montha little Austin a month to get there Ithink we can do it anyways in thisepisode I didn't do any grinding oranything were actually right we left offin the last looks I think where ourlevels are good I'm my cursor in thescreen again as always we still have mythe pokemon trainer will send a realquick and we should be goodlately my keyboard further away from mymic because I know my I have a guy Ihave a nice quiet keyboard now but um[Music]I'd still just like to you know you canstill kind of hear it probably doing theTeam Rocket thing in this out so andalso I'm curious are the award Pokemonin here are they randomizedwhere I even get a coin case is thatporygon randomized I don't know if it isI don't even open to me worth getting indon't touch the guy outside the schoolhuh maybe not whatever IDE is randomizedright it definitely is I don't like careyeah we should be good for this placeI'm swinging it Giovanni who knows howwhat he is I don't run the levels Iprobably looked it up whatever who caresyeah you saw I didn't see me what a dumbassyeah so subscribe will give us somelittle experience why do I name thisstupid thing s I'm such an idiotand I think over we had to go for alittle lower floors firstwhat's up fool only have other peopleexperience he's getting kind of a highlevel just good youagain I really don't think I'm gonna usethis thing you just kind of a team fornow oh sure I do want to search for thatI still airfare out what hidden power myunknown has we right they go to figurethat outmoonstone Wow too bad our needle ran dieI'm still mad about thatI love Nieto King yeah I used to loveand you know you know more than you okayI still have to kind of do it all thisway this way this way this way this wayI want thatwell design this place what were theythinking why do they do thisme a key for us don't we the keywhy did you come here a loser I'm gonnakill you love it's a little free if Idon't first pose put someone else upfront now marowak I love marowak I'dlike one on my team good UI some marksmeans I would really like Eli to get toa higher level because onions earthquakeand that'd be really niceI kind of like it I know earthquakeseemed a ton just random normal moves ona ground type hellof course he gets paralyzed nan epicstyle also go up the other isn't thereanother staircase you come back over atthe beginningwhen I do I need to go up this waynow let's blocked into that like anidiotI think he learns our play like 40you know what I do that for Matea stopusing a speed-up button you idiot I'm sodumb sometimes I'm dumb all the timeshonestlyyou have the lift key sorry it's gettingaround I see a minuteoh no I dropped a lift key I'm not gonnabar trying to pick it up he was just alittle kid I could just punch him Iswear the team cotton team rotten luckteam rock and runs Team Rocket gruntsare so dumbhey yeah I got your lift keyprepare to be infiltratedyeah think about the grind for a littlebit cuz how old I amI did ruin your plans that mountain moveI'm glad you remember meI really want you out there right nowthat was scary it's a good thing Iswitch because self-destruct prioritykilledthis guy UI I once knew a guy named Elihe's come an assholeminimize and harden what a greatcombinationalright let's heal everyone upI'll use this on you I know I wasrunning low PP mousse these are redcandy okay use it on that's wait to useitalright get you up hanging you up andlet's go ahead and lead with Gucci so Imust say impressed you got here who ourcaptors poem from Laura in the world areimportant tools for keeping our criminalenterprise going on Leo Giovanni foryour insolenceI feel a word of painyou're kind of an edge Lord you knowthat buddybut all's flinches that's epic I like itwhen they fly in just cause it makes iteasier for meget out of here Giovanna dumbassgive me that let's get out of herealright you lost little mouse you're theone loss it dummy yeah shut the upthis guy got a saying yeah dissing TeamRocket and with guys hope y'all enjoythe video make sure you like it and makesure to follow me on twitter twitter andinstagram and i'll see you all next timeand good bye that was so stupid why'dyou do that[Music]

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of my Pokemon Leaf Green Randomizer Nuzlocke! Today we take on Giovanni for the first time.
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