Living Room 

Staying in the living room for 45 hours

we have just lost my Tesla and my Teslahas my secret agents and they have noidea where it is so you know we need tofind my Tesla's so to get that she lookslike we're going to fight and I'm goingto show you some of our cool hatthings Pattinson to flirt the first stepis you need turn on the lights scary sonow it's not scary anymore we're goingto start getting my bag ready you'regonna video me and there's my do batsand we're going to get ready to go to apipe so I need a pack a lot of stuffwe're trying to get the dream break thecamera let's go upstairs to get thetestimonyyou seem to test what's out there it's amini Tesla it's a mini Tesla it's a miniTesla so we better need to find as manyTesla no say could you do this lost sothe Tesla will be easier where did youput that it's a bean bag so by the waymy test life bye guys[Music][Music]we're going to fight the zombies hey heygethey hey twist the camera what's thecamera so there and here's the weaponthat we're taking mini shop shot this isthe right way so it's fight and we'regoing to get the Tesla my to slash mysecret agent we're still trying to findmy sister I'll be my big pistolyou mean the mini shot pistol yep sowe're gonna go back here[Music][Music]we have to do it upstairs I have alounge the same lounge but it'sdifferent so we're going to make sureyou guys don't see[Music][Music]so guys our secret agent we just stoleit's like a bat yeah we just it's so I'mgoing to try and get it with my gun solike my gun has the rope so I'm gonna doittake out the Tesla I mean got the baginstead insteadso the bag is paint which you know[Music][Music][Music]our Tesla needs to get back somebodyjust try this stuff stuff in my bag and[Music][Music]I know this number guys remember thelaptop that we got the number on isexact same numbers except it has zerosthis was supposed to be two and this isa seven and then a four is this and thenwe got the five right here so they mighthave put into tracking to buy somewherein your bag I already did no it's atracking deviceso I think that's been in here the wholetimeput the tracking lens while we stole myTesla okay so they put the trackingdevice in here while they were there nowwe need to find something[Music][Music]Namie I mean

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