Starlight reviews// mini wooden furniture//

guys it's me I'm okay starlight um todayI have for you a review videono it's not any ponies or anything butit is furniture for my dollhouse this ismy house it's really big okay so firstoff I'm right here this one is like acabinet type you can see it says miniwooden furniture with that part and ithas like windows and stuff like thispart and then we have this cute with alittle bunny o'clock this sounds like aplay or something[Applause]thing cabinets do not open that stuffthey don't come off but I might make itset they do come off they'd be fun touse in videos they're basically justwooden little things little mini drinksapples and this door does open but Ithink she'd have put like glass orsomething here so I would have beencooler the bunny I be definitely notwithout of this but the teapot and thecup in the bowl are really worth mywhile also this was gonna be useful likestuff in the kitchen this one's gonna beused for the room oh I kinda need to getthat stuff out but basically this onehas a bullet like I already said or itcould be plate and it has cute littlepolka dots it's plain old wood so youcould technically diet or something I'mnotbut little step up here like I like toand as a nice little park in thebackground and these are really nicewhat the doors can open I mean I wishthe things could open on this one righthere but it's still really nice so um Idon't know where to find these they'rejust really cute and really niceso I've guys enjoyed today's video andbye

Yay 😁 sorry there so bad but so fun to make these were free!! Forgot too mention that

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