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you're watching popular cruisin andevery view of the dining of where thestar princess princess cruises as lifeis uncertain let's start with dessertfirst or if nothing else theInternational Cafe which is open 24hours in the ship's Piazza where they'veeven mastered the new leaf and cronut acomplimentary goodie that can be orderedwith a specialty coffee or any number ofdrinks from the adjacent lobby bar andacross the Piazza is the fly-ins barwhere tapas and sushi are served withany beverage purchase a next door at thevine shop you can purchase your favoritewine or some chocolates to take homeCapri is one of three main dining roomsthat serves up a more intimateexperience and taste the appetizers likethis crabmeat quiche the Portofinodining room is another Italian inspiredvenuewe're pasta favorites like fettuccinealfredo are prepared the last of thethree and also featuring lovely muralsis the amalfi dining room with entreessuch as succulent shrimp Danielle as forsome of the watering holes onboardshooters X is the sports bar andunfortunately the smoking lounge onboardas well for cleaner air and light musicthere's the classy crooners bar and formaritime aficionados the wheelhouse baroffers a nostalgic space complete withship paintings and models and it servesas a nice quiet enough during the dayfor specialty dining the Metropolitancreme drill is the onboard Steakhousewhich on sea days is the location for apub lunch with timeless standards likefish and chips and bread and butterpudding come dinnertime creative disheslike lamb carpaccio serve as well asrefreshing tiger prawns and papaya andentrees include a hearty portion of surfand turf before finishing with achocolate fudge obsession and Sabatini'sis the ship's excellent specialtyItalian restaurant serving homemadefocaccia bread sticks with olive oil andvinegar along with a mouth-wateringsample of prosciutto ham uniqueappetizers included chilled villa roastthe tuna cater a Olli and a flavorfulmarinated shrimp salad and the short ribDaly pasta selection was great as wasthe lobster prepared three ways and awhite chocolate mousse with limoncellocream and what can best be described asa cul-de-sac of food the buffet alwayshad a great selection from entrees todessert which was always wonderfullydisplayed well we didn't have a chanceto try it ourselves here's real alsofind the Crab Shack for anotheralternative dining experience andthere's no shortage of are serving theLido on pool decks the outrigger bar andCalypso bar includedthe asus bar covers the stern and themidship pool area is covered by theTradewinds bar as well as the mermaid'stail bar but most noteworthy at the poolis movies under the stars and thecomplimentary snacks the popcorn cookiesand milk are more substantially from theprego pizzeria or some of the best pizzapies on the high seas which for a smallfee can even be delivered to yourstateroom also at the pool is whereyou'll find tasty Grill items and sincewe started with dessert ice cream aswell the Finnish thanks for watchingplease feel free to follow these linksfor other star princes videos subscribeto our channel and visit popular cruiseENCOM[Music]

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