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today's video script is going to beabout staging hi I'm Cindy Bishop andhere's one of my best tips on staging aproperty for every 100 dollars spent onstaging it's going to bring back aboutthree hundred and ninety-nine dollarsand if that isn't enough to blow yourmind which it blows mine then andconvince your clients that staging isnecessary because they may need a littleconvincing try this fact almost half ofall buyers surveyed said that stagingmade a huge difference in how theirclients viewed the home it's extremelyimportant that you know how to presentyour listing cutting corners on stagingor not staging at all will result in alower offer a longer market period ormaybe no sale at all you should be wellversed on how to stage and what stagingaccomplishes in home sale results buyerstoday are shopping online almostexclusively as a result most buyers willdecide whether or not to see a propertybased on pictures alone so for moreinformation on staging we do have a bookon one of our ebooks on our cindy bishoptraining.com and you're welcome to getit I think it will help you a lot thanksfor stopping by

The value of staging a home is invaluable. Today’s Buyer’s want a turn key property and a home Seller wants to get the most from their sale. Staging is a perfect way to make all parties happy and get a house sold.

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