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Staging your home to sell Part 2 of 6 part series on Selling your Home

[Music]hey there welcome back this is DonnaCardenas with the Bourbon Donna Realtygroup out of Atlanta communities andit's Friday that means it's time foryour right Friday real estate tip andtoday we're going to be talking abouthome staging which is the second part ina six part series on selling your homeif you missed it last week we talkedabout preparing your home and thedifference between preparing your homeand selling your home is vastlydifferent so stay tuned and we'll getstarted[Music]hi see what I did there look at that 10takes it's really like 50 but anyway sostaging that is the second video in aseries of six last week we talked aboutpreparing your home what's thedifference between preparing your homeand staging your home well preparing asI mentioned last week is doing the bareminimum really it's cleaningdecluttering and preparing repairinganything that's broken anything thatneeds repairing don't don't put thataside because buyers are visual and theyare very emotional so if they can seethings that are wrong with your housethen they're thinking in their mindswhat can I see that's wrong with it soso fix what's fix the obvious stagingthat's a lot like when you go to thestore you see the front windows wherethey've dressed the windows with whatdon't you know whether it's clothes orfurniture or something like that theyactually professional stagers for thosewindow I don't think that's what they'recalled but for those windows and thewhole purpose of that is to get you tobuy whatever it is they're selling wellstaging a home is very much the samethingand I recommend hiring a professionalstager otherwise do-it-yourself doesn'talways work out see the red here ifthat's do-it-yourself I don't have redhair but now I do anyway so as part ofour listing package we do offer stagingto all of our clients but there's a lotof things that you can do yourself toget ready and allow these stager to beable to concentrate on bigger items sofor staging first thing you want to dois wreath on the front door flowersbrother about that you know and otherside of the door at on the steps as youopen the door usually in most housesyou've got living room on one side andformal living room on the other or maybeit's been turned into an office and thedining room is another area for stagingyou want to open it up if there'scurtains in the room you want to makesure that you push them to the outsideof the windows and hang your curtainrods above the windows that lengthensyour your window even if you've got ashorter window that will lengthen thatspace and and push the curtains to theoutside that opens them up and opens thewindow space up and lets the light inand then for your tabletop sometimes youmight want to go ahead and set the placesettings you don't always have to dothat it depends on the space and how bigthe room is if you've got a smallerspace you might not want to do that youmight want to have perhaps a glasstabletop in there and leave it open sothat gives the impression of more spacein the room but you definitely want toput a centerpiece in there it could be apiece of artwork or a vase with freshflowers always fresh flowers when you goto the kitchen area clean lines nothingon the countertops except for a fewdecorative type items maybe a basket offruit maybe you know a set up for coffeelike you know a tea pot maybe in a oneor twocups of coffee no cups and then possiblyif you've got a dish towel that you canput out a decorative dish towel and it'sclean or put one that you use on aregular basis and then from that spaceif you have a family room that has afireplace that would be another placethat you could do some staging insometimes you'll see bookcases on eitherside of the fireplace and that's a goodopportunity to clear everything off ofthis bookcases and just foodput a few pieces randomly throughoutthere's a rule in InDesign in generalyou want to put things in groups ofeither single or three or five it'spleasing more pleasing to the eye thething that you want to remember as yougo through the house when you're stagingeach of these rooms is fires are veryvisual and you want them to spend asmuch time as possible in each room somake it warm and inviting as you moveinto the but the bedrooms you want touse lots of pillows stack the pillowssome people stack them vertically and alot of people stack them you knowback-to-back and duvets two debateswould be great you put you know pit upcover the bed with one duvet and thenput another one at the foot and you caneven use really luxurious throws on theedge of the bed and actually sameconcept in the family room you could puta really nice throw over one of thechairs you want to take this conceptinto the bathroom as well clean linesnothing on the countertops except for acouple of white fluffy towels you takeone fold it over and then puta hand towel on top of it maybe a bathset off to the side and then don'tforget the outside if you've got abackyard patio or a deck same thingdecorate that so that people want tostay and hang out and they can seethemselves living in the house I thinkthat's about it that I can think oftoday those are some pretty generalizedideas that you can do yourself beforethe stager gets there but I would Iwould definitely recommend hiring aprofessional to do the you know thewhole finished product the NationalAssociation of Realtors did a survey andand I can tell you this myself any ofthe homes that I have staged they sellfaster and they sell for more money soif you like what you heard pleasesubscribe so that you can be notified ofthe next video and come back next Fridaywe'll be talking about pricing which isvery very important in getting your homesold quickly and for more money have agreat weekend and I'll see you nextFriday[Music]

Staging your home for sale is different than living in it. Find out what you need to do to sell fast and for top dollar.

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