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Staging Your Home – Sandra Gehring – Staging Video

hello I'm Sandra Goering I would like toshare the importance of taking thenecessary time to prepare your home forsale both inside and outby the time a buyer schedules anappointment to preview your homethey've most likely seen pictures onlinethe pictures posted will make or breaktheir decision to come look at yourhouse as one of my clients you willreceive a complimentary professionalphoto shoot of your entire home and Ispend countless hours ensuring your homeis ready for what I call picture day ithas been shown that a professionallystaged home will sell faster and formore money but the staging is not in thebudget there are many things we can dotogether to increase the attractivenessof your home together we will look atthe home through a buyer's eye I willadvise you on the best places to spendyour money for the greatest return onyour investment and also share no costideas potential buyers will notecleanliness maintenance and overallupkeep so simply keeping your kitchenand bathrooms clean and tidy andcountertops clear is a big stepthink about storage it ranks high on abuyer's list so let's make them feellike there is plenty by declutteringeverywhere it would be my pleasure tomeet with you and discuss how I can helpprepare your home for sale as part of myreal estate services this is a criticalstep because it will determine your timeon the market and final sales price mysuccess rate is proof I deliver resultslet me help you again my name is SandraGoering I love what I do and would lovethe opportunity to go to work for youcall me today for a no-obligationconsultation[Music]

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