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Staging Your Home – Maria Hairston-Purcell – Staging Video

hello i'm maria i would like to sharethe importance of staging your home tosell in today's market buyers are muchmore sophisticated than they were just afew years ago by the time they schedulean appointment to preview your home theyhave most likely seen pictures online ifyou are serious about selling your homethere are several steps you must take toincrease the attractiveness of your homelet's start by looking at curb appealtry to look at your house through theeyes of the buyer if it's broken fix itif it needs to be painted painted if itneeds to be cut cut itkeep it clean neat and well manicured atnight make sure it is well-lit rememberpotential buyers form their firstimpression when they pull in yourdriveway when looking at the inside ofyour home house hunters are thoroughthey look in cabinets drawers closetspantries and more storage sales housesit ranks high on a buyer's priority listthat's why it is important to clean outstorage areas and only keep what'snecessary always keep the countertopsclear limit countertops are just a fewwell-placed items and add fruit orflowers for a burst of color theimpression your home's appearance makeson potential buyers is important togetting the best price for your homebecause of this you need a staged andprofessional to guide you it would be mypleasure to meet with you and discusshow I can help with staging your home inall of your real estate needs my successrate is proof I deliver results this ismy job and I love it let me help youagain my name is Maria and I lookforward to meeting with you soon[Music]

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