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Staging Your Home – LOUISA TOWNSEND – Staging Video

hello I'm Luiza Townsend with Cummings &company Realtors I would like to sharethe importance of staging your home tosell in today's market buyers are muchmore sophisticated than they were just afew years ago by the time they schedulean appointment to visit your home theyhave most likely seen all of thepictures online if you are serious aboutselling your home there are severalsteps that you must take to increase theattractiveness of your home let's startby looking at curb appeal try to look atyour house through the buyers eyes ifsomething is broken fix it if it needsto be painted painted if bushes and lawnneed cutting cut them call a gardenerkeep it clean keep it neat and keep itwell manicured at night make sure it iswell-lit remember potential buyers formtheir first impression when they pullinto your driveway when looking at theinside of your home house hunters arevery thorough they look in cabinetsdrawers closets pantries and morestorage sells houses it ranks very highon a buyer's priority list that's whyit's important to clean out storageareas and only keep what's absolutelynecessary box up what you don't usedaily always keep your countertops clearand clean limit the countertops to a fewwell-placed items and add fresh fruit orflowers for a punch of color theimpression your home makes on potentialbuyers is important to getting the bestprice because of this you need a stagingprofessional to guide you it would be mypleasure to meet with you to discuss howI can help with staging and all of yourreal estate needs my success rate isproof that I deliver results this is myjob and I love what I do you will toolet me help you and again my name isLuiza Townsend I look forward to meetingwith you soon so that you can list withLouise[Music]

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