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proven statistic that stage homes sellfor fact sell faster and for more moneyin homes that are not staged staging isgain popularity in the recent years inknots taking your home could cost youthousands so today we're going to bediscussing the best practices forstaging your home to ensure that thehome is presented in its best possiblelightwelcome to you also real estate insiderwhere we tackle all the issues facingbuyers and sellers in today's market myname is Matt Edwards was 5 s Realty andI'm joined by sunny Tracey are stagingexpert here at spyglass royalty sunnysunny how are you good morning goodmorning good morning all righty sotoday's we're going to cover a coupledifferent topics the basics of stagingand listing presentation for the homehow a professional stager can help addvalue and save you time and what kind oftimeline for staging and listing a homeyou should plan for alrighty say you'reready to dive into it yeslet's do it so what are some of thebasics of staging the home and gettingit ready for the listing presentationtwo big words I think I really get tothe basics of home staging and that'sdecluttering and depersonalization so umand those mean a lot of things whetheryou have an occupied property or anunoccupied property and we can talkabout both of those typically we'reworking with people who are gonna haveto live in their home or they sell itand don't be afraid of that it you knowstaging can actually we've got a loteasier for you when you're helping sayjust a lot easier to keep clean and tidyso if you're worried about that call aprofessional stager they're there forhome but the two big things are to takeout anything that is you know personalphotos belongings things that aren'tgonna make sense to other people againin decluttering job removing things fromcountertops making things making as muchspace available is possible to let stuffin a room the largeryou know look though and that's it andthat's something buyers are looking forright you want them to you know whensomebody walks into a house you want thehouse fulfilled big open spacious andthat's full of items you know moronsthat are in there the smaller of thatspace filled right you want you wantbeing a bride so you know when you'vegot furniture that might be blockingpart of a window broke we can helpfigure out another way to arrange thatto create more space and light in theroom so those are the two big things andagain with depersonalization sometimesthat means small repairs likeneutralizing paint colors that maybe youcan in a room you know in front of avibrant color that's probably not goingto work for staging you want to reallyneutralize and make this house look likea blank canvas for someone that's goingto move in and make it they're out Iknow that all too well I could just puta listing on the market the headacheroom and kind of take us into the nexttopic but do you feel like there's valuein having a personal stager sagerabsolutely it makes a world ofdifference for one it it adds some addsome flair to the house and it helpspotential buyers actually imagine livingthere so it takes the house up even ifit's a great house it adds another layerof WoW to it and then it also so it'sgoing to draw their attention and thenwhen they walk into the house they cankind of see the furniture layout andimagine living there versus justemptiness absolutely house will marketunless it's staged absolutely and that'sa wise choice from a listing agent who'sselling them like hotcakes but I wasgonna mention to that[Music]we're in the awesome market and this isstarting to come in norm so those homesand are being staged are really startingto have a disadvantage because stagingwas to gain popularity and just buzzthrough the left the recent years I gomakes a new certification about threeand a half four years ago and I feltlike it wasn't you know when I toldpeople that I was going to do they'relike you know what now it's I feel likeit's a much more of a household name asfar or a term as far as you know peopleknowing and understanding I mean I havebuyers now they're marketer in theirlife oh this place is a stage thisruling is hard for me to understand youknow how my furniture could fit in yourliving room or how I would work aroundthis fireplace that's in a corner sothey can also helps you tacklearchitectural details that might not beyou know that might not be superfavorable without having kinds of visionsurrounds them place it corner fireplaceis kind of always a challenge whenstaging that's a as soon as I walk and Isee a quarter fire please like butthere's there's new stage around it tomake sure that people understand is thatyou know what the best use of naturalspaces so again that's where aprofessional stager coming in is superimportant I think well you know there'slots of great videos out there and it'syou have some wonderful television showspeople that have trained that exist anddo it all the time and have seen lotsand lots of houses have the practicelet's give you some really invaluableadvice I can't tell you how many timesour clients have been like I would havejust never thought of this and thisdocument that you gave me liftingeverything I should do that every singleroom that my staff it really made thedifference for us it needs the sellingprocess easier first of all becausetrying to learn all that while you'retrying to get ready to sell a home is alot let us take or you know let itpresent in nature take on equity andpart of it that way all you have toask you you know exactly what we need tobe done and you do it yeah and that'swhat are the key and so there's kind ofsomething from wrong on this othersstaging can be looking at one of twoways yes you have an empty house youbring in furniture artwork things likethat but most houses you know peoplealready living there and you when youwalk in you basically restage their homewith their existing furniture andartwork and things like that althoughyou may move some things around but ifthe people actually follow your plan itworks the prime example the last yearSonny came into some clients in myhouses gave them up three or four pagedocument that was the room bedroomthe sellers followed it exactly like shesaid they do the home looked fantasticand it and it looked like it wasprofessionally staged after they weredone and I mean it was it was a home runbut they executed on every piece ofadvice that Sonny had gave them and theprocess was smooth they got a jump starton moving and packing because deepcluttered they rearranged and I mean itworked so actually following you knowSonny's advice professional stageradvise I mean it helps tremendouslyabsolutely and I said clients say itwhen they're done and listening agentsdo too and I often get the question likewell how long does this take or what'sthe timeline like to get us ready tosell and it really depends on kind ofthe property again Matt mentions like ifyou have a making property or if youthink I don't want to deal with this Iwant to move out and have my propertyfully staged that way I don't have to Ican kind of you know turn my back onthis property kind of not deal with itthat's an option too and well you knowin some situations it might cost alittle bit more money to have furniturerun in and have a professional stager dothat it's you're gonna makethat money back in the sale I can almostguarantee is the statistics tell us thatit's really hard for buyers to to fallin love with to create no cuz they'rewalking and thinking about their familyin life Wow how would it feel to live inthe living room in this kitchen and youknow have an evening and Howard dinnerit's hard for them to wrap their headsaround all that kind of stuff when it'sa completely and made that they can'tthey can't have any visualizationreferring and speaking as fast we've gotone here 85% of stage to himself or inbetween six to twenty five percent morethan unstaged chomps absolutely sostaging works it's been proven they'vegot the stats so there's no reason notto do it and staging is there's multipleways to stage we've already discussedthat so you know time frame obviouslyit's going to vary in size the house theamount of I'm saying things like that sothe bigger the house the more itemsthe sooner you may want to you know geta jump start on that and kind of haveyour timeframe lined up and thenactually execute on the timeframe andthen then I will say you know a lot oftimes people make that not mistake butjust don't quite fully understand theprocess and so they want to list theirhouse in April and they call us in Marchor February and they say hey I need tolist my own awesome cell and we say yeahit's a great time self and the stagergoes over there and wow there's a lot ofwork that needs to be done and there's alot of decluttering and maybe there'ssome meat that needs to be neutralizedyou know maybe we've got our you knowbright red with wallpapered somethinggoing on it we need some work that needsto be done but it's never too early togive a staging consultation okaylisting price that we went over thereabout a month ago and he since called meand says you know what we want thestockpile and save a little bit moremoney and sellby next year that way we'll have morecash on him and we'll be you know betterprepared to move on to our next place Isaid no problem and you know I'm happyto help you in 2023 that let's still doyour thing laterso I'm going to wait spring or summer todo that staging consultation because wehave six seven months eight months toget ready and the more time you've gotthe better it's going to be so don'tfeel like that's way down the line Idon't try to get into that right sort ofeating plan and maybe you know oneremember two months and you want to youknow take time off for the holidays andenjoy it not have to worry about staginga house so you know packing and doingall those things so again never tooearly a call and people are stagingplants and so you have time to work Iknow that's great because everybodyknows these weeks fly by the most funnyline also you knowyeah we're in January we're almost tothe end of January it'll be Decemberbefore we know it and then it'll be nextspring and like wait a minute I didn'tdo anything so that's that's greatadvice and you know with them they'll beable to jumpstart and never feel realand and they'll start to declutter andget rid of stuffing it's a win-win youknow for them so I like itbefore we end is there any last-minutetips or tricks or anything that you wantto park less realty because you'restaging consultation is included withyour listing package that's very truevery true all right so to wrap it up sodon't forget to like this video ifyou're watching on Facebook and you'rewatching on YouTube make sure you likeand you get the subscribe button andthen if you want to be subscribed tofuture broadcast make sure you type theword home in the comment section belowand we'll get you signed up so you getnotified for all of our future broadcastsunny thank you so much for joining ustoday not no idea what we're going totalk about next week but you're going tofind outRyan doing something Oh actually Ryanwill be live from Inman next week andthen in New Yorkers angrily York NewYork so for those folks who don't knowInman is the big real estate kind ofnews network out there and they put onsome events and Ryan's in Vegas rightnow at some conference and he'll be inNew York next week so that'll be fun somake sure you stay tuned and check themout and see what he's talking aboutall right thanks man yeah thanks thankstime

Staging a home is a surefire way to guarantee that your home has a competitive stance in the market. But how do you go about decorating a home to fit a potential buyer?

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