Home Staging 

Staging your home for sale.

When you decide to list your home for sale, it becomes a product.A product that is competing with a lot of other products, or homes that are also listed for sale.You are in a merchandising competition where the best packaging wins.The homes that look the best and are priced right will sell while the others languishon the market. It is important to note that you will get the most interest in the beginning– this is when the pool of pre-qualified buyers who are waiting for a home like yourswill rush to see the new listing.When you do present your home as merchandise and doit well, one or more of this first group will write you an offer.Home staging creates an open-ended story where the Buyer can imagine their lives in your home.It can also help describe unusual areas of your home for the Buyers who rarely have the imagination to do so on their own.On the contrary, when you leave your furniture and personal items in the home it tells a story about your lives which distractsthe Buyer from imagining their lives in the home and prevents them from considering offer.Good home staging creates an emotional connection with buyers.It makes your house a “must have.”When buyers fall in love with your home, you sell faster and for more money. For more informationabout your home’s value and how we would present it for sale to the market, pleasecontact us directly.

The benefits of staging your home for sale using before and after videos.

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