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Staging Your Home

hey this is colas nope with theWhisenhunt group that kind of wheels wewant to give you guys some staging tipswhen you're looking to sell your housebecause it's selling season and here inlove it we're off to a great start inthe spring so first and foremost whenyou're looking to sell your house youwant it to be clean clean clean peoplewant to see when they walk into a housethat's well taken care of and it feelsmore like home as opposed to a rentalhouse and so cleanliness either you'redoing it or hiring somebody is huge Ithink the second thing is showing spaceso when you're walking into a room younever want to walk into a piece offurniture but let's say an entryway whenyou come into a house if both walls havesomething on them you might think aboutremoving one for the back side of thechair if you're going into a flat orcouch in the living room and just thinkabout that and then lastly countertopspace is huge so general rule of thumbis no more than two to three pieces on acountertop effect space just to makesure they see there's a prep or foodspace in the kitchen and then also ofcourse the make up space that's Americanso those are some quick tips if you wantsome more feel free to call me and wenever want you guys to spend a bunch ofmoney up front but we do want you to getthe most bang for your buck out of yourhouse and we've been gather plaid tohelp answer any questions so if you'relooking to sell this is prime time giveus call and we hope to see you soonthanks[Music]

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