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Staging to Sell – 5

hi I'm Linda Sullivan and I'm a realestate agent I'm showing you how tostage each room of home to get it readyto sell and so here we are in our fifthvideo and I'm going to show you thebefore of the master bathroom so this isthe last before video that I'm going todo in this home and then we'll gothrough and do a little bit of work I'llshow you step by step what we do andopposed to the after video so that youcan check it out but for now let's takea look at the master bathroom alright sohere we go so it's a good-sized masterbathroom there's a lot of space here andcertainly a lot of things that we can doto make this room the most appealing anddo my best not to take a picture ofmyself in the mirror so there's a lot ofstuff in here stuff on the floor butthat's normal I don't know for you butfor me I don't clean every room everyday and so there's always a few thingsthat are out of place but even sothere's a lot of things that we can doand in this particular room I think whatI'm planning to do is to first simplystage it take what we have make it lookas nice as possible and then we're goingto take it just a step further sothere's also some additional updatingthat you can do there we go there's someadditional updating that you can do thatdoes not take a lot of time does nottake a lot of money but can really havea tremendous impact in a room and so I'mexcited about this room to be able toshow you some other things that you cando so you've seen the before make sureyou check back and see the after we'llsee you then

Staging is easy when you have the tips and tools to do it properly. Here’s the before video of the master bathroom. In this room we’ll stage it first to show you how quick and easy it is to make a nice room look even better. Then we’ll take it a step further and show you some simple, inexpensive updates that can really make a bathroom shine!

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