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hi everyone so if your home is on themarket during the fall months let's talkabout how to make it the most warm andcozy and the perfect way to stage it sothat those home buyers fall in lovelet's get started alright y'all forthose of you that don't know me my nameis Jamie Coyle and I'm a realtor inSavannah Georgia with Keller WilliamsRealty for those of you that do know meand have been watching my channelwelcome back so home staging for a fallis actually going to start on theoutside of your home so before you evenmake it in the front door um I know it'sa little early here in Savannah it'sstill very warm and the leaves have notstarted to turn and started to fall butas we get further into October andNovember that is gonna happen if youhave a lot of leaves in your yard you dowant to rake those and get rid of themanother thing that you want to do toattract home buyers is make sure thatyou still have pops of color as thoseleaves are turning they're falling fromyour trees they're leaving your treesbare maybe our grass that's getting alittle bit more Brown there's just notas much curb appeal off the bat as thereis during the spring and maybe into theearly summer months so what you're gonnawant to do to remedy that is make surethat you have pops of colornow that might come from some plantsthat you go ahead and plant in yourflowerbeds or you can go ahead and putsome nice mums on your porch that is oneof my absolute favorite tricks duringthe fall so I especially love the orangeones those are always on my front porchso that is a great idea to just draw theeye towards the house and make it themost appealing so once you get insidethe first thing that you're going towant to be really mindful of is that aswe progress towards winter the days aregonna be shorter and the nights aregonna be longer there's not gonna be asmuch natural light in the house so makesure that your lighting is as OnPoint aspossible so when people come forshowings to your house make sure thatyou have those curtains open and thoseblinds open you can open the windows ifit's still beautiful outside it's alittle bit chilly towards November leafdoes close but make sure at least theblinds are open you're gonna want toturnlights on that's a wonderful tip ifyou're showing in any season make sureall of your lights are turned on andthat all of the bulbs are working andthat will make your home look as brightand area as possible now let's go aheadand talk about my favorite part ofstaging for the fall months so when Ithink of fall I think of cozy I think ofsweaters and fireplaces pumpkins candlesthings like that those are my favoriteparts of fall and that's gonna beprobably your homebuyers favorite partof fall too so make your home cozy goahead and pull out a couple extra throwsand some comfy pillows put those on thecouch just make it so warm and invitingso the next thing that you're gonna wantto do is make sure that any decor you'rebringing out is very simple and veryneutral you don't want to make yourhouse look like a pumpkin patch kind ofexploded in every room of your house Iknow some people decorate more thanothers especially Halloween decorationscan get a little bit cheesy sometimes somake sure to hold off on those decoritems I can show a couple of examplesright here just so that you get the ideayou're gonna want to do more of this andless of this right here so that's yourgoal in staging like I said you want itto be warm you want it to be invitingyou want people to feel comfort andthings like that that is what you aregoing for if you are decorating for thefall months if you are staging your homefor sale you want it to be warm invitingnot to visually busy but definitely layon that feeling of comfort and warmththat will make it just that much easierfor homebuyers to fall in love with yourhome so that is it for this video if youhave any questions or comments go aheadand leave them down below considersubscribing if you want to be the firstto know when content like this is postedI put out new videos every Tuesday andevery Friday so I will see you soon byeyou[Music][Applause][Music]

Hi, I’m Jamie Coyle, your go-to Savannah area Realtor®! If you are selling your Savannah home in the Fall months, here are a few tips I love to tell home sellers! Making your home inviting and cozy helps home buyers “FALL” in love!

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