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Staging (The Garage)

the garage the seller will get theirhouse all ready to put on the markethave it all staged and the garage is theone area that they forget aboutI'm Tonya Berman Keller Williams Realtyand I'm here to share with you todaypoint how to stage the garage you'vecleaned your entire home and have itstaged but did you remember the garagethe garage is an important many for manyhome buyers so get rid of all that extrastuff lying around remove items from thefloor and store them in cabinets shelvesor bins put away the tools dust thewalls and corners don't forget to cleanthe garage floor as well as the dooryour garage should be treating is anextension of your home so be sure tostage it before potential buyers pay avisit so if you do like that staging tipand you want to see more content like itbe sure to give it a thumbs up commentbelow hit that subscribe button click onthe little bells so you getnotifications from when I upload andremember if you need help with realestate be sure to reach out to me myinformation is below see you next time[Music][Applause][Music]you[Music][Applause][Music]

Staging The Garage – The Garage can be one area that sellers overlook when they are preparing their home to sell. Here are some quick tips on how to stage your garage.

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