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Staging Risk Management and Real Estate Staging Association

a real-estate staging association inpartnership with staging risk managementis proud to introduce an insurancepolicy that will help protect yourinventory while it's on location at yourclients property have you ever lost ajob because the homeowner did not wantto be responsible for your inventoryshould a loss occur have they everbalked at signing your contract becausethey don't understand that you shouldn'thave to take the hit on your insurancewhen you don't have care and controlover your inventory wallets on locationat their property theft of your staginginventory can cost you thousandshow many losses can your businesssustain this new SRM staging policy byWorth Avenue Group covers theftvandalism and more did you know that aclaim as low as seven thousand dollarsmay result in the cancellation of yourpolicy most policies allow to smallerclaims but then declined to renew howmuch inventory do you have in a property10,000 on the low end 30,000 or more oneloss could be catastrophic to yourbusiness how many losses can yourbusiness sustain if your client is notinsured did your clients tell you theirhomeowners insurance would cover yourinventory or rental furniture from arental company like Court did you knowthat most homeowner policies will coveronly a small portion if any of yourinventory or did you know that mosthomeowners policies no longer havepersonal property coverage in effectafter 60 days of being vacant did youknow that most companies that rentfurniture their damage waiver is onlygood for wear and tear damage and somecatastrophic events not theft orvandalism why have your clients pay fortheir damage waiver when you canpurchase an SRM policy that coverseverything and more the SRM policy'sinitial 60-day term you can get acoverage for up to ten thousand dollarsworth of inventory for as low as ahundred and eighty dollars for the first60 days up to twenty thousand is 250 andup to thirty thousand is only threehundred renewals are in 30-dayincrements at reduced premiums allpolicies have a $500 deductiblethere's a couple ways you can positionthis particular policy one you can justadd it as a value added benefit ofworking with you include the policy inyour contract let your clients know thatyou've got them covered because youpurchase an extra policy on their behalfof courseyou obviously want to just add that feeinto your staging cost so that you arecovered the other way is to have theclient purchase the policy so I'm sureyour contract already states thatthey're going to be responsible for anyloss or damage and of course we all knowthat they don't want to do this so whatyou do is you just let them know this ispart of your contract and if they don'twant to be responsible and they don'twant to risk it with their homeowner'spolicy that these policies are availableto them what you do is simply go onlineorder the policy and invoice them soagain for as low as a hundred and eightyextra dollars or 300 depending on theamount of coverage that you need youwill be covered your clients will becovered and everybody's happy so that'sit so go ahead and visit this linkonline right here and order today if youhave any questions certainly give us acall we'd be happy to answer anyquestions and direct you further we hopeyou are as happy about this as we are topresent to the industry this is our giftto the real estate staging industry andwe're just so pleased to be able toeliminate this riskfor all stagers again thanks for yourtime and happy staging

The Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA®), a 501 c 6 tax-exempt organization, is the trade association for professional home stagers. RESA® is the portal to the staging industry and is the source of education and business tools focusing on the needs of stagers. RESA welcomes all stagers and redesigners regardless of their backgrounds, designation and affiliations.

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