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it's time for success in real estatewith Frankie Griffin owner and broker incharge of the Palmetto success teamcertified residential specialistaccredited by representative militaryrelocation professional real estateappraiser and author of success in realestate if you are interested in buyingor selling a homeinvesting in real estate or having yourhome appraised you will enjoy success inreal estatenow here's Frankie Griffin hi goodmorning everybody welcome to success inreal estate I'm Frankie griffin realestate broker and appraiser and here'sthe question we got for you is yourhouse ready to sell and I'm gonna tellyou that's probably one of the biggestquestions if you're if you're thinkingabout selling your home you really needto think about that is your house readyto sell because I'm telling you you knowI can come out there and put a sign inthe yard and lockbox and do themarketing but if your house is not readythen the house could be sitting therefor quite a while so we want to talkabout what can we do to get the houseready to sell and I guess I'm talkingfor the most part staging doing someinterior decorating you know how do wedo that to what degree do we need toconcentrate on state there's just somany things to think about when you'regetting your house ready to put on themarket you know it's pretty easy as ahomework you decide I'm ready to sellthat's the easy part the hard part isreally thinking about actually gettingyour home ready because that's such abig deal and I see it every single dayin real estate so because of that I'veinvited Jennifer Mitchell with Canon andDouglass's actually in studio with ustoday I'm so glad she came in and butshe this is exactly what she does she isa home stager interior decorator andshe's also a licensed real estate agentor realtor and Jennifer thank you somuch for comingit's a great day today it is fine thatnow I'm told it's gonna be raining thisafternoonisn't that right Brian yeah yep Briansaid yep Brian's our meteorologist so hesaid it's gonna be raining so it's gonnabe raining but you know it's still gonnabe a beautiful day it's Friday it israin or not it's Friday and you knowwhat will you heard what how the openingthere but you know what you know somepeople just put their house just put itfor sale sign in the yard and and can'tunderstand why it's not selling thehouse is not ready right so when we talkabout staging well what does that meanwhat is staging free is that is it justmoving furniture around or is itpreparing for what the buyer is going tosee or what you want the buyer to seewhen they walk in I guessstaging and redesign it's it's a widewide range it really is it it providesthe buyer with an emotional attachmentmmmit reaches them on a psychological levelit really does it they have to you onlyhave 3 to 5 seconds to make animpression on someone and thatimpressive good point goes thatimpression is hard to get rid of surewhatever that impression is that's whatthe buyers going to remember it thiskind of could gut dealing the buyer getsand and that's what's gonna stick withthem through the house or as they'rewalking through the house you knowshould I you know and here's one of thethings that I've always now let me justsay this up front I'm one of those thatcan walk into a house and I I could careless if there's furniture in it nofurniture junktrash holes in the wall I don't caredoesn't bother meand and it might be from the investorin me I guess I'm I quite frankly I'mwon't see junky houses because I'm goingto tell you if it even if it looks junkythen the buyers gonna perceive it as ajunky house needs a lot of work it'sgonna be a bigger investment yeah yeahand and so for me as a bot that's what Iprefer to see but you know that's notthe case apparently for most buyers theycan't walk into a room and envision howthis room could best be used I guess sothat so I guess you take furnitureeither that's already there or if youneed to I guess you could bringfurniture in right and and make it ausable area absolutely if it's vacantthen we we do more of the staging we canrent furniture from a company that weuse and highlight its prime attributesto make it look it's best if it is stilloccupied then we do a redesign and we'llhelp you out and say you have somereally great pieces I would say that wedon't need these or we do need thesethese need to go here and help toutilize what they already have in the intheir home and say go ahead and packthis up you just get it out of it and goahead and get it out of here and thenwe're gonna use what you have and we aregoing to make this highlight and I'vetold sellers that so many times you knowtell her you're gonna be moving rightyou're selling your house so let's goand get started this needs to go firstthat second because you're you once youredesign or once you stage like you saidnot everybody is a visionary noteverybody can walk into a space and saymy stuff is gonna look great in herejust like this they need something andalmost uh outline okay that works youknow I would think and kind of hit mewhen we were talking right before theshow started you know Brian mentioned heneeds a interior decoration Brian needsprobably more thaninterior decorator but you know and Iget where I was going with this you knowBrian's a right now bachelor he's got somany I'm trying to get him but he keepsrunning away from him but he needs helphe's like you know he's a guy this byhimself and the but a lot of us like usI'm married but a lot of people aresingle live by themselves and guys justtend to not really care or notice or payattentionCurtin's might be a sheet sure thatwe've tacked to the wall where thewindow looks fine right well itcertainly doesn't look good if you'regoing to sell the house you know but usguys we're pretty simple minded and tome it's not a big deal but I guess forbuyers it would be a big guy is what I'mhearing you saying yes it is absolutelythat's the difference between aninterior decorator and someone thatknows staging and redesign which we doboth we have different levels and on ourwebsite that is progressing and growingso there'll be more information on thatlaterhowever interior decorators focus onyour likes your specific niche that youknow your trends that you likespecifically and that's already how yourhome is decorated yeah but that's notwhat everyone else you know buyers theymight not like that your walls might bebright red but then they don't like redyou know so you have to have someonecome in and say it's not that your tasteisn't wonderful it suits you just finehowever buyers on the market they needthings toned down so that they can beable to relate better color has a lot todo with it and a lot of people don'tthink about that as well well let me askAshley had an agent called me yesterdaythat we're gonna talk about because wegotta take a break but we absolutelywe've got to go ahead and take our firstbreak love to hear from you have anyquestions or comments number two callseven nine nine eight two five five fivegood morning again welcome back tosuccess in real estate I'm FrankieGriffin real estate broker and appraiserbeautiful Friday we're headed for theweekend and what a better what betterway to go into the weekend than to havesome time just sitting here withJennifer Mitchell talking aboutpreparing staging decorating your homeyou know for a lot and we were talkingabout this in the first segment you knowit's just really not a big deal forsomeone like me it really isn'tbut even statistics show that stagingand preparing the home for sale is ahuge return on investment I've seen itover and over and over because mostpeople absolutely need to see how thisroom can be used they won't see itthey can't just have a picture in theirmind they want to see it so anyway we'retalking about preparing the home forsale staging interior decorating and youknow I'll ask this question a bit laterbecause right now we do have a caller onthe line so let's go straight to ourphone lines and by the way if you haveany questions or comments we'd love tohear from you the number seven nine nineeight two five five again seven ninenine eighty 255 right now in the phoneline we got Pam how you doing thismorning Pam I'm doing great how are youFrankie oh this is such a fun day todayI have a question for your stager yeahso as a Realtor if I want to introducemy client to this idea you know I'm justcurious what's the process how does sheget started what's involved in gettingher inside my clients home and givingthem the ideas that they need forimproving the house well hi Pam you knowthat's a pretty interesting because whatlet me make sure I understand exactlysay youryou know if I'm an agent or you're anagent you know can we call Jennifer andhave her come over and stage the houseis that what you're absolutely or atleast consult with the clients whatwhat's involved in getting that Saulyeaha simple phone call or an email I willcome out and I'll do a consultation withthe client and it'll it's roughly aroundan hour to two hours and I'll walkthrough I'll take photos and preparedthe home assessment which can bepurchased later however I'll give thembasic tips I'll give them a lot of ideaswrite ideas and the basics really justgiving them a general idea as to what itis that I do why it's important and letthem know just this is what I've donebefore and this is how fast it sails andI don't mean to cut you all but do youhave like a a bulk of how you takepictures and you can show it is acomprehensive home assessment I can doit via PDF or hands-on it's withpictures and everything is - veryspecific detail and Pam you know becauseJennifer is also a real estate agent aswell and I and I'm sure she wouldprotect people's clients absolutely andand so and I think that's a goodquestionbecause you know a lot of times agentsthat have a specialty such as yoursmight not want to share that to helpother agents like I'm listing the housewould you be willing to come over andhelp me stage right the house I'mlisting it and and see I love that cuz Ican't do it I can tell you right now Ican't do it you tell me it looks good Ibelieve rightI enjoy being an agent however I after alot of prayer and time like that I foundthat my giftedness from the Lord wasjust making them pretty absolutely wellPam up I appreciate you calling in withthat okay thank youokay have a great day yeah I thinkthat's a really good question becauseyou have you know a lot of people arewilling to provide those services toother agents clients it's either juststrictly in-house or or whatnot butyou're not but you're willing to help meif I'm sure or any other age yesabsolutelywe'll see and and that comes in veryhandy cuz I know staging is importantbecause of most because most people needto be able to see what the house gonnalook like but so let me ask you this howlong does it take a lot of time onaverage do you need a day to prepare myhouse or a week or it really justdepends on one the square footage of thehome how much work needs to be doneI actually just helped an agent in ouroffice and they're listing a milliondollar house on Lake Murray but thereand it was extravagant absolutelybeautiful very tasteful by very specificto their taste and to D personalize andget it to more of a neutral base whereit's going to appeal to a large a verybroad spectrum of buyers there's there'sa there was a good bit of work to bedone so you know sometimes it takes amonth they wanted to do it on their ownso you know a lot of the times wheneveryou put it in our hands it'll go alittle bit faster so we need to get youin firstyes very much Saturday in the wrong wayand and if nothing else just have youcome out and you'll just maybe just Iguess you call it consultation you couldjust tell us what to do and we do it oryou just want to do it all yourself orhow's that essentially what we do is wewill come in we'll do a consultationlike I said we give you the basics wesay this is what you really should focuson we give you a very broad range likethese are the biggest key things for youto do if you want to take the next stepthen we will go home we're gonna preparein office with all the photos that wetook at the consultation you're homeassessment now that typically takesabout five to six hours to put togetheron our end and then we can meet back upand we'll go over all those things thenyou have another option do you want totake it onself on a do-it-yourself kind of personso I would say yes absolutely I think Ican handle it you've given me so manydetails I know what you do anyway wellbut I'd like you know all things DIY atour household my husband and I we welove building and refurbishing thingsnow well that's different than stagebecause I gotta tell you can tell mewhat to do to stage it and you arecompletely wasting your breath rightwhich is why it's also good once you getthose it's good to know what we aregonna do because it almost gives youlike a really detailed layout of everyspecific thing and you can choose whatyou want to do what you don't want to dothat type of thing well here's aquestion fact this is something I wasgoing to ask you before we hit the breakbut you know I had an agent called meyet yesterday and it was really aboutevaluating praises - but and I told herwell let me just said she her questionwas this there's a house in this in aparticular neighborhood that she'sgetting ready to list built and I thinkshe says like 1990 but it had the early90s wallpaper I mean in every room inthe house every single room but allnight she said it was well-maintainedwhat like peeling or anything like thatthe house is well maintained but all thehouses around her had been up updated nolonger had to wallpaper and stuff likethat and the question for me was howwill that affect the value of that byhaving the wallpaper and without gettinginto a lot of detail I came my basicallymy response was I don't know that it'sas much a value question as it is amarketability question absolutely it'svery much so when someone walks in andthey see a whole bunch of wallpaper yeahthey think well that's a lot more workI'm gonna have to do once we buy it andsometimes the chosen wallpaper may justturn them off immediately and I'm noteven interested yeah it's too much workor I don't like it or hands down justwalk awayokay well we've got we got some time westill got a few minutes all right let'sgo we got a caller on the line so let'sgo talk to Bill how you doing morningbill good Frankie thank you for havingthis show for the local Realtors is veryinsightful sure and helpfulwell my wife and I or Realtors in factwe graduated from your school years agoawesome and we've used Jennifer twiceand I just want to you know do a littlecommercial for okay well we just happento be on the radio this is good timeokay I don't pick out paint colorsanymore because we have to think twiceif I pick a color out unlike you andyour bachelor buddy but you know somepeople really have a gift at that and Ijust wanna say Jennifer does she stageda home for one home for us it was in the125 certain thirty thousand dollar rangeand a second home that was known likeMarie I think it listed for two hundredand thirty thousand dollars in bothcases where she pre-staged the house thefirst person who looked at the houseoffered full price Wow because theydidn't want to get in a bidding war withanyone else over the house once they sawit her staging gave them the ability tonot imagine what the house could looklike but see what the house would looklike and it made a strong impression soI just want to say we have used Jennifertwice it was a small investment to movethat house you know what that's veryinteresting you you you call and saythat and since you have first-handexperience working with Jennifer andstager at all you know I guess myquestion is did she come in and justsort of move some existing things arounddoes she just move a lot of stuff out dowe move some new stuff in and in yourparticular caseit was more like somebody waved a magicwand oh I'm telling you she's incredibleI couldn't believe how she transformedthat house into something so attractiveshe really has a gift for what she doesshe's excellent at it give her a try andsee what happens would be you know myrecommendation we've had great successwith her that's all I'm not blowingsmoke in people's face you know it'simportant that somebody's trying to sella buy home that's the most importantdecision you know most people makefinancially unless they are a businessowner sure and this service is helpingthem accomplish their goals well billthank you so much for calling Iappreciate you sharing that with us okaythank you have a great day well that wasa huge complimentI do I do that was a fantastic client ofours too yeah well and he said thatyou've done it twice two of hisproperties and I'm gonna tell you Iguess you know you've done a good jobwhen you get the second call right youknow a lot of times these get that firstcall right it's getting the second callyeah we love working with these clientstoo because we a lot of people don'tknow about staging you just have no ideato say I wanna let's move yeahand they forget that you're not justleaving the house behind your it's it'syou're presenting a present exactlyright well next person to come along youwant it bland yeah empty present forsomeone else well I know we're coming upon our bottom of the hour break and onthe other side we might talk about maybesome statistics that you might be awareof absolutely staged homes versussomething not staged love to hear fromyou if you have any questions orcomments number seven nine nine eighttwo five five be right back with successin real estate hi good morning andwelcomesuccess in real estate I'm FrankieGriffin real estate broker and appraiserin studio with our staging machinesJennifer Mitchelljust kind of really nice call about youand your services and you know that isthat's the best advertising you can gethaving clients call in and brag and talkabout how good you are and stuff likethat but right now we want to talk toour mortgage go-to gal miss erica HillWest is on the line how you doing somemorning miss Erica I'm wonderful how areyou Frankie it's Friday you know it's afine day it's a fine day todayand I am so glad you called in becauseI'm gonna hit you off with a bigquestion right off the bat and go for itthis is something that I think we'veprobably talked about this before and Igot kind of irritated with anotherlender this past week and and I'mwondering how common is it what aboutsay how common it is but you know I'mworking with a brand new buyer and theysaid they wanted to they knew aparticularly certain lender that theywanted to use which obviously that'stheir choice and the reason they wantedto use this lender is because the lendertold them that the lender would pay alltheir closing calls so they wouldn'thave to and you know me I got at all Ineed to talk to him you know cuz I gotto know what the provisions of the loanwill be so stuff like that so I know howto write up an offer and come to findout they were not paying the buyersclosing costs they were just tacking iton to the loan is that common yes I meanmom in so really not know they'rethey're actually adding a lot more costto the buyer because now you're payingnot only you still paying the closingcosts now youpaying interest on top of it that'srightand it just kind of irritated me thatthis lender would tell my client thatwe're paying the closing cost and that'snot what they're doing that's just soarrogant to me what they should say isthat I'm able to finance your closingcost yeah but I'm gonna tell you thatdoesn't sound goodnot to a reasonable buyer cuz look wouldyou rather pay 3,000 4,000 closing costsat the table or over 30 years turn itinto 15 or 20 thousand or whatever I'mmaking up a number but oh and here'shere's where it gets really bad asthat's average time somebody spends in ahouse is how long Frankie three fivethree to five yeah and you know that thefront end of your loan is interest heavyyep right so not a whole lot going toprinciple and if you're adding three orfour or five or six thousand dollars onyou're paying a majority of that costupfront before you even get out yeah soit also is reducing your equity thatyou're building over time as well yeahand you know and I guess riyals evenbring a 1 it just irritated me thatbecause me that's it's just lying and infor that loan officer to say that ifthey don't realize now and my clienteven said trying to defend the I don'tknow how close they are maybe they'refriends I don't know but and I told lookyou're afraid to use anybody you want toI just I want you to make an informeddecision as long as you know you're notthey're not paying these closing colorshe just said that he is not paying eventhough he said that that's not what'shappening and I said to me you try tomislead me you have broken our chain oftrust here because now I don't know whatelse I can believe or what I can'tbelieve anyway I just wanted to vent alittle bit and you were on the line soyou'd want it called it sorry about thathere oh it's kind of this similar thingthat happens and I think it's where Iget really frustrated usually anew-construction the same yes the sameBurbage is used to consumeyes use our leather okay you're closingcalls yep mm-hmm yeah that's usually notwhat is happening I just bring thelender credit but they're financing itin there they're pushing it on the backof the loan yeah well and I just wantedto bring that up just for those that arelistening if you're buying a house I'mgonna take probably the the mostcritical component of the entiretransaction is going to be your lenderand it's got to be somebody you knowthat whatever they tell you you can takeit to the bank yeah you know it's rightthere not misleading in any way becausethat's a big that you know this is thelargest investment most people will evermake and the person that I'm gonna beinvesting all this money with I wantthem to be forthright upfront don'tmislead me because there's a lot ofmoney how fix me throw out there soright anywaywith all that now what you got to sayabout that Erica well I just I'm sorry Ireign too much no no no I actually itreally it excites me to hear that otherpeople get frustrated with the I canconsider it deceiving verbage andvernacular that they use to consumersnice because I usually come back and sayI can do the same thing but I'm notpaying for itI'm just instead of you having to comeout of pocket in cash you're just prettymuch financing it right right becausehow they do that is they just yourinterest rates you're most likelygetting a higher interest rate as wellso there's there's a lot of things it'snot just oh we're paying interest on itwe're paying more to borrow money justto get this extra a little bit and so Itry to be very clear and concise with myclients and tell them anybody can dothisbut we really need to look at theamateur ization and make sure that it isactually saving you money and you knowin the best way to handle this from theget-go and and then I told her this Isaid why don't we just not even worryabout closing calls why don't we let thesellerthe closing calls right yeahand that's and I don't think that'sthat's pretty typical in this marketwhere buyers are going to ask the sellerto pay for their closing cost and thenthen we know how to workout it at all asthe buyer right or call me and we canlook at with what program state housinghas money yeah like what I know there'sa couple bedrooms out there what tell meabout you know depending on your incomeand qualify for $60,000 mm-hmm towardsthe down payment and closing coststhere's the hardest-hit but gives you$15,000 that's insane but don't be hurtat closing cost mm-hmm they have a 3%down conventional home advantage loanwhere they give you 3% so you couldeither use whatever money you have savedup for your closing costs or you and theseller can carry that burden there areso many other ways then to finance it inon the back end of the line and get ahigher rate yeah no let me ask you thisErica and hopefully you'll know theanswer but with either one of those twoprograms you just talked about in factdecline I'm we're I'm working with rightnow she this she would be she's thefirst-time home buyerbut her husband has previously doesn'town a home now but has owned a homeprior but she's the one gonna be buyingthis house was she qualified freezingone of these loansI mean the great the great news is thatthe home advantage only looks at whomembers on the letter okay and you don'thave to be a first-time home buyer ohreally good now it does have to be apre-existing can't be a new home or actokay well that might cook because she'sactually looking at a brand new home ohyeah we can look at there others thatyou can't I mean I think the hardest hitactually the hardest hit the 15,000 isthe one that can't be a new home I thinkall the other ones they don't have thatcaveat on it so she could win it in aslong as her spouse depending on whenwhen didyou know because the clock starts overevery three years yeah you haven't hadownership interest in a property inthree years you again our first-timehomebuyer well they're very young soit'd have to be so see if he's everowned home it had to be in last threeyears because he's very young justtalking I think yeah she made qualifyfor the home advantage well there'sgonna be others that want to talk to youabout this and we got probably less thana minute but we got to go to a break sohow can we get in touch with you MissErica you can reach me on my cell phonewhich is eight zero three five two eightfive zero one nine you can email me atErica at lending PAC mortgage calm orfind me on Facebook it's erica hill westmortgage group that's why you're thebest thank you so much miss erica have agreat weekend you do the same again wegot to take our bottom of the hour breakgot one more segment we still haveJennifer Mitchell in studio give us acall seven nine nine eight two five fivegood morning again welcome back to ourlast segment of success in real estateand I'm Frankie Griffin real estatebroker an appraiser in studio withJennifer Mitchell now Jennifer now she'sa real estate agent and she does verygood at ruleset obviously cuz you knowyou actually came through our realestate school for success a few yearsyes so you obviously have to be awesomereally clearly but you also do stagingand interior decorating helping those ofus like me that cannot see or understandyou know staging is just not somethingfor me and probably for a lot of guysquite frankly do you written does thatseem yes most guys don't care is usuallythe ladies or mob just a lot of thetimes if you look at a gentleman'slisting versus the ladies they're a bitmore decorous not get it so I know thenext listing I take I know who I'm gonnabe calling absolutely Jennifer you needto come take a look at this well I thinkthat most agents shouldabsolutely call yeah it's it's pertinentin today's market it really is becauseit's you can really think of it as canyou afford not to stage at this point doyou want to pay however many months ison the market for five months of extramortgage yeah or invest in this and haveyour it's they sell so much faster nowyou have I know there's statistics outthere for this I don't know what theyare not even sure if you might know whatthey are on the spot right here but youknow is there a number you can throw outfor a house a sales price for a housethis not staged versus that same housethat is staged is there a difference insales price or do you see muchdifference absolutely there is a surveythat's out that was put out this yearand I can back that up because I've seenthese just fly off the market now but85% of professionally staged homes sellfor or have sold for six to twenty fivepercent more really yeah and I assume alot faster even most definitely mostdefinitely they're an unstaged home dayson the market roughly is about 181 nowthen they decide to stage and thenyou're looking about at about 41 moredays roughly around there on average seeand that's all mm-hmm and this home thatstaged prior to being listed no joke theaverage is about 23 days so reallyessentially if you do your staging andredesign first you have a 90 percentless time on the market well how aboutif the house is vacantand you have a lot of that is it betterjust to make sure it's just clean yeahbut should we just make sure weconstantly just make sure it's realclean or should we actually not onlyclean it but do we staged the wholehouse or just staged part of it must astaged obviouslyto bring in furnitures bacon we havedifferent packages different levelsbecause there are different levels ofinvestment not everybody wants to gofull-blown house say what I wouldsuggest is if it is vacant stick withlight staging and we have a lightstaging package that it just highlightsthe prime attributes of the things thatare going to stick out to the buyersmost predominantly if it has a reallygreat bay windowdon't let that slide by if the masterbathroom is exquisite don't let thatslip by well and that's the big in yourright because I'm gonna tell you and andI'm not a photographer either but Iwould think a professional photographeris gonna zero in on those that youaccentuate what what you've alreadyaccentuated they want to make surethat's captured in the photo becausethat's what buyers are looking foronline and that's another really keypoint that I'm glad that you mentionedbecause if you have your home on themarket already and it's been on therefor let's say three months and you'vealready had your MLS photos taken andthen you decide to stage yeah and thenguess what you're gonna want to have toinvest again yeah bring another yeahpeople will actually skip by like wewere talking about this non visionarypeople though to skip over vacant housesif it looks beautiful that's gonna pressit's gonna jump up to there like topthree yeah hey honey look at this houseI saw did it and they're gonna want toshow it to everyone absolutely what doyou think about this and then you'resetting that tone not only in the in thebuyer that's looking but then they'regonna convince themselves that they loveit over and over through those photosand to me it's it it it would have to beworth whatever it calls to get a stayget it right because and you mentionedyou've already mentioned this but I justwant to reiterate you know every monththat stays on the market sellers costingyou money you know if your payments athousand or fifteen hundred dollars amonth you know three months you'retalkingforty-five five forty five hundred fivethousand dollars and it's not gonna showany better than it isabsolutely when it first listedabsolutely so it's an excellent pointand now did you say you have a website Ido it's an East market Interiors dot-comEast market Interiors dot-com you canfind us on Facebook as well at Eastmarket interiors okay and now when I goon the website it is there like a placeis it just like pictures what am I gonnafind on your website I do have a galleryup there like I said I'm still workingon getting the redesign and the interiordecorating part uploaded but up at thetop is very easy to navigate very veryeasy you can contact us in many ways andwe'll get to you as soon as pull but ifyou just go to the staging you do a dropdown and then it'll give you exampleswhy why staging no but that's a bigquestion for people Ritait is very informative we put a lot oftime into that because we want to bestexplain what it is that your investmentis providing for these people it's notonly for yourself is benefiting yourselfas a seller to sell the house fast as abuyer it's beneficial because you get tosee it as an agent that's great cuz yourlistings are flying off the market youknow and and then we get to help thecommunity and I really love that whenyou have happy clients all the wayaround yeah it's you just can't ask foranything betteryou know here's something I have foundto be a little bit interesting when Iwalk into a house here's how I can tellwas that a male that decorated in stagetheir home more was there a female youknow guys 10 do we put all ourfurnitures all the way up against thewall always gives walk all the wayaround there's something all the way upagainst the wallladies nope we want our furniture in themiddle right of the roof I'm sure nowwhat why is that a big deal if Wowit's hard to sleep but maybe the flow isif I can push all the furniture kind ofout of the way up against the wall thenthere's all kind of spaced out actuallybelieve it or not if you pull it awayfrom the wall your space will looklarger but what you're gonna do with thespace behind the couch between the couchand the wall well do you like it whenyou're sitting on the couch watching afootball game and people are walking bywell that's true that's true I will nottolerate am i walking in front of mewhile I'm watching TV it Bryce itdepends right you know it is cut buthave you noticed that too you'll cuz Ijust to me now say if you put the couchlike a way from the wall or whateverthen it looks fine it looks perfect tome but if I did it myself it looksstupid in my mind and I don't understandconfident perhaps I'm not sure I thinkladies tend to be up on the trends alittle bit more but well let's seechecking out everyone else's readeverybody HGTV let's blow that out ofthe water everybody loves it and that'swhat people are looking for when they goto look for home they want somethingthat looks beautiful that looks trendyand sorry it needs to look trendy andup-to-date and women typically are alittle bit more involved in those typeswe'll see to me I might need thefurniture to hide blemishes on the wallyou know that otherwise I got to gopaint now my walls gotta look good it isI know I'm just giving you a hard timebut to me it's a lot less work I get andmaybe that's why guys that's why wethink the way we do yeah we need to workon the wall or I can put the furnitureup against the wall and you'll neverknow I can put it into a really reallybasic thing to understand if you were togo and buy someone a birthday gift oryou gonna buy them a gift that you likeor get that value Ihonestly well if his Brian he's goneabout what he likes and then hope theydon't like it want to give it back okaywell typically would want to buysomething that the other person wouldlike so that's where you really need tofocus on the general that's an excellentpoint because seller is no longer I meanyes it's your house but you've got toprepare it as if somebody else is goingto absolutely what you're doing isyou're passing this gift on yeah you'vejust spent years and lots of memoriesthat's a good point to someone else soinvest in those people because you'reyou're providing a new opportunity forthe home that's an excellent point andyou know we've got probably under aminute to go but and I know you providedsome of this information already butdoes your a phone number website againhow do we get in touch with you cancontact me on my cell phone my number is8 zero three seven two seven four zeroeight six and you can also find usonline at East market interiors dot-comthere you go and if you're riding downthe road and you couldn't write down herinformation if you can remember Frankiegriffin dot-com go to my website you'llsee all my contact information is thereyou can shoot me an email or text mecall me I know how to get in touch withJennifer and and I'll certainly hook youup if that's something we can do to helpthat's what we want to do hope you havea wonderful weekend and and for youlistening hope you have a wonderfulweekend please be safe we'll be rightback next Friday with success in realestateyou

What should you do to prepare your home for sale? What does staging mean and how much staging is necessary? A staged home will result in a faster sale and higher sales price.

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