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hello guys today we're gonna meet myclients they just recently moved in andthey need help stay in their living roomso we're gonna go see what they have forme hi thank you okay so um we would liketo make it a little bit more modernizedbecause we feel like it's way too darkvery we would like to keep our sofasprobably change the coffee table out andchange the layout covering negativespace but the color of the walls are toodark so what I could do is go with aneutral color it's gonna bring more lifeto to the roomspacious the area rug is way too smallfor the space of this room yesso I am I will be fully shopping and Ihave a surprise for you[Music][Music]I decided to paint the walls and go withthe light gray color I feel like the onethat they had before dark brown makingthe space seem and look smaller thanthey actually is as you can see underthe before picture there was a lot ofnegative space and so I decided to use aconsole table a floor lab and a floorwozI also incorporated some blue and silverto make the space look fresh glad I toldme that she wanted to make the spacescene and feel cozier and so I decidedto print some posters of the wedding[Music]

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