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I actually started staging about 10years ago as a sideline for friends andfamily I originally wanted to fliphousesbut I actually didn't have the capitalto do that although I still had the urgeto create beautiful spaces from not sobeautiful spaces a home staging was agood Avenue to explore for doing thatand as I learned more about it and moreabout the industry I just fell in lovewith it and decided it was somethingthat I really wanted to do what I likemost about what I do is helping myclients receive the maximum offer at theclosing table and showing them how toprepare their home to receive thehighest offers in today's market homestaging is not designed home staging isshowcasing your home so that it appealsto a wide range of buyers and noteverybody can do that as a home stagerwe are trained to see the home throughthe buyers eye and showcase that home sothat it appeals to both the camera andbuyer showings and the buyers really cansee themselves living there one of themisconceptions that people have is thatthey don't need Home Staging they thinkin today's market because it's been sucha hot market this past year that theydon't need home staging the inventory islow and therefore their home will sellbut what's really happening is that thesellers are leaving money on the tablesellers are not aware that there's awide range of services to choose fromthat can benefit them and that homestaging is very expensive and that's notnecessarily true home staging is aninvestment in probably one of thelargest assets you own and it canabsolutely maximize your equity at theclosing table each and every client thatI've ever met and talked to I can 100%say has responded with you've given usthings to think about that we neverthought about before if you're newto the real estate market and you'rethinking about selling your home I wouldencourage you to simply give me a callconversations are free I'm happy toanswer any questions you might have wecan talk about your goals with the salewhether that be to sell the home veryquickly or whether that be to get thehighest offer possible and I can helpguide you through the process give youan overview of how it works and maybe wecan set up an appointment to come viewthe home and give you a quote forprofessional home staging

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