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Staging A Home with Kristina

hey everybody this is Christina with theChristina Scott henri-michel team withMcMichael RealtyI want to show you a house they havejust moved out they had the carpetsshampooed we're working on touching thatpaint but I want to show you how a housecan have a completely different looksometimes when all the furniture is outwe have put had this on the market forfor a little bit I don't know a littleover a month and we've had severalshowings they've had their belongings inhere but now since they moved out itgave us a really good opportunity to youknow make it look make it look differentin a different way and then make ittruly look as staged so I forgot to wella lot of times I forget why I'm stagingthem to take before pictures so I wantedto make sure on this one I'm gonna dobefore and then I'm gonna do after I'mgonna slice the video together so youcan see both some little hints make surethe refrigerator is clean stainlesssteels hard to get the streaks out Ihaven't worked on these yet but I alwaysuse the orange pledge that is the bestthing ever for stainless steel so justkind of an FYI you wouldn't think thepledge would be but it is ceiling fan Iknow that one's way up there but I'mgonna skip sinnedit's got up there later to clean thatoff they really need to be clean youknow we're up against a lot of newbuilds right now and this one is aroundthose prices and so it needs to look asimmaculate as it can the other thing inbathrooms Iit sprayed it his you know pop thattoilet seat off give it a new toiletseat if it's an all grimy or just wornat all you know those are anywherebetween eight and fifteen dollars atMenards or Lowe's and that's animportant deal this house needs to lookimmaculate and look brand-new this isthe master bedroomand I'm going to take you my name iscertainly going to decorate the heck outof that jetted tub we need some big boldpictures above it something that theyhave the pop of colorso anyway working on the touch-up makingsure my colors match so I am you knowwaiting because I sure don't wantsomething that doesn't match that sothat's drying and then touch-up my gosh30 minutes you know when that is done soI will do a video when I'm all done anduh I'll let you see what it looks liketalk to you soon bye hey everybody thisis Christina with the Christina ScottHenry McMichael team I did a video ofthis house prior to staging it which Ialways forget to do and I wanted to showit to you after I got done can you giveyou an idea just a little splash ofcolor and just a few things really goesa long waya lot of times I do like to put a tablewith a nice centerpiece I felt likethere was so much Brown in this housethere's a little pop of color on thoserugs I normally get my rugs at t.j.maxxyou can't find them all the time itseems like all of a sudden they'll havea line on a large table out in themiddle of the aisle and then within afew days they are normally gone I loveto set barstools and do a little playsetting not like anybody would ever eaton those but that's what's fun about itis it's just staging so this one isn'tas an elaborate as I normally go butthere were some time constraints andsome other restraints on this one but Ithink I think this works very nicelyquite frequently I will even do curtainsand do more furniture let me take youback to the bathrooms a nice showercurtain the bathrooms are really cleanbut a nice shower curtain kind of um nothides a lot it kind of just makes itlook more lived in nice throw rugs Ididn't really do much with the masterbedroom and when I did some pops ofcolor master bath love towels you can'tgo wrong with towels another fYI liketoilet seat lids you know for picturesalways make sure they're down when wecome to stage it to do the finalpictures we'll do a final virtual tourand pictures you know little things likethat makes a big difference all right Ihope you've enjoyed watching kind ofwhat we do to some of our listings talkwith you soon bye

A before and after example of what staging a house can do to improve the look.

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