St. James Altar and Furniture donated by Carpenter John Verweil

my name is John they call me Johnny Johnver will I've been working with will itsince about since I was 35 years old andI'm 77 today so it's um I do the otherwith meticulous it's about forty orfifty years yet just keeping the shopworking is a part of the job and I'mpretty well outfitted but believe it ornot you can never have enough somebodycomes in and sees all those clamps is ayou ever use all those clamps butsometimes they're all in use and yougotta go get some clamps I I wanted tobuild some more furniture I'd likebuilding it so I actually I think Icontacted David or somehow we got toknow one another and and then Dave askedme to do the furniture for st. Jamesstarted with the altar and then on thealtar I've been laid to cross and thenthe next piece I built was the podiumfrom the podium to the candles from thecandles to the celebrant chairs theyhave Dove on the two smaller chairs andI have the chalice with the host on thethe main chair on this chairs there'salso carved on the side to cross it andit goes all the way through you seethrough it then I did the cabinet forthe oils the Ambree is really quitecomplicated so that gave me gave mequite a thrill to see that finishedbecause it it's all rounded and comes toa point now and it looks pretty good andnow I'm working on 40 chairsI like donating I feel good about thatsaying James the I plan on being thereI'd like to be there for the ceremonythe grand opening but like I say I enjoyit so much that I'm glad they're lettingme do it[Music]you

St. James is blessed to receive the donation of the construction of a new altar, chairs, and other furniture for our new church building, from Carpenter John Verweil of Riverside. We made this video to show what John is building and to show our gratitude for his hard work. Thank you John!

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