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St. George, UT | Team Robinson Real Estate: How staging can help your home sale

[Applause][Music]hey guys today we want to talk about ourupcoming home sellers workshop thatwe're putting on on April 19th holdingit at the Falls Events Center and webrought a couple of our good productcouple of our good friends in that aregonna be speaking at this event andthey're gonna be talking about stagingin general we've got Kathleen and melodyand their business is called organizingnerds the organizing nerds so let me askyou guys why should someone you knowhire you guys to do home staging andwhat does that all entail well I'm justgonna say we are so happy to be part ofthe team when it comes to selling a homewe totally understand the madnessinvolved in selling if there's just somuch going on people are busy too muchto handle sometimes over only so uh wehave some mythology that we use toeliminate that madness we get it doneand people come to the to the workshopwe're gonna show them how that's doneand how that can alleviate what they'redealing withyeah let's dress like what do you see asbeing like a couple of the biggestproblems that you solve for you knowpeople selling their home well one ofthe biggest problems is the clutter whenyou're trying to sell a home you don'twant in there themselves in your spacethat there's clutter then it's hard toimaginethat space so we help clear the clutterclutter organize the areas that peopleare going to see and stages so it looksit looks like they can envisionthemselves home yeah nice and I thinkone of the big things that we run intoon a regular basis is stress how do youguys feel you alleviate stress by whatyou guys do well I know that it when I'mgoing into a home I'm not distracted byyour possessions you are distracted byyour possessions and so we're able toget in there and we're just going to getit done so at the end of the day you canbe stress you can sigh of relief thatyeah it's been taken care of and it'sbeing done correctly because there are alot of wrong ways to stage things thereare a lot of wrong ways to prepare for amove and that's where we really want tohelp people yeah awesome well listenthese tips and a lot more going to bebrought to you at the home sellersworkshop so we're glad you guys joinedus today and we're really lookingforward to seeing you on the 19th if youhave any questions for us and you wouldlike to attend the workshop you knowplease hit us up in an email so we canreserve your spot and hey thanks forwatching our video[Applause][Music]you[Music]

Our Home Sellers Workshop is coming up on April 19 at the Falls Event Center. Today, I’m joined by two of the event’s guest speakers, Kathleen and Melodee of Organizing Nerds, to talk a little bit about the importance of staging. There’s a lot that goes into a home sale, so hiring a company like theirs to handle the staging for you can alleviate a lot of stress and make your home sale all the more successful. To learn more about what Organizing Nerds can do for you and how you can RSVP to our upcoming workshop, watch our latest video.


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