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[Music]hey and other congratulations to don donpicking up a two-hour pontoon boatrental here courtesy of the town offrisco sent the town of Dillon that Isaid earlier Laurie oopswhoops it's early town of Frisco getwith the program I'm Scott hey Laurieand I just finished chowing down on anartic our would you think of that oh itwas delicious so good not quite what Iexpected but so flavorful yes it wasnewly imported from the Arctic a summitcounty secret okay live on location herelike Dylan courtesy of the town ofFrisco captain Tom just turned the boat90 degrees to port we've got a beautifulview behind us that Curtis is grabbingand thank you for joining ustell us about green leaf designs Lauriewell I am a local licensed interiordesigner and I do work from residentialremodel new construction and I also workon hotels wow that's a lot going on sotell me a little bit more about theresidential side of things so peopleunderstand what it is that you can do tohelp them well I I offer a personalservice to the people I come to theirhomes and my first meeting with them iscomplimentary and I give them my adviceand then we work from there work on abudget and work in phases how are theyhowever they need to work that's cool sogive me kind of a typical case studysomebody calls you and says what I justbought this second vacation home and Ineed help I also represent HunterDouglas with window trends so sometimesI get called in for the window blinds orfor the furnishings as well nice soagain somebody buys a vacation home or asecond home or maybe a primary home herein Summit County don't quite know whatthey're doing with interior design theycall you and you can help with what allaspects of how they put the whole thingtogether in terms of the interiorabsolutely from concept to theinstallation the final punch list whathappens if they don't know what kind ofstyle they're looking for they come toyou and say hey I want modern but youknow that there's a little bit moreentailed to it than just saying moderncan you help them fine-tune what they'rereally thinking absolutely I usuallygive them a conceptual presentation acouple options and I can work on Ielectronically or in person because mostpeople are not living here and so I getthere I pick their ideas and then I workfrom therenice I'm glad you brought that up I wasgonna ask you and you remind me to do itso if somebody does live out of town andthey're buying a home here that doeshappen periodically how does that workhow do you communicate and make surethose channels of communication stayclear and open well I workelectronically which is now the time ofthe the future and now or we meet inperson when they're in town and then Ijust take it from there so they don'thave to worry about anything whenthey're not in townnice in over to the window treatmentwindow blinds tell me about that side ofthe business obviously you're going toneed nice window coverings windowcoverings really can make or break thehouse actually yes and it also saves thefurnishings and the finishes inside aswell so Hunter Douglas is the company Irepresent and they have a lifetimewarranty they have many differentdesigns and a lot of rebates going onright now too which is excellent forpeople purchasing their blinds animportant thing to mention to HunterDouglas you can go get blinds playsomewhere a little bit cheaper honestlybut Hunter Douglas really top qualitystuff great warranty program we'respending a couple pennies more upfrontand saving yourself a lot of money andhassle down the road absolutely becauseyou don't ever have to replace themthey'll fix them for free and there arebetter quality so if you think you wantto go and get something inexpensive atfirst you might have to buy them againso you might as well get the correctthings to begin with right yeah thatlesson I try to go cheap and then youknow you're later I'm like oh why did Ijust do it right okay website wherepeople can go check things out www greenleaf design LLC com okay that soundsgreat thanks for joining us out here onLake deal on courtesy of the town ofFrisco its summit sunrise live we'regoing to take one more commercial breakII and send it back to the studio Ibelieve thanks for joining us hereTuesday July 31st summit sunriseyou

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