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Speed Living room clean with cheezit removal!!!

so I've gotta clean my labrum again it'scompletely filthy I bought my daughterone of those little snack copies thatsupposedly they can't get the snacks outof they have to reach in there and theyeat it supposed to control how much theycan get and it's supposed to preventspillage and they lied sorry this iscurrently what I'm dealing with you knowand so here's that cup that was supposedto prevent this village but it doesn'treally regulate how much they get and soI was putting some things away and theolder girls were watching her theydecided to watch TV instead and shedecided to smear cheez-its in our carpetand this is the rest the living roomright now it is trashed soof course it needs to be cleaned upagain I feel like the only thing staysclean is my workstation here but justslightly messed up still cleaner thanthat's my house so I'm going to show youhow I get cookies and cheez-its andstuff out of the carpet and I'm going todo a quick five-minute speed clean of myliving room and this is gonna includevacuuming and getting those cheese's outof the carpet and everything so what Ilike to do first when it comes togetting cheez-its out the ground isfirst I'm going to obviously pick outthe toys that aren't covered in cheese'sand kind of flick them across room sowe're gonna pick those up laterget this Cup and then I'm gonna take mylittle Dustbuster thingy I think it's ablack and decker and I'm just gonna getas much as I felt out of carpet before Ibring in my big vacuum just because it'seasier to empty this off this is mybigger vacuumokay and as you can see I pretty muchgot all of it off but just a littlething I love these if you have kidsyou're gonna need money these things areso now that I've got the cheese it comesoff we're gonna go ahead and we're gonnaclean this room up fastest we possiblycanI like to start with the toys first thenwork my way around the couches carrotsand what have you so muchand so now that we're done with all thetoys I'm going to work on up my pillowsthey're on the ground turn around andgive it a little cough up wives and allthat this under the tablecan you take thatand now it's time to back you one of thethings that I really like to do it'sjust to look under my couches and see ifI have some things we're gonna downloadit and we're going to look and see whatwe have under two caches what spoilsfine the spoil is where I remote controlpair of sunglasses the teddy bear Iflicked earlier and now we vacuum[Music][Music][Music][Music]don't forget to Like and subscribe

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