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Speed Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Cleaning A Messy Kid’s Room!!

you guys some tips and tricks onorganizing a children's room to 'juliagirls that has a lot of small like toysand games and stuff just literallyeverywhere so I'm currently in mydaughter's room and it looks like a warzoneit's been three days since I've made herclean up this room and it literallylooks like she just took stuff and wasjust like whatever oh my god oh lookit's just I could just pick things outand I will show you this room it is samethree days three days the seven-year-oldhas completely ripped this whole run topieces so I'm going to show you how toeffectively and speedily and fastly fastI don't know clean up a children's roomthat has been completely destroyed it'ssomething I don't like doing because Idon't really I mean I like cleaning butit's like who really likes to cleanother people's messes that's what I'mtrying to get at so I guess we're gonnago ahead and get in this but go aheadlook at my intro because it's super coolOh[Music]okay so we're back so I'm gonna go aheadI'm gonna grab my camera off my tripodso I go ahead and show y'all what I'mdealing with today likely it's a brightsunny day kinda sorta outside insouthern Louisiana right here at theTexas border about 60 miles awayit's that southern Louisiana Louisianadeep in the south looking out my windowI live in towns see all the majortraffic combined all the transfer trucksthey're so loud because they're doingconstruction down the road so let's golook at this Ram did this tripod here'sthis room this so there's my daughter'scrib my smaller daughter she doesn'tsleep in here yet but so we're gonnastart at the door here yeah yeah lovelyshirt just hanging right there I guessI'm just gonna zoom right in look atwhat the hell happened to Barbiesshopping center yes it there's a drinkright there don't know where it camefrom we haven't had those drinks in awhile so we're gonna walk on in here andjust look at this three days know myfavorite part the closet yeah that trashbag of toys right there it was just likelittle random things we had stored awaythere that's open socks and underwear Ithrown out no bears chilling in thecorner that of course destroyed becausehow can we only use one side of the bedthere we go over here do this there's notripod do this three days guys threedaysso I'm gonna go ahead and we're gonnastart this song all right guys okay allright guys I like to work home fee stufflike leaning in my house obviously I'mnot gonna go walk down a fashion catwalkbangy modeling stage whatever longsleeves cuz it's the winter and I'm notgonna wear my heat mill up so shortsit's it super comfy super practical soI'm gonna go ahead hang it this done sowell I do first is to take everythingoffreally we're doneyes that was just a used lolly that cameout my daughter's bed that is nasty butshe kept in and hid it that the firstthing you're going to do with a dirtychild's room is you're going to cleantheir baliphar so go ahead and make ittake everything off of it and again makethe bed because we're gonna use it toput all of the clothing and other thingson top of it so we can go ahead andseparate the trash / mess that's allover this floor[Music]after I make the bed I like to go aheadand grab all of her stuff ease thestuffed animals and low decorativepillows and everything and go ahead andjust put it on bed because that's oneless thing we're gonna have to pick uplater[Music]Here I am being super silly with all ofher stuffy toys kiss kisses so much sohere is how the bed looks now all I madeup with the stuffed animals so nowyou're going to want to go around andgrab all of the dirty clothes off thefloor and just chuck them on top of thebed there's gonna be no order to thisjust all clothing off the ground we'regonna sort through it later Chuck it allon the bed make a pal[Music][Music]the next thing I like to do is go aheadand start getting the trash now so I'mgonna go and pick up the trash clean outthe trash canemptying the trash emptying the trashand it's empty a trash bag a niftylittle tip and trick here is to keepgrocery bags in the bottom there so thatyou can just get an are trash bag youdon't have to worry about not having oneor forgetting to bring it up so I likethe store at least three or four downthere and then I just make sure it fitstie a little knot on the side of the bagand once I tie the knot I'm going tojust tuck that knot right under and boomI don't know what I was looking atobviously something confused me BAMthere it is picking up more trash moretrash more trash I like to get thestretchy bags like the think it's glador whatever it is they have thereinforced stretchy bags I need thosefor this room I always need those roomthose for this room look at slow jobswhy why she storm sometimes I have noidea no I doand now I'm going to move on to otheritems clothing I may have missed pursesand just I'm chucking them on the bedthat's where I'm throwing themstill picking up trash just making sureI get it allseparating toys looking for more trashunder toys here I find literally Barbieshoes and toys stuff into a piece ofplastic bag stuffed into a piece ofcardboard I don't understand why[Music]remember those clothes we thrill in thebed well now it's time to go throughthem and see what is dirty and what isclean and at this point it was mostlydirty clothes when a couple of jacketsand purses and whatnot so I'm going togo ahead and get my dirty clothes basketand just put all the dirty clothes inthere and get ready to hang up thejackets[Music]so at this point we're gonna go aheadand hang up the clean clothes and in mycase it was only jackets that were cleanso even though there's a hamper sittingright outside her door literally shedecided to throw the clothes on thefloor so yeah that sucks so these areold Christmas boxes from Christmas andI'm using them to store her small littleBarbie pieces that's all her littleBarbie cookware and stuff I'm gonnastore one box and then the other box I'mgonna actually store like her littlecooking pots and pans that you can seeover there in the corner so these camein really good to usage I guess it'sgood to use just because it's somethingsmall and square she can store her toysin without you know just throwing themon the floor but I'm pretty sure they'llwind up right back on the floor[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]so here's the closet and this is likethe hell hole of the entire room sheliterally dumped out all of her cleansocks and underwear and she went throughthese little plastic bags that has oldlike wooden blocks and stuff in it andit's just it's a mess so for this Ireally just like the stay on the groundlike hands and knees and just crawlaround to make sure I get everything andthis this took me a minute because itwas just a lot of stuff so I kind ofspat through this so it wasn't like Idon't know 10 15 minutes long of megoing through and sorting trash versusBarbie toys versus baby doll clothingversus hangers and clothes and cleanclothing socks underwear it was a messit looked like a room monster vomitedinto this closet it was horrible this Ihave to and there's a drink I don't knowwhere that drink came from don't knowwhere that drink came from so yeah youjust see me crawl into the closet so tipand trick trick tip whatever kid's roomget down on your hands and knees andcrawl around it'll save you a lot ofbending over because they're short andsmall and I guarantee you they stay onthe floor a lot so just crawl around andit would be a lot easier this is thesecond pal of mess this is from thecloset so I separated trash baby toysyou can see down at the bottom there'sclothing on the bed there's trashthere's all types of things I've madelittle pals if you can just make littlepals and separate and organize whileyou're cleaning it'll save you timerather than picking up trash here andthen and then organizing baby pieceshere so try to organize sections of theroom it'll make it a lot easier[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]so now it's time for vacuuming we'vemade the bed we've cleaned up all thestuff off the floor and so now we'regoing to go ahead and vacuum this forthis part I've obviously muted it andsped it up I know there's been somepeople that's like oh no the vacuums nothanging on it doesn't have a light on orthe stuffs not moving around it thevacuum is most definitely on I mute itso that people who wear earbuds andheadphones don't become deaf wheneverthis starts up not all vacuum cleanershave a light on them people Jesus it'snot your grandma's vacuum whosevacuuming in the middle of the nightanywayand I know it's just to see underfurniture but I don't I've never neededa vacuum light to see under my furniturethat's insane but yes vacuum cleaners onI am cleaning I'm vacuumingyouand here is db4 picturevideo of this hellhole of a room that mydaughter created in three days as youcan see every bit of the floor has stuffon it dirty clothing everything is justa mess that hurts me looking at thatcloset again[Music]and here is the cleaned up versioneverything is organized toys put awaycarpet vacuum bed made up it iswonderful this took me about 30 minutesI sped up some parts just so it wouldn'ttake foreverthis is the ribbon look in the closethey it's not disgusting anymore so thankyou guys for watching if you like whatyou saw subscribe like the video if youlike what I do and you want to supportme because as you know occasional mom isfan support it cannot do it without youguys then you can head over to mypatreon it is in the links in thedescription box below there's a link tomy patreon so feel free to check it outand support me there and you'll helpsupport this channel and thanks guyscheck out these videos[Music]

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