SPA BATH IDEAS: Bathe like a goddess!

[Music]hello friends this is not a video aboutbats[Music]this is a video about you[Music]in the next few minutes I'm going toshow you how I go above and beyond toshow myself some love you'll see one ofthe spa bath experiences I've designedto restore my feminine energy and powerfirst I'll go through the special thingsI include in this bath and afterwardsI'll explain a little more about the whybehind this kind of self care that meansthat even if you don't consider yourselfa bath person I think you can getsomething out of this video if you'recreating more inspiration on your pathto loving yourself Elite Healingnegative thought pattern and living inyour full glory you need to be asubscriber I can't begin to tell you howmany videos I have in the works for youand I don't want you to miss a singleone so are you ready to bathe like agoddess it's so much more than the treeit's a movement it's top club and you'remean to be a member so let's get started[Music]first things first I like to add somesoaking salts to the bath water I liketo actually mix my own blends I startwith Epsom salt not only does it relievesore muscles but it helps decrease waterretention if you tend to have an issuewith that it can also decreaseinflammation and even help regulate yourblood sugar because of all the magnesiumin it and the second thing I put in tothis mix is Himalayan salt this onehappens to have a lavender essential oilin it so the scent is already there butif it's not you can add any fragrance oroil of your choice I like to mix thesetogether sometimes you can even adddried flowers dried lavender anything tomake it just a little more luxurious andwhen I'm done making my custom blends Ikeep them in a pretty glass jar in thebathroom looks nice and it's easier toscoop into the tub that way quantitywise I add about half a cup to a cup ofsalt per bath depending on how big yourtub is something else that's fun to addis some tea bags this blend is ahibiscus blend with a bunch of otherherbs and flowers and if you leave it inlong enough the water does change colorwhich is pretty cool when I'm going allout with a luxury bath like this I liketo spray a little bit of this beautifulsprayit contains rose oil and oil of PaloSanto so it's very cleansing andrefreshing you're likely noticing thatthe theme of this bat is feminine androse and pink and love so this is rosequartz I like to actually add itdirectly into the bath water just toinfuse the whole experience with alittle bit of extra good energy and lovethis is the part that takes it reallyover the top and that is adding in somefresh rose petals this makes you feellike a queen and everyone deserves tohave a bath every now and again withbeautiful flowers floating all aroundthemthe rosa voya liz moisturizing soothingand antiaging it has so many benefitsand of course it is rose hips so itsuits the theme one time in the tub Ilike to really indulge I'd like to usemy exfoliating gloves maybe I will domasks I will open up those bottles ofthings that I don't normally use andreally just give myself a treat ifyou're worried about putting all thesethings in the tub and the hassle ofcleanup afterwards I just use one ofthese little dream catcher things sothat makes sure nothing goes down thedrain and it all sort of collects thereand makes it very easy just to grab outat the end[Music]I know this bath is extra but so are youyou're worth the extra time the extramoney and even the extra cleanup thatcomes along with this kind of Bathexperience that's because for me my topclub time is a lot more than justpampering and relaxing it's about takingsome quiet time to set intentions for mylife and for my future it's in time forme to dream and visualize things that Ihope to come true and it's about havinga full sensory experience that makes mefeel like the glorious goddess that I amthat we all are I feel completelydifferent after a bath like this andthat is the power of it it's whyeveryone on your feeds keeps talkingabout self-care and why it's soimportant to your overall wellnessbecause when you prove to yourself overand over again that you matter that youare worthy of your own time at Earth andlove everything else changes like magicself-care isn't only about putting rosepetals in your bathtub and we all knowthat caring for yourself this way isjust step one on the journey towardself-love and feeling and it's mymission to make you feel like thegoddess that you are if you'd like tosee more videos like this and all of thefun stuff I have in store for you pleasetake a minute to subscribe so let meknow in the comments down below are youa tough love person if you like to takebaths is that part of your own self-careroutine I'd also love for you to followthe hashtag tub club on Instagramthank you so much for watching now gofor it tub Club[Music]

Do you love luxurious spa baths and pamper routines? This is a bath experience I designed to restore my feminine energy and power. I believe that this kind of self-love and self-care can transform your life…one soak at a time! Join the #tubclub – it’s a movement to prove that we are worthy of our own time, effort and love!

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