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#SoTexRealtyTalk EP 1: Home Staging Tips

hi I'm Craig Grove with Grove real teamthanks for joining me for the firstepisode of so Tech's Realty Tom soTech's Realty talk is a true real estatemini-series which will cover importanttopics for people interested in realestate in South Texas each episode willonly be a couple minutes long and willprovide helpful information for anyoneinvolved in a real estate transactiontoday's topic is Home Staging HomeStaging is critically important to everyhome sale the facts show that staged inany property can significantly increasethe sales price and dramaticallydecrease the time on the market it's amisconception that staging is expensiveor difficult whether you are selling byowner or with an agent here are somequick steps that can help you improveyour home's appearance the first thingto do is declutter your home go througheach room and get rid of anything thatyou no longer use either donated or havea garage sale to purge the extra junkthe next part of decluttering is to makesure all services such as tables andcounters are at least 80 percent clearafter that you need to remove allpersonal pictures from your homethey only distract buyers the nextimportant thing is to make sure alllights work and are of matching typesmake sure the home smells fresh useFebreze and plugins to neutralize petand food odors after you do the basicsyou should consider a fresh coat ofpaint or at least touch-up andneutralize bright personalized colorsmake sure to remove all excess itemsfrom the yard and be sure to prune treesand weed the gardens these basic stepsdon't seem like much but they can reallyhelp your home sell faster and for morefor more info on Home Staging go onyoutube and search Home Staging or giveus a call here at Grove realwe'd be glad to help for Grove RealtyI'm Craig Grove see you next time on soTech's Realty top

This is the first episode of a new mini series by Grove Realty Team in South Texas. The purpose of the show is to help people with basic real estate tips to improve the home selling process whether they are using an agent or doing a for sale by owner.

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