Living Room 

Some costum living room builds.

welcome to another cous Hamlin video andtoday we are taking a look at somecustom-built normal living room anythingone of these face up something in mylife and I want you to guess it and Iwill be showing you how to build it andwhere to find the pieces in this videook let's get to it so here we haveprobably my personal one of my personalfavoritesoh oh so if you liked this video tell meif I should do more what am i purpleokay like purples laughs okay back tothe video man personal favorites the TVin the entertainment center now youmight not know what an entertainmentcenter is I know I didn't all I know isit holds up a TV and you can put stuffall over it I guess I didn't get toadding that detail because I had alimited amount of brick it wouldn't bethis Christmas last Christmas no theChristmas was 2017 so I had a limitedamount of bricks and that's okay I don'tcare it was a great Christmas giftsorry about that light I mean thelighting getting better I even have myown background that's gonna be aseparate video tomorrow I'm getting thedaily schedule and if you wantturnaround for added detail I ran out ofbricks but I thought the blue right herewas actually a nice added touch so herewe have it and this is really goodespecially with this next buildand after this part still if you justwant to see me showcasing the builds Iwill be having how to put them togetherand where to find the pieces that's theseparate thingand here we have a nice recliner chairperfect for sitting and seating 20 orminifigures now if you take this partoff it looks like it has a little standgo up in sit down that's perfect forwhen you just have somebody over andcoming with cupholders Stormbreaker androcket racoon is goneyeah these are weird choices because Isaid specifically I was gonna blur theseso you can't really see them but I meanI guess I kind ofnot good because my camera quality isbad but here we go it's us say these arecup this is something to drink this is acup there and now let's put a minifigureright in here let's say mine because whynot there look look how happy she iswatching TV with two Marvel weapons orif you like it like this in there andthose are the builds and say she reallywants to chillax okay let's get rid ofthese because that's getting in mynerves in my nurse on my nurse come onsure is okay there we go I may not haveto redo the blaster paint or whatever Iused to detail them telling you I don'twant you to guess oh my goodness see seesometimes life is rude to you when lifegives you like Oh bricks they break it'slike life gives you leggings myembrasure mashup okay there and if shewants to chillax mime you just show usokay so it doesn't it gets rid of thefunctionality of the cupholder issomewhat I tested this out with dr.strange because why not get a two yearold Lego set wait no when did that setupcome out yeah dr. Strange's sanctumsanctorum came out 2016 right so itshould not have been out of stock in2017 either way I still got it forChristmas so yeah there we goyou can she can be watching TV last timeto get to where I could where I foundall these pieces one thing probably 20bucks I don't know my mom never tells meor an actually nobody on my familyactually ever tells me how muchsomething costs cheap I'm pretty sure -not the second option but either wayhere we go and this is the build itlooks like we're gonna have well first Ishould show you where to find all thesepieces here this thing right here theleggo classic brick box it says ageshere you can't really see it but morethan 99 for to 9999 literally that'shilariousI mean not really hilarious I've guessif you're like elderly and you want toplay with Legos I mean that's okay I'mnot judging you either way here we haveoh maybe that's the brick okay we haveall the bricks in here let me change thecamera view that's better okay here wehave the bricks that come in this box sohere look outside my camera okay so weused right here this part okay this partwe had to use one this one brick onebrick here we used about one two threefour we used all six of these bricks weused all four of these bricks oh wait nowe used yeah all four of these brickswhat am I saying we I worked on thismyself but we only use two of thesebricks right here so if you get this andI see it in a better focus I don't knowhere this right here we only use two ofthose in this entertainment center buildand then right here these two the onlytwo of these bricks and we used three ofthe four of these bricks to make the TVsee you ready to see them yesdon't don't don't mind that reflectionokay now forget mine period as how we'dbuild she took the recliner part withher minethat bad mine okay so here you can seewhere we got this piece from this pieceright here we only used one so you mightbe able to save up on those bricks thenwe used tape no I need to see how manyof these there are okay we only actuallyI don't know how many we use just brickwhat up one I'm pretty sure we only usedthree of those bricks so you might haveone left I dothe bricks with me right now because Istill have extras there this game videosgetting wrong and you can even make alittle recliner lever on here we'll takea sharpie even a marker probablywouldn't stay very long but withanything okay and we used how many ofthese bricks are there yeah two of themtwo of this brick two of those righthere they only use two of these becausethere's only two and I know we have Idon't know probably like okay let metake this apart by accident okay one twoyeah we wait no one - oh yeah we usedfour of that brick we used to we usedall four of these bricks why am I sayingwe okay we use two of these bricks weused to these onesand that's it so that's the video mimebig chefs you and also I have a questionfor you guysI saw a tutorial it's like a Lego Santakeychain I just took it off a rocket andyeah it's right thereeither way I saw a tutorial to usepliers if you think that these playneedlenose pliersaren't good enough to do this pleaseleave in the comment section belowbecause I've been trying and I can onlyget a mark on this and I really wantthat because if when I go to Legoland Ireally want that Gucci keychain figureand I want that facial expression sosince I already have Rocket I can getthat one set with the BattleForge thinglater and I hope that somebodycommenting but it's probably justsomebody I subscribed to uploaded avideo great this video is way longer andit probably won't upload like the videoI tried to do yesterday so fish it outto the DIY guy who I didn't actually askto like watch one of my videos orsubscribe I don't think yeah he didn'tsubscribe I'm pretty sure either way hecommented and said that the things lookawesome and I am happy about that if hehas a youtube channel go check it outyou might already be subscribed to himbecause I really really appreciatesomebody actually seeing my videos it'slike that was that was amazing I don'tknow what to say thank you so pizza keepon honking Magoo names images goodbye


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