Sofia’s Entry and Dining Furniture

hello this is another video in regardsto my thingsso the next thing I have for sale isthis amazing Chinese it's like a buffetbut it's the only thing I could everfind that would fit in this space that'sthis big so hmmI paid two thousand five hundred forthis um this carpet I think it was a fewhundred ringgit I can't rememberum this dragon right here we bought thisfrom a Chinese antique store it is myhusband who would just happen to be adragon he paid five one thousand fivehundred for this piecethese plants happy and healthyincluding the pots I think they're likea hundred ringgit each one we paid thistable right here it's a high table andit's so incredibly comfortable this onelet me turn the lights on this one wepaid three thousand five hundred forthis table and I'm including this woodenthing is this like wooden piece in themiddle i decorate with it I'm includingthe candle I'm including this thingright here this is hand-woven from theMalaysian people down here inside it hasthis place for wine and like shelvingand storage on this side more storageand then it has this right here this isthe same same sort of vein but thesethere mats from the indigenous people Ipaid 250 ringgit for these 8 mats I paid200 ringgit for this just by itself onthe other side of the table there's morestorage down in herethe table it also folds so it can becomesmaller so these you can actually justcompletely take out the middle sectionyou can see here this one in the middleyou can you can reduce the size at thetable umthis right here I paid one thousandringgit for these lights they'reoriginally from Morocco but they're morethan that I bought these um secondhandfrom a person so I paid one thousandring it for both second hand this righthere is a something I bought it's fivehundred ring it and so this is just forthe materials alone and and it's paintedon glass so it's really unique it somewould just work just for the framing andthe glass and everything and thematerials it's 500 ring it just for thatthat doesn't include my time and mytalent these are from Ikea they theydon't actually cost much probably sixtyring yet I'll show you the I thinkthey're probably sixty ring each I can'tremember actually how much I paid butthey're really sweet and I but the IKEAlighting it's really shiny and so youcan't like see into it so I put thisthing in there and it's really prettyand it matches my thing up in thehallway that's really long thingy it'sup sorry and then this is my littlepicnic table for kids and including alittle stool there's two little chairsfor children then there's this buffetbehind which is great for drinks or ifyou're having a party and you want toput food there and then behind insidethere's these really heavy wooden likechairs I thinkanyway it's very nice so I paid 500ringgit for both of those ones I insideI paid I paid 600 ring it just for thisused secondhand um this I can't rememberhow much IKEA charges for this this is alittle IKEA table but they don't sellthem anymore and they're really cool forkidsanyway I'm selling every single thingthat you see for 3500 ringgit all of itso the light fixtures the table the wallhang is the picture the carpet thedragon just thing at the front door I'mnot selling that I'm sending that toAmericaI'm sending that to America these arethings that are precious and they're oncanvas so it doesn't include that but itincludes everything else so you'rewelcome to come

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